5 Most Shocking Exposes in the modern History. #1. When North Carolina Was Almost Nuked. The number one shocking declassification on
our list is an incident from early 1961 when a B-52 bomber almost accidentally nuked the
entire North Carolina territory. You heard it correct. Once upon a time a B-52 bomber almost vaporized
North Carolina by accidentally dropping two 4 MEGATON Mark-39 hydrogen bombs which are
150 times bigger than the ones dropped on Japan. In January of 1961 the bomber plane was on
its way of aerial-refueling when suddenly a major leak in the fuel tank was identified. Soon the entire aircraft split apart in the
mid air. At that time the aircraft was containing two
hydrogen bombs, both of which were released in the air. One of the two bombs got caught in tree branches
due to its parachute, while all the safety switches failed for the other bomb except
for one safety switch which prevented it from going off. The entire incident was kept a secret till
2013. #2. Operation Northwoods. “False Flag Operation” – when you hear
this term, what comes in your head ? Conspiracy Theorists and Tin Foil hats, right ? A scary
massive False Flag Operation was planned by the US Department of Defense and Joint Chief
of Staffs which ultimately was rejected by the Kennedy Administration. This secret operation was declassified in
November 1997. The plan proposed that CIA and other government
units will commit act of terrorism on the US soil, against the US citizens and on the
US civil and military targets, and ultimately blame these acts of terrorism on the Cuban
Government.. The intention was to gain public sympathy
to go on war against Cuba which was then headed by Fidel Castro. The declassified documents exposed the chilling
proposals that had been made, which included – hijacking planes, destroying a US ship,
sinking boats of Cuban refugees, assassination of Cubans living in exile in the US, terrorizing
US cities and many more. President John F. Kennedy rejected the Operation. He also removed Lyman Lemnitzer who was the
Chairman of JCS which initially proposed the plan. #3. Black Brant scare. Once Russia was almost tricked into nuking
the entire United States because of its own illusion. If you have seen the movie War Games, you
might find this very similar. The incident took place on January 25, 1995
when a collaboration between Norwegian and American scientists to study aurora borealis
resulted in Russia panicking and preparing for nuclear attack on the US. The Norwegian and American scientists launched
a rocket that contained scientific equipment intended for the purpose of studying northern
lights. The rocket eventually reached to a height
of 900miles in an air corridor that separated the Russian capital city Moscow and a nuclear
missile center in the United States. Due to its trajectory, the rocket resembled
a US submarine-launched nuclear missile on the Russia radar system. As a result, the Russians went into panic
mode, their nuclear forces were put on high alert and the nuclear briefcase was brought
to the Russian President Boris Yeltsi for retaliatory nuclear attack against America. The Russian submarine commanders were put
on state of combat when suddenly the Russian observers noticed that the “missile” actually
was heading away from Russia and fell on Earth near Spitsbergen, as the scientists had planned. And thus, once upon a time the world was saved
from destruction. #4. United States vs. Reynolds. Should a government elected by the people
lie to its own citizen ? United States vs. Reynolds is a case from
1948. A Superfortress bomber plane crashed killing
9 of the 13 onboard crew members. The wives of three diseased in the incident
sued the government to release the accident report related to the crash, something they
were legally entitled to. But in its surprising move, the government
declined to make the report public saying the making report public would threaten the
national security. This was a claim the government made in the
Supreme Court. The report was finally declassified in early
2000, and NOTHING sensitive that could have hampered national security was found on the
report. So was it an incident of government lying
to the supreme court ? You decide! #5. Catholic Hospital sold 30000 Babies. A 50-year long scandal of baby trafficking
was recently exposed by a BBC documentary. It began in 1939 as a process of taking away
babies of families deemed politically dangerous by the General Franco regime of Spain. It gradually turned into a systematic process
of abducting and selling babies, which went on for 50 years! Until 1987, Hospitals in Spain regulated the
adoption process. Children of young, and often unmarried, women
who gave birth in Catholic Hospitals of Spain were often told that their young one had died. The hospital did not allow these women to
attend the “burial” of their own babies. A network of doctors, nurses, priests and
nuns would then traffick these children and sell them to rich, devoted childless couples
who were often told that mothers of these babies had abandoned them. It is estimated that more than 15% of all
the adoptions which took place in these five decades were part of this scandal. Shocking, isn’t it ?

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