good evening everyone I hope everybody can hear me is everybody speakers are working fine everybody can hear listen thank you very much for being here it’s lovely wonderful to see such a large audience here in Carlton place tonight and I want to indeed thank everybody for being here and I’ll just check with the official timer Bruce did we get it within five minutes all right for those who don’t know my name is Randy Hillier I’m the member of provincial Parliament for Lanark Frontenac Lennox and Addington and of course I represent this area at Queen’s Park and I’m Trust and expect in the hope that everyone will find this evening very informative very interesting and very enjoyable like they just recognized a few other people who are here this evening for tonight and I see that we have counselor Faye Campbell and councillor Brian Dowdle from Beckwith Township in the audience this evening thank you very much we also have the deputy Reeve and Reeve deputy Reeve Sharon mu so andrey richard kid from beckwith township here this evening and last but not least his worship and mayor of calm place louis Antonakos is joined us this evening as well thank you very much for being here tonight I hope I didn’t miss anybody did I miss somebody oh pardon me the mayor of Mississippi Mills Shawn McLaughlin is here yay snuck in I don’t know how you got in here without me seeing you Shawn but thanks for being here as well I should also mention just a couple items before we begin this evening there is washrooms outside the main doors and to the right everybody looking for the washrooms there’s also trying to keep the flashes and the recordings to a minimum we do have a couple photographers here tonight there this evening’s events is being fully recorded video and audio and will be published online in its entirety so don’t need to do any other recording it will all magically appear on the internet sometime tomorrow I would imagine so and it will of course will be free and available to everybody after tonight’s presentations and I guess I should also state that this is not a partisan or political event tonight we will have a question and answer period after dr. Peterson has made his presentation and I know many people here know much about dr. Peterson he is widely read and knowledgeable and insightful on a great many subjects but we would like to see the questions relevant to tonight’s topic so and with that I think I’ll just start a little bit about myself before being elected before entering politics I like many other people was increasingly getting disappointed with the that the way government was conducting itself would be ever increasing government laws the rules the regulations that in my view were unduly infringing on what I considered my own personal jurisdiction my own personal responsibility and and also how these increasing role of government was shifting in altering society in ways that I felt uncomfortable with that I felt were contrary to my beliefs in my values and like most people I grumbled about it and grumbled and spoke with other people who grumbled about things but we didn’t do very much about it we just bored green and Bohr and the the ever-increasing role of government but back in 2002 very fortunately I came across a few other fellows who had very much same attitudes and views as myself and in 2002 four of us four of us met around a kitchen table at Merle and Ruth’s Beau’s home owed on the concession for of Ramsey and we decided that it was time to act now none of us actually knew what that meant none of us had actually ever done anything about government but we knew that we needed to speak out and we knew that we needed to make a difference so we formed formed a group and we called it the lanark landowners Association and I was asked to be the spokesperson and the president of that new Association of four people and then of course we said that’s right now what do we do well we decided to hold a meeting not far from here indeed a lab over in Beckwith Township was our first meeting of the lanark land owners association we went around the area we put up posters on hydro poles and telephone poles we put posters up in the general stores and the stores around the area and and we also sent a few letters to the newspapers indicating what our concerns were and we wanted to see you know because we really had no idea if there was anybody else who thought like we did we knew there was a four of us but we didn’t know if there was any others so we held this meeting decided to give it a go and surprisingly the hall was packed index Township that night and people came they shared their stories they shared that they had similar thoughts similar beliefs similar values and at the end of that night our association of four people became an association of dining people and within the next five years the lanark land owners would grow to include chapters from around the province and a membership of 15,000 people people found a vehicle to speak out through that association they found a vehicle to become involved and to make a difference sue me during those years we helped many town halls in every corner of the province we provided testimony at government committee hearings we argued with politicians and bureaucrats alike in many different forms we had the Senate committee come out tomorrow’s house they wanted to hear more about our stories many people politicians and parties asked to meet with us and we had politicians and political parties knocking on our doors seeking our support and seeking our advice now many of you will know that we didn’t just confine ourselves to the to the gentlemanly arts of diplomacy in discussions with the lanark landowners as well on occasion we did a take activism in our voice to different heights week indicting conducted skits and plays at farmers markets we shuttered and closed down government buildings we had a cattle auction on Parliament Hill we held tractor rallies and closed down highways and bridges throughout the province we were very fortunate that we had a great many members with the great many skills and also a lot of creativity and passion for our subjects in our demand for greater personal responsibility and less government involvement in our property I learned many valuable lessons through those years many which were quite contradictory to the conventional wisdom the first lesson I learned is that we have a mistaken belief that political leaders are leaders it became clear to me that most politicians are followers not leaders and that people must demonstrate and show government and politicians alike that in order to change a policy change an activity or an issue politicians require a demonstration of public support political parties often use polling or focus groups to determine where it’s safe to go and when I’m speaking about politics and government I’m leaning more to the provincial and federal side of politics as well I want to make that clear municipal