It’s Nick Thorne, The Nosey Genealogist and if you’ve got English or Welsh ancestors I’d like to give you my three top tips for using parish records. Now perhaps you can’t find your ancestor in the parish records for the village or the town where you expected to find them because all the rest of the family are there? Well have you thought that people do move? They go where the jobs are or maybe they stay put but have have fallen out with the vicar and have simply found a church which is more appealing to them. So first tip is to check the surrounding churches first so how are you going to check the surrounding parishes well you could turn to this fantastic book that’s called the Phillimore Atlas and Index of Parish Registers. It’s in its third edition, available from various booksellers and genealogy supplies and what it does is have fantastic maps which show you the different parishes in and around the area that you’re looking at. Another way that you can check for the contiguous parishes to yours, that is the parishes surrounding, is to go over to and then put in the parish or the county that you wish to search for. Now in this case I’ve decided to Centre on a parish called Ravenstone in the county of Leicestershire. And by default it’s gone to give me parishes within a five-mile radius and it lists them all down here so as you can see if I just highlight Huggleston and Donington or maybe they went to Colville, Woodville, Heather I know its spelt ‘Heather’ but it is pronounced Heether and Normanton le Heath. So that is and so it covers the parishes for all of England and Wales. My third tip is to use a website like TheGenealogist. Why am I using TheGenealogist? Well it has some very cunning little tools that allow you to search for the parents of somebody who is in the baptismal records. Now here we’re looking for Mary Ann Evans in Chilvers Coton. Who is Mary on Evans? Well if you are literary minded you might know George Eliot the English novelist, poet, journalists, and translator. She used a male pen name because it meant that her works will be taken more seriously. Okay returning to TheGenealogist and we have parish records baptism here for Mary Ann; we’re going to click on that and it gives us the detail that the father’s name is Robert Evans and the mother’s name is Cristiana Evans. Well I’m going to use this cunning tool here that TheGenealogist have: ‘The parents potential marriage’ SmartSearch. By one click it gives us the records for any Robert Evans marrying a Cristiana and in this case we discover that no they didn’t get married in Chilvers Coton, where Mary Ann Evans was baptised. They got married Astley, Saint Mary the Virgin – which actually is about nine miles down the road. So, there you are, you see a very very useful facility on this website TheGenealogist. So if you’d like to find out more about how to tease out your elusive English or Welsh ancestors then go to NoseyGenealogist dot-com / discover. I’m Nick Thorne, The Nosey Genealogist, Thank you for watching.

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