Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Harper Sr. vs.
Harper/Harper Jr.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Mr. Harper, you say you
are in financial shambles because you’ve been
stuck paying support for a
child you know is not yours. Yes, Your Honor. You claim previous courts have denied
your request for DNA testing because you allegedly signed an acknowledgment
of paternity. Yes, Your Honor. You now claim to have
evidence to prove you
never signed that document. Yes, Your Honor. Ms. Harper, you
and your son, Mack Jr., claim Mr. Harper
is denying paternity as an excuse for being
a deadbeat father. Yes, Your Honor. All right, so, Mr. Harper Sr., explain to me, how have you
been affected by all of this? Your Honor, I have
been affected by this by first ending up
in jail for 21 days. Really? And then… You spent 21 days in jail because of failure
to pay support or
you’d gotten behind? Yes, I had gotten behind
in my child support. Uh, I got a… The police came
to my house one day, knocked on my door, uh,
and told me that I was
behind in child support. At that time I didn’t even
know I was supposed to be
paying child support. You never received a letter? I never received a letter. A notice? No. Nothing. Nothing,
Your Honor. They came, locked me up.
I went to court. Uh, they asked me if I could
pay the money, what I needed for court at that time. What they were saying
that I was behind then. How much did they
say you were behind? At that time, I think I might have been,
like, $500 behind. All right. In, uh, child support. And, from then on, I was
just working trying
to make enough money not to get locked up again. He just told a
story ’cause they… When they sent me a letter, they told me he
was $25,000 behind. (AUDIENCE GASPING) So, you’re saying
you’ve gotten a letter that says now he’s
upwards of $25,000 behind in support? Yes, Your Honor. It’s either $23,000
or $25,000, somewhere like that. But, Mr. Harper,
I was going to say, you submitted paperwork
to the court that indicated
that you are, in fact, now almost
$24,000 behind now. And that’s the current
amount that you owe. Yes, Your Honor. But, when you were telling
the story about going to jail, at that time, you were
only about $500 behind. Yes, Your Honor. Yes, Your Honor. And now, you’ve still been
paying this child support? Yes. Being responsible for it even though you have a
substantial amount of arrears. Yes, Your Honor. But you don’t believe
Mack Jr. is your child? No, Your Honor. I do not. Tell me about your doubt. I have doubts that Junior
is mine all because
of the fact that back when me and his
mother were…
Ms. Myrtle was together, I have family and
friends that told me that she, uh, had been
messing around with other
mens behind my back. Whenever I would go to work. Your Honor, that’s not true. Whenever I would go to work.
I even got proof that says… That’s not true. …that someone texted me
and said or called me and said that she might even
have messed with one
of my family members. (AUDIENCE GASPS) So you heard rumors
that she was sleeping
with other people. Yes, Your Honor. When I read,
in the court papers, there was an acknowledgment
of paternity signed. It was… You say you didn’t sign that. No, Your Honor. Whenever I got out
there to the hospital, after she had had him,
’cause she had him at home. You had Mack Jr.
at home, Ms. Harper? Yes, Your Honor. But Mr. Sr. came to
the hospital, took pictures. The nurse brought
the doggone… I came to the hospital… …birth certificate up
there for him to sign… …took pictures. I did not… …and he signed
the birth certificate. I did not never see no birth certificate. JUDGE LAKE: And
did you witness it? I witnessed it. Yes. You saw him sign
the birth certificate? I did not sign
no birth certificate. You did sign
the birth certificate! The birth certificate
was never there. Why you standing up here lying like I was nowhere. When I came into that room
there was not no birth certificate in there. Why you standing
up here lying? Mr. Harper. Ms. Harper.
Now, that birth certificate
was submitted to the court.I want to take a look at it.“Certificate of Live Birth.”“Name: Mack Clinton Harper.”That’s the child and
name of the father is
Mack Clinton Harper.
Now, you did not sign
this birth certificate? I did not sign that
birth certificate. The birth certificate was
already gone when I got there. But you do admit you came
up to the hospital to see
the baby after it was born. I came there to the hospital
to pick them up when they got
ready to leave the hospital ’cause by being a home birth, when she got to the hospital,
they checked the baby out. She called me like
about 11:00 and was like, “They’re ready
for us to come home.” And so I was like, “Okay,
uh, I’ll be over there
after a while “’cause I know I gotta sign
the birth certificate.” By the time I got over
there to the hospital, that’s when she told me,
“Oh, they had to go ahead
and take the birth certificate “because of the fact that
they had to go ahead and
get the paperwork done “before you got here
so we could just leave.” So, wait, you came up there
with the intention of signing the birth certificate. Yes, Your Honor. So, but you say that you
did not, in fact, sign it. No, sir. No, ma’am. I never did sign
a birth certificate. (AUDIENCE MURMURING) She went ahead and signed it
because we was already, we were still, because
we were legally married. So, the bottom line is,
is there was a
presumption anyway the child was born
within the marriage,
there’s a presumption, you’re the father anyway. Mmm-hmm. And you would’ve been
liable for child support. But I never signed the
birth certificate, Your Honor. Ms. Harper, you
remember this day? I definitely do. I definitely don’t. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) How should you know?