politics is very much of course it’s not a party oriented system at municipal level and there’s a great many differences at the municipal level but political parties use that those focus groups and polling to try to determine where it’s safe for them to go but in doing so it really dig eighths in diminishes that fundamental principle of representative democracy elected people and parties speaking with and knowing the pulse of their communities their constituents their constituency but also in helping to lead and advocate for change for the better in short democracy does not mean the government it does not mean politicians although they are both necessary ingredients representative democracy means you and me it means us that’s what representative democracy must have for it to function properly it does not include the words they or them it is you and I for a representative democracy to work another lesson and I often often during those days with the landowners I would be approached by people people would come up to me in many venues and invariably they would say something like long this line someone ought to do something about this always they would come up to me say someone ought to do something and that went on for quite a period of time it took me a little while to catch on that when they were seeing someone they meant me or when they said someone it meant not them right and and I did learn that you know I’d listen to their suggestion and their idea and when they told me then someone ought to do something I would agree with them and say someone ought to and I know where you can find that someone and they would look at me with a questioning look and say well who and I would say look in the mirror and you will find that varying someone that you’re looking for and until you do look in the mirror you will never find that someone who ought to do something and that was a it actually worked it actually got people it motivated people to actually think about what they were saying and think about what they were doing and what they wanted to do I could go on and on about the lessons that I learned the rewarding actions and activities and the successes that we enjoyed with the landowners but tonight I know that it is someone who has a far broader far deeper understanding in understanding of the importance of civic engagement the understanding and also the thoughts and knowledge of how to help find people to find their voice and to become influential tonight we are honored to have that individual here tonight he is a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto he is a clinical psychologist he is bringing knowledge and insight of humanity to tens of thousands of people through his online activities and his free University lectures and I’ll tell you I’m not one to generally watch university lectures let alone lectures on psychology but I started watching his lectures on maps of meaning and I was astonished you know the first one was like two and a half hours in length and I watched the first five of them and I think it was the first five of them was a part of it you know these have over 10 hours I’m not going to get into all the details over ten hours but these lectures was 10 hours of breaking down and dissecting and understanding a story the story of Pinocchio now I found that amazing that I that I could watch these lectures first but you know I I said I know but I know the story of Pinocchio it wasn’t that interesting to me as a kid Val ah and it certainly would have taken me 10 hours to describe this story to anybody else but anyway yeah so that’s just inside if you want to really watch something I find interesting but I also first came across this individual years ago I’m avid watcher of TVO’s agenda with Steve Paikin gets into a lot of provincial policy and I’m fighting Steve taking a very credible journalist and often this fella would be on Steve Bacon’s attend a show and I would watch with interest have when he was there so but in my estimation this gentleman is one of Canada’s foremost thinkers and with a very significant twist he has a courage and the conviction to speak out against some of those falsehoods of conventional wisdom and political correctness I know he has much to offer a lot of wisdom and it is my pleasure to welcome to calm place in Delano County dr. Jordan B Peterson to join us tonight but didn’t hear me there we go Thank You mr. Hill your hunts for the introduction and also for the invitation so not everyone will invite me places so it’s nice when an invitation shows up yeah yeah and when I’m actually allowed to speak that’s also good so I have a habit of not preparing my talks until really the last minute and I mean that’s not exactly true because I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to talk to you about tonight for a very long time but I I really only got the title for this talk firmly in place about half an hour ago and and one of the things I like to do when I’m speaking to people is to tell them what I’m thinking about not what I’ve already thought about you know and certainly not what I know but what I’m thinking about what I’m trying to figure out and so one of the things that’s happened to me over the last year somewhat surprisingly is that I’ve been invited to speak in front of a lot of conservative groups and a lot of them were conservative groups that were composed of young people and that was interesting you know because conservatism isn’t something that’s necessarily all that easy to sell to young people because they tend not to be that conservative to begin with and conservatism also tends to have quite a lot to do with things that you shouldn’t do instead of things that you might be allowed to do and so there’s a restrictive element of it that’s also perhaps less attractive to young people than it might be people do tend to get more conservative as they get older as a personality shift and so but what I saw was very interesting because I saw and this was particularly true of young men and I haven’t quite puzzled that out yet but you know I would talk about what was going on in the universities and what I thought might constitute a reasonable antidote to that and that was not only in the universities but also politically but and that was both the adoption of responsibility instead of the incredible and constant stress that’s being placed on rights and also the responsibility of the citizen to speak for we’re what he or she believed to be true or at least to not speak what they knew to be false which is at least a good place to start and one of the things I found so remarkable was that this was actually a saleable message to young people and that surprised me because you know you wouldn’t necessarily think that you would turn a lot of lights on in a young audience by talking to people about truth and responsibility I think if you if you went to a marketing agency and told them that that was going to be your political message