[2019 Korean Literature Showcase] 한국문학 쇼케이스 행사 영상

[Applause] I'm very happy to be here and the program have been very well and I learned so many things about the Korean writers and Publishing's and thank you so much for making this experience is unforgettable for me I found the presentations very very useful a lot of times in these conferences it's sort of a broad exchange that is not no serious concrete help to what you're actually doing I can say the contrary about what we saw today well I really enjoyed the event it's it's really marvelous I like the organization I like everything and it's really it's really helpful to hear some feedback from our countries and I realized that no matter where the publishing house is situated what kind of market were working in we still leave under the same agenda we have the same is we think about the same issues have the same problems and it's really nice to hear how different markets solve these problems Peto Tata Moana Nui desta magistrate sulla Cancun work an organza dhoka dhoka dhoka to normal and seem to hug the kiriona a new panel got the I knew you'd ask a little more jason'll a Yoji hey Tanya Korean literature showcase Rihanna Garcia were show host 800 that shows jana chuda angora JC Tran Jia Qian Ren Jie Liang Guan Honda Jie Zhao Jie can Angie Atalla her go and she of our energy berserkers to Saturday's the evening with riders City Muhammad Hassan terrasaur don't own of a vamo they leak through the whole company SOTA Diwali hikes from Cuba city Ramon Calcasieu Savarkar intelligence community relations yellow diamond sutra not efficient air physics preserver most detested the holy avoir is to deceive remember organisations don't own a lava leaf you lose the upon dishes for its film accidently be linear impose Ramon that I've been loving the showcase so far it's really so fantastic what LTI has done for us I think there's only so much that you can learn about Korean literature from looking online and reading what books have already been translated into English so I felt like I tried to prepare myself as best I could but it's really about like meeting with writers themselves like at the evening last night meeting with translators and meeting with publishers and actually going to book shops and book fairs and picking up the books even if I can't understand the word of Korean it's a great event it helped me a lot we can interact with other countries public publishers and also you help ours publishers to improve our books and publishers I saw a ship in total guys that vast the vast expanse event and gave us the organization and gate was a sole engage this annika static Saha it's been Felicia and worked viral booster Bob finished us in a soul an independent publisher Senegal torrent does this independent a book shots gift thus as wound ABBA on the illegal in had not released by the Indonesian devices and without oven in Yogeshwara expression on Adams on Rosetta and it was a tobacco to human either alpha stage of SHINee's

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