how long can you run without stopping how long can you dive in one breath meanwhile some man runs 188 miles in 24 hours hello everybody the most incredible records are in the spotlight today we will see unbelievable races for six hundred twelve hundred and even three thousand miles fastest human on earth cycling speed depth adrenaline and admiration for the unlimited possibilities of the human body so let's get it started [Applause] Bob Mandan is a legend of the Wild Wild West which is known as the fastest shooter ever lived he shot down the balloon six point five feet apart from each other in 0.2 seconds using a 45 caliber revolver this is faster than a person will have time to blink there was even calculated the load on the wrist of Madden in the performance of his crown stunt it turned out that pilots of fighters experienced the same load when performing the most dangerous and complex maneuvers and here is another super shooter the legendary Jerry Miculek he became the winner of the international shooting championship of a revolver 20 times in a row there were a few unbeaten world records on his account eight shots from a revolver on four targets in 1.06 seconds with the hit every two times and 16 shots from two clips with recharging in just four seconds the longest certified race in the world 3,100 miles of self overcoming is held annually from mid June to early August in Queens USA participants have 51 days to overcome this distance they have 18 hours a day for running and six hours for rest Pekka Alto is an athlete who has shown one of his best results of this Everest of ultra marathons he comes with it for 40 days 9 hours and 6 minutes running at least 77 miles each day but the quickest way to overcome 1000 miles of self overcome is in the account of Janus Kouros he coped with the marathon in 10 days running at least 99 miles each day let's say a few words about Janus this unique runner for his sports career has set several World Records one of the most impressive is the daily running in 1997 Janus Kouros ran 188 miles maintaining a minimum speed of 7.4 6 miles per hour during the entire race in 24 hours after then he said he would not go to such a race in 24 hours because this record is for the century this record is not beaten by anyone [Applause] he is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the person who took part in the largest number of triathlons Ironman these competitions are held without breaks and consists of a two-point 24 mile race 112 mile bike ride and 26-mile marathon race for several years the Ironman James has been breaking records set by him before he took part in 10 triathlons in a row in 2011 Ironman did seemingly impossible he finished in 30 Iron Man's in different states he swam drove and ran a total of about 4,000 205 miles he even managed to fall asleep on a bicycle on one of the routes James says that on the 29th mile of the road followed by the fall heroes looked around provided himself medical care adjusted the bike and drove on the next record that he will count is 50 triathlons for 50 days he will have to sleep only 4 to 5 hours a day before a new start in between competitions and moving from one state to another from finish to finish this is the real Iron Man [Applause] [Applause] Dean Karnazes is known as the ultramarathon man overcoming 348 miles in 80 hours and 44 minutes without sleep are on his account it's more than three days of uninterrupted running and 348 miles behind his accomplishments are a marathon at the South Pole at a temperature of minus 13 degrees without snowshoes swim across the San Francisco Bay and 50 marathons in 50 states for 50 consecutive days in which he ran a total of 1,300 for miles this project called endurance 50 he carried out in 2006 starting his race on September 17th and ending on November 5th when completed three 250 in New York Dean decided to go home in San Francisco using only his legs it seems that this phenomenal man is able to run forever the Austrian champion Christophe Strasser wrote a bike 557 miles in 24 hours non-stop this is the longest distance a person has traveled on a bike without touching the ground for days on end at the same time he gave an average speed of about 24 point nine miles per hour on the open track during the whole race Kyle Wester set a world speed record on a skateboard descending on a skate down a slope managed to accelerate to eighty nine point five miles per hour this speed may seem dangerous even when driving on a car Kyle set a record on his longboard using only the most common means of protection the lining on the elbows and knees and a protective helmet question how could he break this remains an issue even for me wim hof set a world record for the longest day in the ice he's called the Iceman experts argue that his ability to tolerate extremely low temperatures definitely is phenomenal the Dutchman stayed in a transparent pipe with ice for 73 minutes he was immersed under the chin in a cold mask a minute of swim under the ice of a frozen lake and climbing a French Mont Blanc in shorts is also on his account Herbert NIST is an Austrian freediver who has world records in all eight disciplines of immersion without scuba this record holder is the deepest water man on earth today the title was awarded after immersing the athlete to a depth of 702 feet without scuba but the first woman in the world who has overcome the 330 feet mark while diving deep into the breath-holding is the 22 time world champion vulcan / natalya russian free diver she has 41 world records for free diving in addition to 22 gold medals natalya mole Canova out run from her companions hitting apparently in a strong underwater current when submerged with a breath delay of 100 to 130 feet during a dive near the island of Ibiza in Spain during the free diving sessions on August 2nd 2015 the searches were conducted during the daylight hours that day and the next days but unfortunately Natalia mal Canova was declared dead on August 4th 2015 she is the first Russian woman and the only woman in the world who has dived into the arc of the Blue Hole another name cemetery of divers in one breath this arc is in Egypt and most represents a dip of 426 feet in depth and rightfully one of the 10 most dangerous dive sites in the world [Applause] Usain Bolt is a legend an idol to millions a sprinter who has become an eight-time Olympic champion an 11 time world champion and set a record for the number of records in the history of these competitions he has a world record in running 100 meters for 9.50 eight seconds and 200 meters for nineteen point zero one seconds he finished with a time of 36 point zero eight seconds in the relay race for on the 100 meters as a part of the Jamaican national team he is the fastest sprinter in history at 100 and 200 meters distance he is the only athlete who managed to win these three Olympic Games in a row there is another interesting record the highest feat achieved by man belongs to Usain Bolt and in the same race on 100 meters he ran a segment from 60 to 80 meters in 1 point 60 seconds the highest average speed twelve point four meters per second was recorded on this segment that's about twenty six point one miles or forty two kilometers per hour Paul Anderson is an American weightlifter and the power lifter was in the Guinness Book of Records as the man who raised the biggest weight he was able to lift the weight of 6,000 270 pounds for 2884 kilograms from his shoulders during one of his performances and the last creation was built by the human efforts of castells the Tower of people the construction of such a tower is an incredibly complex process spectacular and exciting at the same time after all one wrong move and it's all bricks people will fall down on each other pastels are traditionally built during festivals in Catalonia the first tears form powerful and strong athletes while the upper is for the lightweight children the highest tower of ten tears in each of which there were three people was formed in 1989 and it reached a record height of over sixty five point six feet or twenty point one meters thank you all I hope you enjoy watching this video see you in the next video

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  1. Technically all humanoids are somewhat Iron man or women. We need iron in our bodies in order to survive, thus the title Iron 👨 or 👧 is everyone. Not to be confused with The Ultimate Iron 👨 or 👧. That’s a whole nother level

  2. I can o no lybrun 2 minutes but i say thak to the Lord many people can not even stand up or even run for 30 seconds. I am mange to run 30 minutes within a year.

  3. Some ppl are gifted. I wish I had 10% of their stamina:) .
    My longest record was on mountain bike covered distance 80 miles in 6 hours 40 mins.. my record is a warm up to these guys:)

  4. Does this guy talk like this everywhere he goes? Sounds like some Hollywood show-biz guy on TV. Imagine him coming to your house for dinner sounding like this.

  5. What about William true bridge he the the best free diver without assistance like fins he dived more than a hundred meters with out flippers or assistance

  6. How long can you dive on one breath? Although it still makes sense, I think it's supposed to be how deep can you dive on one breath

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