to young people they would tell you to go back and you know flesh out another plan sketch out another plan but maybe young people have been talked to enough about rights for maybe about the next 15 decades that’s what I would think and so maybe there’s a hunger arising among young people for something that has a little bit more respectability let’s say a little bit more depth than the constant emphasis on on doing whatever you want whenever you want let’s let’s put it that way the thing about that in the thing about rights in general that the idea of rights is that rights don’t really give you much direction right they they tell you what you are in principle allowed to do but they don’t really tell you what you should do and it actually turns out that you need to know what you should do because you need to do something right people are active and our lives don’t have any meaning without something to do and it’s something that you should do it can’t just be something that you want to do that’s too shallow there’s no deep meaning there’s no enduring there’s no sustaining meaning in that it’s just impulsiveness and and maybe that’s okay in some sense maybe that’s entertaining and maybe it’s maybe it’s impulsively exciting and fun and there’s some there’s some utility in that for life but life is a very difficult journey let’s say it involves a lot of suffering and it involves a lot of heavy existential weight and you need to be able to put something a value up against that so that you can withstand your life and you can stand up with some dignity and you can contribute to your community and you can feel that you’re a worthwhile person you know in spite of all the things that are that you’re doing wrong and in spite of all the problems that you have and so then people need to know what they should do and one of the things they should do is take responsibility and another thing they should do is try to tell the truth because those two things hell them live proper lives and then help society organize itself properly and that’s that’s good that’s good for everyone so and so it turns out that when you tell young people that they’re pretty damn happy about that and so one of the things I thought I would do tonight is talk about what conservatives might have to offer to young people as a saleable message you know because my the other thing I’ve learned over the last year this was quite revealing let’s put it that way I’ll start with a briefer story just as a little intro to this in the last three weeks some of you may know that there was quite a political storm that emerged particularly among journalists over the issue of cultural appropriation a number of journalists got in real trouble for transgressing the politically correct norms in relationship to cultural appropriation tremendously ill-defined and let’s call it pathological concept we could start with that but but the thing that was so interesting and I think I probably talked to ten of Canada’s top 20 journalists but that would be a reasonable estimate most of them in print but not all of them every single one of them told me that they were censoring themselves you think about that man that’s no joke in a country like this and these people you think well if anyone has power they have power it’s like well they don’t really have power they have competence and influence and that’s not the same thing as power and they’re bloody afraid of being hung out to dry if they say the wrong thing you think about where our damn country is when the 10 most powerful journalists in the country are afraid to write and say what they think that’s not a good thing man that’s not a good thing I don’t care what it is that they want to say or think the fact that they’re not only did they tell me that they were censoring themselves and that they felt that they would be hung out to dry if they said the wrong thing but they also told me that they were being censored by their editors and so you know in a country that has a great tradition right and a tradition that’s much longer than this country has been around of freedom and free speech and Free Press for us to be in the situation now where our major journalists are afraid that if they misstep inappropriately in this newfound Politico landmine that they’re going to be done that is not good right that’s a bad diagnostic sign okay well I said that story was a little intro to the other story was going to tell you and then so I’ve been fortunate enough over the last several months to meet not the majority of the people who ran for the leadership of the federal Conservative Party but most of them including the people the person who Andrew who recently won and they all told me the same thing which was also interesting was that the Conservatives were afraid to be conservative and for exactly the same reason they were afraid that if they put forward valid conservative perspectives that they would be isolated and mobbed and taken down and and that made them censor themselves and not be willing to speak up and I thought and I told each of them when we discussed this the same thing was if you guys are afraid to talk you’ve already lost you might as well just pack up and go home it’s done now you know as a psychologist [Applause] so I got to say I’m not making a case for conservatism I’m not here to make a political case right I’m here to make a philosophical and psychological case and I think that’s what I’ve been doing all along it has political implications so I’m not saying that you should be conservative or that conservative is the only way to be because I actually don’t believe that for a variety of reasons one of the reasons is that I know that political belief is determined in large part by temperament and personality and that’s very strongly biologically influenced and so conservatives tend to be lower in openness which is a trait associated with creativity and higher in conscientiousness which is a trait associated with industriousness and orderliness they tend to make good managers and administrators and lawyers they tend to make good conservative business types that’s that’s their forte that’s their niche and that’s a valid place to be in a valid thing to be and you know conservatives aren’t so good at being entrepreneurial and they’re not so good at being artistic and creative that’s not their niche that’s more the niche of the liberal end of the spectrum and as far as I’m concerned for the political system to function properly you need proper representation for all the temperamental types and they need to be engaged in dialogue so but the thing is is that when the conservatives are saying well you know especially when they’re perhaps thinking about leading the damn party let’s say that they’re worried about speaking their mind in a conservative manner that’s just not a good thing that means that something’s gone wrong with our political system and seriously wrong you know when the other thing that another