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21st Century Fox BLOOPERS 2!

21st Century Fox bloopers 2 all right
cue the 21st Century Fox logo cut where is the sound and why does it
say 100th century fox because I like 100th century fox better waffleh waffleh waffleh it’s not 100th century fox it’s 21st
century fox– next take action Cut why does it say 21st century
Disney and why is there a lot of searchlights because I wanted to put a
lot of searchlights and I took away Fox and replaced it with Disney hahaha there’s too many searchlights and it’s
not 21st century Disney it’s 21st Century Fox next take action cut why does it say 30th century fox
wait a minute I want to show you something to that okay but what’s
happening cut what why did it say 30th century fox
and why did a plane crash because I wanted to do that hehehehe oh I’m starting
to get mad at you it’s not 30th century fox
its 21st Century Fox next take action Cut why does it say 20th century rat
because I like 20th century rat better hehehe hahahaha walffleh waffleh waffleh
how many times do I have to tell you it’s not 20th century rat it’s 21st
century fox next take action cut why does it say 20th century-fox
because I like 20th century-fox better hehehehe it’s not 20th century-fox
you’re supposed to put 21st so all you have to do is put that 1 there
take out the Th and put the St there next take action cut why does it why did it have to say
Fox Television Studios first and why did it turn into Foxstar productions
because I like both of them better hahaha it’s not Fox Television Studios
or Foxstar productions its 21st Century Fox okay this is the final
tank and you better not mess up okay action thank you yeah you’re welcome and that’s
it goodbye

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  1. Bloopers:

    1: 100th Century Fox
    2: 21st Century Disney
    3: 30th Century Fox
    4: 20th Century Rat
    5: 20th Century Fox
    6 & 7: Fox Television Studios & Foxstar Productions
    8: 21st Century Fox

  2. 100th Century Fox 21st Century Disney 30th Century Fox 20th Century Rat 20th Century Fox Fox Television Studios Fox Star Productions 21st Century Fox Normal

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