– Hey everybody welcome back
to Kids, Cooking and Crafts. I'm Eva and today we're at
the beach in Costa Rica. I thought it would be
fun to show you three mermaid activities that
you can do at the beach. Let's go. The first activity that we'll be doing is a sketched mermaid tail. So first you need a flat area. And then you sit down. And then you have another person sketch a mermaid tail around you. (upbeat music) Cool. Mermaid tail. If you put Ws all the way
across the mermaid tail it looks like fish scales. And then for the fin you
wanna add some lines. And if you want to you can add some shells for extra fanciness. I wanna be a fancy mermaid. Ta-da. (camera clicking) Time for mermaid activity number two. You need to dig a hole
just for your upper body and a spot for your head. Ah there we go. Now you need somebody to build
a beautiful mermaid crown around your head using
seashells and sticks. Oh I feel like a beautiful
mermaid princess. (camera clicking) (upbeat music) Time for number three, the buried mermaid tail. I'm gonna dig as deep as I can with my legs so that I
have a hole to sit in. Now I'm just gonna sit in my hole here and get somebody to build
a mermaid tail around me. Mom, you forgot my toes! – [Mother] How does it feel Eva? – Heavy. (laughing) Alright guys, time for a
little seashell decoration. Now do your fish scales the
same way with your stick. And there you have it, a beautiful buried mermaid tail. This can also be used as a prank have you ever gone to the beach and your mom just falls
asleep on the sand? Well you can sculpt a
mermaid tail around her and when she wakes up, oh
no, I don't have any feet. (upbeat music) (grunting) Woo. Alright guys, thanks
so much for joining me on this mermaid adventure,
don't forget to like, subscribe, and comment down below what you like to do at the beach. See you guys.

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