thing that I’ve noticed it thing you know when this off some of you may know and some of you may not know that I made a couple of videos back September 27th I woke up one night because I couldn’t sleep and I thought are usually going right if I can’t sleep because I’ve got something to figure out and but I’ve been playing with YouTube videos I’ve been putting my lectures online since 2013 and by last April they had about a million views and so I thought wow that’s that’s really something man you know like you write a book you sell a million copies you’re one happy character and I thought I a million views is a very large number of views it really tuned me into the fact that YouTube was something completely other than what I thought it was but anyways that night I thought oh I’ll get up and make a video and that of writing it down and this was a video about Bill c16 which by the way the Senate just passed right half the conservatives voted for it despite the fact that the Justice Minister was presented with an amendment that clearly indicated that bill c16 would not infringe upon free speech and refused to consider the amendment so that’s where we are there’s compelled speech is now the law in Canada isn’t yet but it’s going to be very soon and half the Conservatives voted for that damn bill and I can tell you two you know people have gone after me for being you know anti-transgender and bigoted and phobic and all that nonsense that the left tends to hurl at people it’s not the case I read that damn legislation and I read the policies surrounding it and I know perfectly well that the way it’s formulated right now it will do more harm to the people it purports to protect than good that’ll take about 10 years to unfold but it’s so incoherent and that the principles upon which that legislation and its surrounding policies are based are so paradoxical and contradictory that they will act themselves out because that’s what happens with paradoxical beliefs and tangle people up like them in that like tangle people up in them like mad and we’ll see that happen over the next decade and it’s partly because the people who put bill six c16 forward especially with regards to its surrounding policies the ones that are detailed out on the Ontario Human Rights Commission website don’t give a damn about transgendered people as far as I’m concerned there there’s another agenda at work that’s driving their entire political force forward and the transgender types were just flavor of the month right they were poster boys for moving this postmodern agenda forward and so the fact that the legislation isn’t going to do them any good do the transgendered people any good isn’t going to stop the people who put the legislation forward so anyways I made these videos and I put them on on YouTube and well to say they caused the storm which is somewhat of an understatement I mean it’s just been I just I I don’t even know what to think about it’s completely and absolutely surreal what’s happened to me I as a consequence of that I mean I don’t know how many people have watched those original videos like 350,000 and I think now about 50 million people have watched videos associated with this sequence of events that I’m describing which is just three hundred and fifty thousand people watched the testimony that I gave before the Senate on Bill c16 you bloody well know that the apocalypse is closed when three hundred and fifty thousand people around the world watch a Canadian Senate hearing it’s like really bad really what’s going on man so anyways you know so you know I said well the journalists are nervous and that and and the Conservatives are nervous and and well then you know when I when I put myself out and made these videos which I really didn’t expect to attract much attention at all I just assumed that I was going to clarify what I was thinking a little bit and you know and see what happened I kind of a curious person now that’ll teach me but I’m kind of a curious person and so um but then you know I also experienced firsthand what happens when you do something like that now what I got nailed right I got especially for about three months things were pretty up in the air at the University sent me two letters telling me that it ha it was so funny because I read made this video and I said you know under this new legislation making this video criticizing this legislation is probably illegal and so then the independent people of course reacted to me as if I was scare mongering which by the way was the right response when you hear someone in a stable society stand up and say excuse me there’s a there’s something rotten at the base here and it’s affecting the manner in which the legislation that our country is producing is is being rolled forth when they say that you should think that person is probably a charlatan and have something wrong with them we could look the culture works pretty good the country’s worked really well for a long period of time and so the logical initial response should be yeah you think there’s a fundamental problem why shouldn’t we just assume that there’s a fundamental problem with you and one of the ways that you you determine that is you throw things out the person metaphorically and see if any of them stick right so you know I was a bigot and a homophobe and a transphobic and a racist that one I don’t know where the hell that one came from I think it was because I sized the two what would you call red prehensile women who started black lives the black lives matter movement Toronto it isn’t because they’re black it’s because they’re reprehensible black or white man if you’re reprehensible you’re reprehensible that’s sort of the definition of not being racist right so anyways so so so there were a couple of demonstrations and then the press jumped on me to some degree they didn’t do too bad a job I didn’t think and then the university thankfully wrote two letters saying that what I was doing was probably illegal and that it violated the the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s policies and probably the university’s policies as well as as far as they were concerned which really wasn’t the case and the letters also contained a number of untruths which I detailed because I read them on YouTube too which is what actually quite helpful and handy that you know if someone writes me a letter that purports to lay out a set of facts then I can just read it I don’t even have to comment on it I can read it and let people make up their own minds which they did so so well and so my job was in doubt in doubt but the fact that the university went after me actually turned out to be extremely helpful right because I had said look under the provisions of this new legislation and legislation like this that’s already in place in Canada what I am doing criticizing this bill is probably illegal and everyone said no you’re crazy you know you’re there’s something wrong with you you’re a