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It’s time for…
♪ Tat’s the Way,
uh-huh, uh-huh ♪
♪ I hate it,
uh-huh, uh-huh ♪
Of course lots of times,
when you have a bad tattoo and you wanna get rid
of it, what do you do? You cover it up with
another tattoo, man. – That’s exactly right.
– All my tattoos are covered up. – What I’m gonna do–
– With skin. – With other tattoos? No.
– Skin tattoos. You have one that’s
on your butt cheek, it’s of your wife’s name,
and I’d know nothing about it. Except that I also have one, and I would never
cover it up, honey. That’s right, honey. These pictures I’m
gonna show you today are of tattoos that are
covering up other tattoos. When I show you that cover up, I want you to be able to guess
what tattoo was underneath. – You want me to
be able to guess?
– Yeah, I’m gonna give you– It sounds like
you’re pulling for me. – I’m gonna give you options.
– Okay. I want you to win,
because if you get three of these right, you win
this Lisa Frank party bucket, complete with temporary tattoos.
There’s a crown in here. – I already got that one.
– There’s lots of stuff. – You already got it?
– Yeah, you know, but
I can give it away. Well they’re
temporary tattoos,
you wanna be able to use more. – Okay.
– Three of these, right. All right, check out
this first tattoo, this cute elephant tattoo
is hiding an ugly secret. Is it a feather and
the words “love and family.” a butterfly and the
words “Marco forever,” or a lightning bolt and the words “Dumbo was an
emotionally manipulative movie in a way I don’t feel many
children are prepared for, and we should all
be given warnings.” C, final answer. No, um, feather and the
words “love and family.” I mean, would you
really get that covered? I mean everybody can be
about love and family at any given time
in their lives, but not everybody can
be about Marco forever. – You know what I mean?
– Right. And guy like Marco,
I know Marco. You’re into Marco
for 18 months tops, and then it wears off
real fast. So I’m gonna go with B. You’re wrong Rhett,
she covered up a feather and the words
“love and family.” I think it’s more about,
I know don’t know,
maybe that– – It was just a bad tattoo.
– Yeah, it was
just a bad tattoo. It was just a real bad tattoo. Actually I disagree, I like
it better than the elephant, and next she’s gonna
cover up the elephant with a portrait of that dentist
who killed Cecil the lion. Here’s another tattoo, Joker and Harley Quinn, DC Comic’s best
attempt at portraying a healthy relationship. Is this tattoo covering
up a joyous sea turtle, A jubilant dolphin, or a methamphetamine addition? – I see a dolphin in there.
– Do you? Her hair, and then,
next to her cheek. It feels like it could be–
I’m gonna go dolphin. Well first of all,
that’s not hair,
that’s a cap, but okay. And you know what?
You’re right. – It is a jubilant dolphin.
– ( ding ) Oh, wow, I didn’t even
know what I was seeing, but yeah. Oh, that’s not what you saw? I did see part of that, yeah. That’s a good looking
faded dolphin though. – Very jubilant.
– But this is a
vast improvement, I mean the craftsmanship
in the tattooing really, really went
up a few notches. – And that’s what happens.
There’s always hope.
– Yeah. What’s this strong
and noble gorilla hiding? Is it an inappropriate
image of the female sex? A hat wearing long lost ex, or a photo-realistic
bowl of party mix Chex. Oh! If you get a party mix Chex
tattoo, you don’t cover it up. No, you do not. You just add to it
throughout your life. You add more party mix.
That’s what party
mix is all about. Yeah, it goes all
the way down your arm, and across your torso,
and into your private area. Have you ever had
a bad time with party mix? Like you ever been
eating party mix, and just think, “My life sucks!” – That never happens.
– It doesn’t happen. – Even if I’m picking out
the parts that I really like.
– Always happens. We should have a bowl
of party mix right here in between us for the
rest of our lives. – Um–
– What was the question? Yeah, can we do
that immediately? We’ll just, we’ll just wait. – No, we won’t.
– No, no one’s gonna
get Chex mix for us. Uh, inappropriate
image of the female sex. That could mean a lot of things. Somebody’s gotta be dealing
with an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, so
I’m, oh, look at that. ( crew laughing ) – Not much of it, Chase.
– How in the world? But thank you. This was not planned and
Chex is not a sponsor, uh. But I am hungry. Yeah, give me some
of that Chex mix, and I’m saying B. That’s what I’m saying. Yeah now we’re
having a good time. Is it a hat
wearing long lost ex? – Boom, yes it is!
– ( ding ) – Yeah.
– Uh, here’s the thing,
it’s not really his ex ’cause they actually
stayed together. She just stopped wearing a hat. – Yeah.
– It was a big change. Yeah, right, yeah. Man, she looks
different without a hat. She doesn’t
have a hat face though. What’s this
adorable owl hiding? Is it a dragonfly looking
you dead in the eye, A satanic elf born
to terrorize woodland travelers, or C, the two guys
from the Sonic commercial making out with each other? ( crew laughing ) Remember when we saw those guys in the food court
in Sherman Oaks? Yeah, they were making
out with each other. Right. Did we see both of them
or just one of them? – One of them.
– One of them. Making out with what,
a chicken sandwich? He was just walking, like by himself in the mall. – Hey, it happens.
– I know, but he seemed sad. I was like, “Get that
guy some Chex mix.” You gotta get one more right
to win this bucket, brother. – Rhett: Dragonfly.
– Let’s find out. – ( buzzer )
– No, it is a woodland
satanic elf. Don’t look it right in the eyes,
it will steal your infant baby. That’s um– Now, this next one’s
gonna disturb you. Look right into it. Oh, man, it’s muscles. What’s under this unsettling
tattoo of raw muscle busting out of an arm
where skin should be? Is it the coat
of arms of England? A janky portrait
of Queen Elizabeth? Or the fact that he’ll
delete an Instagram post if it doesn’t get enough
likes, what a loser! Now, this is reminiscent
of when Joey got that tattoo in high school of
the Tasmanian devil ripping out of his arm. It was ripping out
of his arm wasn’t it? Is this Joey,
did Joey get it covered
up with muscles? That’s not one of my options. Why would you get the coat of
arms of England covered up? Maybe you’re not happy about
the whole Brexit thing. – A.
– It’s all on the
line for this, Rhett. Is it a coat of arms
of England? – Yes, it is!
– Rhett: Yes! He coulda got the same look
by clawing at the tattoo, I’m just saying. But you win, congratulations. – Okay.
– I’m forcing
everyone to cheer to make them seem like
they’re happy for you. You can see us play
this game in real life and more with our crew. That’s right they covered up
their tattoos, or did they? But first click through
to see if Rhett can sell me on a wild new conspiracy
involving Outback Steakhouse. Look at that flash.Hey pin freaks, we
got some mythical pins
for you at mythical.store,also I’m sorry for calling
you freaks, I went too far.

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  1. These videos suck, but YouTube keeps sticking them on my homepage to hide political based videos I watch. Complain to you or I downvote all of them.

  2. Does anyone remember those kids tattoos where you could get a sweet most of the time it was a chewing gum and inside of the
    sweet wrapper they would have temporary tattoos and you could put it on your arm and it would be printed on your arm but they were temporary so you could wash them off.

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