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  1. Some of these were rather intense,you might add the word intense, or including war or something. Or maybe it’s just me this morning. I got to know a woman who just barely escaped th horrors of Cambodia, and in some way she looks very Vietnamese.

  2. #47: It was not named Camp David until President Eisenhower. At the time of the picture it was known as "Shangri-La"

  3. It tickles me that you had to explain the photo of Tim Curry but assume everyone knows who Vladimir Nabokov is. 8>}

  4. New subscriber here, i really really love your channel💓!! Definitely a thumbs up. I really love history, i find everything from it interesting.

  5. The material you put together is always so amazing! How do you avoid copyright issues with some photos? Or do you have to purchase rights?

  6. Hey!!
    Gracias por seguir compartiendo imágenes tan bellas, sorprendentes, impresionantes, sorprendentes, únicas y más aún, reales…
    Feliz año nuevo y que sigas con él ánimo de seguir realizando este excelente trabajo😋

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