you’re a you’re a scare monger and a rabble rouser and all of that and then the university wrote letters saying what you did violated you know the university policy and probably the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s policies and the law and I thought great you had your lawyers take a look at it I couldn’t ask for a more stronger statement a stronger statement in support of what I had said especially because it certainly wasn’t written in support of what I had said so and then the journalist started to pay attention to what I had actually looked at and they read it and they thought oh hey look at that that aren’t that our entire human rights commission website policy mass is actually quite a nest of spiders just like he said and so it turns out that there is something rotten in the state of Denmark and that’s just not so good and so like this is a good country man that’s why people want to here it’s one of the best countries in the world maybe it’s the best country in the world I mean we don’t want to get too high on our horse about that and God aren’t we fortunate but it’s a pretty good place you know but it’s not what it used to be and the people who are running it are not who you think they are so for example provincially let’s take it the title that the people who follow Kathleen Wynne have is liberal they are not liberals they are radicals and they’re radicals of a sort I used to work for the NDP when I was a kid back in the 70s and the people who are influential in Kathleen Wynne’s government and who are making the sort of policies that I regard is particularly reprehensible are the kind of radical leftists that the NDP working-class socialists that I knew in the 1970s would have regarded as the as the unacceptable fringe of the Socialist Party and they are now defied they have now defined themselves as centrist liberals they are not and what they’re doing is not centrist and it’s not liberal and so that’s another thing for the conservative party to start thinking about because you have a whole bunch of liberals you could go out there and capture because they’ve been abandoned by their own party and that’s for sure and it’s something that should be taken advantage of because well we need some conservatives and we need some socialists and maybe we need some liberals and the Liberals and the Conservatives are getting damn scarce among the people who actually make policy at not only at the provincial and federal level but also at mid-level admit at the top end of mid-level administration’s everywhere as well and that’s not accidental it’s partly because unbeknownst to the majority of society for the last 30 years the damn universities have been doing nothing but training and targeted training radical leftist activists and if you don’t believe that you just go on the web and look up like ten Women’s Studies programs and read what they say you don’t have to listen to me you don’t have I don’t want you to believe me you just go out there and find it for yourself and there the activism is devoted to a certain key set of ends and one of them for example here’s a word to remember equity okay that’s replaced equality of opportunity it’s like okay equality of opportunity that’s a tough one to bring about you know you need a a bit of government intervention to bring about equality of opportunity maybe it’s a noble goal it’s a tough one to attain but equity equity means equality of outcome and you see an equity everywhere and that’s what it means and so the people who are pushing this radical agenda are pushing things that are that are inimitable to our traditions and and practices of governance you know the ontario social justice tribunals because we have social justice tribunals in ontario they don’t even deign now to hide the damn name the social justice tribunals are allowed to suspend standard jurisprudential practice in the pursuit of their aims it says that right in their policies well you think about that really that’s written in your policies you can just dispense with classic jurisprudential tradition so what does that mean it means you can do any damn thing you want and so those are the sorts of I would say subversive and fifth column like organizations that are sprouting up in our society everywhere it’s not a good thing and so look when someone stands up and says there’s something wrong the first thing you should ask is what makes why should I assume that you know what the hell you’re talking about that’s a good question well you investigate it and you find out whether or not the person does know what they’re talking about and on the issue that I’m describing to you tonight as far as I can tell I know what I’m talking about now people have been on my case about this in a very serious way for quite a long time and so far they haven’t made any inroads into my arguments and most of the time they’re too damn cowardly to debate me which is also something that’s really interesting because I put out public calls constantly if you you want to debate about gender and sex you just bring it on because that obviously happens to be an area of expertise for me and I know the damn literature if you want to come out and make your case that all the differences between men and women are socially constructed culturally constructed or that there’s just or that they’re just a personal whim which by the way is exactly what’s written into the policies surrounding Bill c16 then you come out make that case publicly and see how well it stands up and know how well it will stand up because that kind of thinking was defeated in the scientific realm back in the 1960s in the universities and what that meant was that the radicals who wanted to keep promoting precisely that kind of view just circumvented the entire scientific process and started to implement their demands for their particular viewpoint from a practical policy administrative and legislative perspective knowing full well that they had lost 100% on the empirical and the scientific front and now what they do instead is criticize the scientific endeavor itself because it failed to produce the results that they assumed would be the case so there’s plenty that’s rotten in the state of Denmark and I’m embarrassed to state that a tremendous amount of that stems from the universities and they’re in bad shape do not send your children to the humanities right they’re corrupt they will they won’t learn to think because the postmodernist don’t believe in thinking they won’t learn logic because the postmodernists believe that logic is one of the tools that the oppressive patriarchy uses to sustain its oppressive patriarchy spell press of patriarchal nature they won’t learn to write well that’s because writing teaching people to write takes a tremendous amount of effort and perhaps they’re not so much interested in teaching people to formulate their own thoughts precisely and carefully as they are interested in in producing cult-like