‘Cause you busy getting
drunk all the time. If I was drunk, then I
wouldn’t’ve came over there
to the hospital to see you. Flash into…
What is wrong with you? There’s nothing wrong with me. Yes, it is.
You need some help. You abandoned me and my child. What’s wrong with you? Abandoned you and your child? That’s right. You stopped me from
coming to see my child. Don’t go there! We was married. All right. All right.
Family, family, let’s
calm down a little bit. You say so. JUDGE LAKE: Mack Jr. Yes. What would you like
to add, young man? She’d offer him
to come see me and, um, he used to
come pick me up when
he was driving a cab. Uh-huh. He used to come pick
me up every weekend. And then, all of a sudden,
he just stopped. I stopped coming
to get you, Junior, because of the fact that your
momma and her boyfriend told me to stop coming
to their house! No, Your Honor, I do not. You remember
having a relationship. He’d come get you,
take you with him. Yeah, yeah. Gave him
a birthday party. How old were you then? About seven to eleven.Since 2005, out of 10 years,I’ve only seen
him three years.
His exact words. I hadn’t seen him
in so many years because she wouldn’t
allow me to. They moved out of town.
They moved out of the
town where I lived at. They moved so far away
I would have to catch
a Greyhound to get there. What was wrong with that? (AUDIENCE LAUGHING
AND APPLAUDING) Because I’m physically… Your Honor. Your Honor. Because I don’t have the
money to get there with. Your Honor. Because child support
has taken all my money. Is this about the money you
feel like you do not owe or is this about the fact
that you truly have doubts as to whether or not this young man
is your biological child? I am. I have doubts that he
is my biological child. I mean, as far as the
child support money, if I find out that he
is my biological child,
I don’t mind paying it. I been paying it
all this long anyway. Why is it you didn’t do
more to make contact? He says he’s seen
you three times. In 10 years. I mean that… In 10 years? Well, I don’t have,
I don’t have a car
to get around with because of the child support.
It’s taken everything. You got a cell phone. You got a cell phone. I talk to him.
He won’t talk to me. I used to try to talk
to him every day. I used to call
my sister every day or every other day trying
to get in touch with him. You did? Yes, ma’am. Because you wanted a
relationship with him.
You wanted to know him. Yeah. At the time, I actually
wanted him in my life. You did. Because
you felt that void? That’s all right, babe.
Take your time. Yes. And it bothered me a lot. The way I look at it,
every child deserves to have
their father in their life. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JUDGE LAKE: They do. I used to go out looking
neighbor’s yards, see them. They, um, their father
out there playing basketball, out there playing
whatever sport or whatever, spending time with their son. And then I think
about my father, which don’t even try to get,
try to get in contact with me. What? I tried to call you. When did you try to call me? I talked to you
yesterday, didn’t I? (AUDIENCE MURMURING) (SCOFFS) I talk to you
on Facebook. I’ve even tried to call you. I leave messages
on your phone. You didn’t talk to me on Facebook,
you talked to her. I left messages on the phone. And who called you
on Father’s Day? JUDGE LAKE: So,
Mr. Harper, I gotta ask you, I mean, I’m looking at this
handsome young man. I don’t see… Telling his story. All his life walking
down the street and looking in yards and
seeing fathers out there playing basketball
with their sons and even if you felt like you
couldn’t come to their house without it being
an altercation, couldn’t you say,
“Look, Ms. Harper,” or, “Look,” you know, “Mack, “meet me, down
the street at the store, “on blah-blah street, “I’ll pick you up or either
from there, we’ll walk
to the park, we’ll go, “whatever, go to lunch,
we’ll just take a walk.” What was preventing you?
Was it your doubt? Was it that you didn’t believe
this was your child truly? Yes, Your Honor. What in the world? But then she was messing
around with other people. Now, that’s what
I want to get to. One day I had got off work and as I’m walking
down the street, uh, I see them
up on the porch. And I, all of a sudden,
see her kiss him. So, when I walk up on
the porch, I’m like, “What
are you doing?” Like that. She said, “Oh, we’re just
playing, we just feeling
around. It wasn’t nothing.” And I’m like, “But, Myrtle,
you’re my wife.” Like that. “Why are you out here
kissing this other man?” And so, then, the guy,
he gets up, he’s like, “Oh, oh, it wasn’t nothing,
it wasn’t nothing.
It was just a thing.” And he was like, “Oh, it’s
gonna be like that, you know,
I’ll just walk away.” I’m like, “Yeah, you need to
before you get throwed away.” Was this during
the window of time that you believe Mack Jr.
was conceived? Yes, because this was
the person that she was messing around with.
