Illumination makes me feel more hopeful because
I know everyone tonight is looking for a cure for cancer, and Illumination is going to make
that wish come true. What makes me the proudest about our gala
is our community coming together. We live so generously and we’re all here for
the same reason. It’s personal to us, cancer. And we know we’re behind a great institution
that is really going to cure this. To see 500 St. Louisans come together for
a cause like Illumination Gala just gives me overwhelming joy. Illumination makes me think of hope because
I reflect on the people that Tom and I have lost, family and friends, because of cancer. But I also reflect on the family and friends
that are still living. That’s what Illumination is all about. In 10 years, we will make cancer history. We will be able to make cancer a chronic disease,
one that we can control. It’s great to be here for the tenth year anniversary
of Illumination. My wife and I had a great time being part
of the first event, and it’s just amazing to see where it’s gone over the last 10 years. Donor support of the Illumination Gala supports
the Cancer Frontier Fund, which provides seed money for groundbreaking research. And in fact, without some of the seed money,
much of the research would never get started. I hope the Illumination Gala raises a lot
of money, because we need the money to find a cure for cancer, and we need to get on it
now. The grand total for the evening is – wow,
thank you. 3, 211, 050 dollars. Through the generosity of our donors, we’re
able to fund more research projects we wouldn’t otherwise be able to fund. Your help fosters discovery, which leads to
new advances in the prevention, treatment, and even the cures of cancer. So, thank you. Thank you to our donors for all that you do,
and thank you for joining us as we build a healthier future, a future free of cancer. We are all in this together. You’re making hope possible. We stand together in the fight against cancer. It’s the dawn of a new decade in cancer research. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This is for all our families and friends fighting
cancer right now. Thank you.

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