clones to go out and do their activist work which is precisely what they state on their website so you know things are not so pretty and and it’s very embarrassing as a member of the Academy and to come before a group of of public citizens and say you’ve been betrayed by your institutions of higher learning it’s sad it’s sad and it’s not good and you know you think well it’s just the university it’s just an ivory tower it’s like think again man what happens in the Universities happens everywhere five years later so it’s no mere ivory tower issue so ok so a couple of weeks ago a couple of months ago I did this lecture and Vancouver called a left-wing case for free speech because you can actually make a left-wing case for free speech pretty easily right it’s like obviously some people have more influence and authority than others and just as obviously it’s harder for the people with less influence and authority to make their case known so clearly they need to be able to make their case so that’s the left-wing case for free speech fairly straightforward I thought it needed to be made because especially on the radical left people seem to have forgotten that free speech was actually their most what welcome friend and enabled them to do whatever good things they did managed to do over the last hundred years but I made a left wing case and so that was easy and reasonably entertaining and you can watch that on YouTube if you want and so tonight what I thought I’d do as a counterpart to that is lay out what I believe might be some tenets for a viable 21st century conservatism and these are ideas that I’m playing with so I’m going to I wrote down about 12 of them I don’t know if we’ll get through all of them but we can we can start with a few and this is what the Conservatives could be selling to the public now what seems to me to be happening instead at the moment is as Kathleen Wynne flames out not nearly fast enough in my opinion the attitude among conservatives that the provincial party seems to be something well let’s just go like go let’s go cluster in a corner and not do anything too stupid because maybe she’ll burn yourself out so badly that we’ll just win the next election and we won’t have to you know do anything that will put us at risk and I’m not being cynical about that I can understand the the utility of that policy although I think it’s a bad policy and I think it’s a bad policy because there are some things that seriously need to be said about Kathleen Wynne in her government I could tell you one noble aim for the provincial Conservatives for the next election would be to decimate the provincial liberals not one should be left what’s what’s her popularity at right now under 10% if she had a shred of integrity she would have already resigned so anyways there is a goal for the Conservatives no liberal sitting after the 2018 election that would send a message to the social justice warrior types it would also send a message to the centrists who should actually be occupying the positions of power in the Liberal Party that if you allow yourself to be taken over by a radical fringe you’re going to get decimated at the polls so you know that might be an exciting message to sell young people get out there knock on some doors see if you can take the social justice warriors out at the top before before they do more damage than they’ve already done she’s got another year to do plenty of damage and you can be sure that she’s going to do plenty more damage in that here so okay what else here’s some things you might think about if you’re a conservative these things have become what would you say people are afraid to say them here’s the first one the fundamental assumptions of Western civilization are valid how about that you know it’s not you think it’s an accident oh here’s how you find out okay which countries do people want to move away from hey not ours which countries do people want to move to ours guess what they work better and it’s not because we went around the world stealing everything we could get our hands on it’s because we got certain fundamental assumptions right thank God for that after thousands and thousands of years of trying and because of that we’ve managed to establish a set of civilizations that are shining lights in the world you know now you can be pretty damn filthy and still be a shining light in this world right because if you look around the world that’s the state of governance in most places it’s like the most pathological corrupt and vicious thugs rule and to stand out as an illuminated light against that background is it so difficult but nonetheless you know we’re as good as it’s got and unless we can come up with something better we should be very careful about messing around with that so why don’t we start with the assumption that we’re doing something right one of the things we’re doing right for example is that we actually value the individual right the individual has intrinsic value in Western societies do you know how long it took people to formulate that as an idea and how unlikely that idea is that poor you you know useless powerless you with all your damn fault you’re actually worth something you’re worth something to the point that the law has to respect you God we don’t want to abandon that for some half-witted collectivism which we’re doing as rapidly as possible because one of the things that characterizes the radical left types is they don’t give a damn about you as an individual or about individuals at all you’re black or you’re white or you’re Latino or you’re transsexual you’re homosexual or whatever you’re a group you’re a member of a group and the only thing that matters is the group well I can tell you if the only thing that matters is the group you bloody well don’t matter very much and then you got to ask yourself just exactly what sort of people are trying to set things up so it is that the individual doesn’t matter very much well it’s the sort of people to whom the individual doesn’t matter very much and I might suggest that you don’t elect them and that when they attempt to take power that you do everything you can to stalk them okay so that’s assumption number one the assumption number two peaceful social being is preferable to isolation and to war in consequence it justly and rightly demand some sacrifice of individual impulse an idiosyncrasy okay so you want to live alone in the bush you’re going to starve to death and be eaten by black flies it’s not a good solution okay so you have to cooperate with other people and that means you can’t get to be your whimsical self a hundred percent of the time it means that most of you has to be sacrificed so that you can be approximately like everyone else now that’s a real sacrifice right it’s it’s a sacrifice of it might even be a sacrifice of some of the unique qualities that everyone needs from you socialization costs but the advantage of it is well we get to exist look we can all sit