She’s even been, uh, my daughter will
tell you what happened
with that situation, uh, where, uh, where
she seen her at her sister’s. Ms. Harper, were you
sleeping with anybody
else during the time? No, Your Honor. Mr. Harper, you say
your daughter from a
previous relationship… Yes. Yes. Your biological daughter, is here, is going to join us
in the courtroom. Yes, ma’am. Uh, via Skype, because
she could not be here
today in court. Yes, because she
just had a baby. But she has testimony to offer
that would further your claim. Yes. Ms. Harper.Hi.Hello. Thank you for
joining us today. Congratulations
on the new baby.Thank you.We appreciate you still making your court
appearance even
if it is via Skype. I see you’re very
emotional, ma’am. Please tell me
what are you feeling? Do you believe Mack Jr.
is your brother? (SNIFFLES)In a way, I don’t.In a way you don’t?I don’t. No.Please tell the court why.Um, I’ve witnessed herflirting around and
engaging in, um,
all different types of sexual
contact with other men.
Specifically, what happened?
What did you witness?Well, for one, I was about
between the ages of 11 and 12,
I was with her at
her sister’s house,
and I rememberthe night before there
were a bunch of men
at that apartmentand I remember going to bed
that night and I woke up
the next morning
and I heard a man’s
voice in that room
along with hersand I went to sit up on
the bed and I leaned over.
I couldn’t see
who the person was.
But I heard their voice
and I’m like, “That doesn’t
sound like my dad’s voice.”
So what you believe
you heard was Ms. Harper either in the bed or in
the bedroom, at least, with a man that
was not your father.Correct.Ms. Harper, do you
remember this incident? No, Your Honor.
I sure don’t. Did you ever cheat
on him, ever? MACK SR.: Yes. What I want to cheat
on my own husband for? He the one who cheated
on me with three doggone
different women. Whoa, I need you to answer
the question though. Did you ever cheat on him? No, Your Honor. I’ve been
faithful to my husband. Karen, I see tears
streaming down your face. Why does this make
you so emotional?I don’t really have a
relationship with Mack Jr.
the way I would like to.It’s… I’ve noticed that
it’s affected my dad
in so many ways,
financially, emotionally,and, you know, as a child,
I shouldn’t have to witness,
you know, seeing another
man kissing on you
or, or touching you
in inappropriate ways,
knowing that you’re
married to my father.
That is just dead wrong.
And, Ms. Harper, you say these
things never happened. No, Your Honor.
It never happened. So, she’s… I don’t know where they
getting these lies from, but it never happened. Mack Jr., do you
feel like your father, the man you believe
to be your father, has any right to doubt you? I really don’t because
if you look at him, me and him look just alike. He might… I might as well
not be his child because he never
done nothing for me. (SCOFFS) It took another man
to step in his spot, to take care of me and
raise me up as a man. Well, Mr. Senior. That don’t have nothing
to do with this case. Okay. Okay. JUDGE LAKE: No,
it actually does. He’s saying that
he’s never seen you try to get to him. And that bothers him. And I think it’s a question
worthy of an answer,
an explanation. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Just, it was just hard on
me financially, Your Honor. It was hard on me financially. Your financial situation, I get. Mmm-hmm. But ultimately, it was these issues
coupled with your doubt that kept you from
this young man and he needs to
understand what that is. Because he’s standing
here in court saying, “I don’t know why you didn’t
make the effort to see me.” Okay. When I hear about
somebody being a Junior, I think about
who’s the Senior. You’re named after somebody. Am I the only person
in here that gets this? That’s another
layer of confusion, feeling neglected.
He’s carrying your name.
Do you get that? Yes, Your Honor. The only way we’re gonna be able
to move forward is to
just get the results. I’m ready. Jerome. Thank you. You’re welcome. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. Might as well not be his child
because he never done
nothing for me. In the case ofHarper Sr. vs. Harper Jr.,when it comes to
20-year-old Mack
Harper Jr., it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Harper Sr. Yes, Your Honor. You are his father. (APPLAUSE)Wow.All right. Now, will you please step up
and be a dad to your son? Yes, I will.
If he’ll allow me to. If he’ll allow me to,
I’ll be there for him. You now have confirmed
that he’s in fact your
biological father. And the things you’ve
felt all of these years
have been validated. And you deserve an opportunity
to tell him that directly. Tell him. It took… Twenty years for you to try
to figure out that
you was my dad. Where was you at
when I needed you the most? JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Harper? If you’ll allow me, I’ll
try to be in your life. If not, then I will just try
to keep in contact with you the best way I can, okay? “As best I can”?
That’s not good enough! That’s not good enough!
That’s not good enough! He’s not gonna allow me to… He’s not going to allow
me to be in his life. That’s not good enough! What you have to say… (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Mr. Harper Sr., is, “I will be right here. “I will keep trying to get
in contact with you. “I will not rest until
I am given the opportunity “to make up for
the time I’ve lost. “Lastly, I am sorry!” Do you understand? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Yes, Your Honor. With that said,
court is adjourned.

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