together in this hole and no one has their hands around each other’s throats and we’re talking about serious things okay man that’s worth something and what it’s worth in part is you don’t get to be whatever spectacularly colored creature you want to be all the time you have to do what you can to be normal and predictable and it’s not like normal and predictable is the highest virtue because it’s not and then being more than normal and being and being unique and creative and contributing in that way is extraordinarily important but the fundamental point is is that social being requires the sacrifice of a certain amount of individual idiosyncrasy and that’s a fundamentally conservative claim it’s like you should be you should do what everyone else does unless you have a really good reason to vary it’s a good rule it’s like you do what people have done throughout time you grow up you find a partner you establish a stable relationship you get a job you make yourself useful you have some children you do something productive and interesting with your spare time and you try to act like a respectable human being that’s what you do that’s a conservative ethos and if you’re if you have something spectacular about you that needs to be revealed the world then break some rules man go right ahead I’m dead serious about that but most of the time you don’t and even if you happen to be a special person and you might be 90% of you still isn’t special so most of the time you’re still going to be following the rules and the rules aren’t there to oppress they’re there to keep us at they’re there to keep us away from each other’s throats because human beings are very warlike and we’re very competitive and we’re very aggressive and if we are fortunate enough to have woven together a social fabric that basically renders us peaceful and cooperative we should try disrupting us at our great peril because the general rule for human existence throughout the centuries has been turmoil and war and we don’t have that here and so thank God for that and it’s worth a bit of a sacrifice next equality equity equity that’s worse right equity means equality of outcome it means that every single organization has 50% women and 50% men doesn’t matter whether the men and women differ in their intrinsic preferences which by the way they do the scientific literature on that is completely clear it was established by the early 90s it was established in the Scandinavian countries where they’ve done most to flatten out the socio-economic differential say between men and women didn’t get rid of the differences between men and women in fact they became exaggerated the biggest personality differences in the world between men and women are in Scandinavia just as the biggest difference is an interest between men and women are in Scandinavia because when you get rid of the socio-cultural differences between men and women the biological differences don’t disappear they maximize how else could it be and as I said the literature on that is clear and the way that the postmodernist radicals react to that is by criticizing the scientific method itself on their computers which only work of course because the scientific method actually works so you hear the egalitarian clarion call everywhere everything should be equal everything should be equally distributed we should strive for equity it’s like wrong especially if you’re a conservative wrong what we want are just hierarchies of competence not everyone’s a neurosurgeon you know if your father has a brain tumor you probably want a hierarchy of competence for neurosurgeons so you can pick the one that’s the best so that he might not die that’s what a hierarchy of competence is for for the postmodernist there’s no hierarchy that isn’t based on power well because they think the world runs on power and that’s why they’re willing to use power to get what they want because it’s the only thing they believe in but a valid hierarchy of competence it’s God we need those things man we need the best plumbers we need the best contractors we need the best we need we need the best carpenters we need the best lectures there has to be a hierarchy of quality not only so that we know who the best are and to reward them properly but so that we can reward them so they keep being the best it’s like kiddo if if you have a great educator if you have a great leader if you have a great thinker you want to reward them so they keep thinking and they keep educating so they can tell you something it’s not a reward for their intrinsic being it’s a calculated move on your part to suck everything out of them that’s valuable as fast as you can that’s what a hierarchy of competence is for and the idea that hierarchies of competence don’t exist is it’s so cynical it’s such a pathologically cynical idea and it’s actually quite patently untrue because here’s an interesting tidbit from the psychological literature let’s say you want to determine what the best predictors are for lifetime success in a Western society well what would you hope for how about intelligence there’d be a good one let’s hope the smart people occupy more positions of complexity right because they’re smarter would you want it any other way okay and then so and that’s great the number one predictor of accomplishment in Western societies is intelligence so that means the system works what’s the number two predictor conscientiousness well what’s that it’s a trait marker for hard work so who kill who gets ahead smart people who work hard now that doesn’t account for every bit of the difference between people in terms of their hierarchical structure because hierarchies aren’t perfect they’re corrupt people get to the top sometimes because they’re psychopathic although believe me a hell of a lot less than you think because a psychopath has to keep moving from place to place because once he reveals himself as deceitful and untrustworthy he has to go find new suckers to fleece so the idea that you know there’s no distinction between a CEO and a psychopath it’s like that’s only made by someone who a knows nothing about Psychopaths B knows nothing about CEOs and C has something fundamental against the entire capitalist structure because it’s simply not true corrupt sometimes greedy sometimes short-sighted sometimes running companies that are doing their best to augur themselves into the ground and so you know it’s bad people writing a dying organization but generally speaking it’s not the case our hierarchies of competence are reasonably functional and not only are they functional they’re valuable we need to know who the competent people are and we need to reward them and even more importantly we need to tell young people hey there’s some hierarchies of competence out there like a thousand of them go be a plumber man be a good one you know be an honest one be I’d a plumber once you know it was the night it was the night before we were putting drywall in our house we were redoing a house and he had put in all the plastic piping you know and I was going to test the joints these are supposed to be glued together with his pipe glue right and I said I told him I had to test the joints and he said well you don’t have to test my joints they never leak and I thought yeah that’s okay how about if I test them so I went up on the third floor and filled the pipes with water capping them in the basement like you’re supposed to it like half an hour later had two inches of water in the basement there were thirty leaking joints that was the night before the drywallers were supposed to show up so well so he wasn’t particularly competent that’s the point of that story but even more so he had put a bunch of the plastic pipe outside where the drywall would be so it would have been sticking through the wall so I spent a frenetic night you know sawing through plastic pipe and reglue in joints so that my well so that the dry rollers could come in what’s the point if you’re going to be a plumber man be a good plumber because otherwise all you do is go out there and cause trouble we don’t need people to cause more trouble we need people to solve problems you know and so you can be a tradesman and you can be to make a lot of money as a trades person it’s a bloody reliable honorable forthright productive way of making a living and there is a hell of a lot of difference between a working man who knows what he’s doing and one who doesn’t both in terms of skill and ethics right and you work with someone who knows what they’re doing it’s a bloody pleasure they tell you what they’re going to do they tell you how much it will cost they go and do it it works and you pay them perfect everyone’s happy and that’s what happens when you have genuine hierarchies of competence and so you till you listen to these panderers of egalitarian legality egalitarianism and equity and they fail to recognize completely that there are differences in rank between people it’s not such a terrible thing man maybe you wouldn’t be a great lawyer like it’s certainly possible most people aren’t but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something you could be great at there’s lots of hierarchies to attempt to climb and if you fail in one go try in another but the point is you’re still trying to aim for the top and what the hell are you going to do if you don’t try to aim for the top you know flap about uselessly and whine about your life it’s not helpful it’ll just make you miserable you’re not reliable to anyone you can’t help out in a crisis it’s like so you tell young people and this is another message for conservatives like I don’t care what you’re going to do but go out there and make something of yourself for God’s sake be an honest person and work and get to the top of whatever it is that you want to get to the top of you know and and and and then stand up for yourself like a respectable human being and be a bit of a light on the world instead of a blight you know and you can tell young people that and they haven’t been told that by anyone now and so the young men are so hungry for that that it’s it’s painful to watch they’re so relieved would find someone finally comes up and says hey you know you get your act together a bit discipline yourself see if you can learn to tell the truth concentrate on something for a year or two you could be a bloody world beater they think really that’s possible wow that would be that would be interesting that might make life or life worth living it’s like yeah it might so why don’t you go do it that’s what the damn universities we’re supposed to be teaching people they’ve forgotten that I went to Harvard months ago months and a half used to teach there and I talked to a bunch of students you know and I told them it’s not easy to get into Harvard you know like you’re a valedictorian if you’re at Harvard and not only are you a valedictorian you’re way better than most people at at least two other things or you don’t get in it so that gets I don’t know what the acceptance rate is like 5% and believe me not everybody applies so it’s a very selective school and so why am I saying now it’s like these are high quality kids so I told them what I just told you it’s like here you are at Harvard so get yourself educated man read some books learn to talk learn to think make yourself into something get the hell out there and make the world that put you here happy that you were put there in that great institution you know and they came up to me afterwards and said god I wish someone would have told us that when we were in our first year it’s like Jesus why didn’t someone tell the math for God’s sake it’s supposed to be the greatest university in the world is it so difficult to figure that out well it is if that is what you want to have happen in the university you want to make cringing meltzoff to whine about being victims while they’re going to Ivy League institutions Jesus it’s pathetic there’s an old idea from Carl Jung I really like this idea it’s a rough one man it’s like a psychotherapeutic scalpel let’s say someone’s doing something to you you don’t understand it’s produces nothing but misery has an outcome I think what the hell is your motivation they won’t tell you maybe they don’t know so Carl Jung’s advice was look at the outcome and infer the motivation okay so you produce a generation of students privileged beyond belief in comparison to the rest of like struggling humanity in all of history you put them in Ivy League school and they come out thinking that they’re members of an oppressed group and victims it’s like well why would you why would anyone why would that happen an answer is well that’s what the people who taught them wanted to turn them into and then you might think well did they do that because they cared for them it seems bloody unlikely to me you take this great raw material right we have taken a lot of work to make an institution like the University of Toronto or like Harvard we’ve been working on that for thousands of years and you invite people in you thank God we selected you so carefully because we think you could be a world beater and then what we do is we don’t teach you how to think we don’t teach you how to speak we don’t get you to read great books and we convince you that you’re a victim and that your culture is corrupt it’s like great well those people are no friends of those institutions I can tell you that and they’re even less friends of those students so hierarchies arc of competence are desirable and they should be promoted so none of this idiot egalitarian equity it’s not good for anyone first of all it’s impossible second it would be murderous to impose but third even if it succeeded it would fail as fast as it succeeded that would be how fast it would fail why would you strive for anything if there was no up to strive for if everything is flat and equal well when you’re starving or dying then everyone’s equal and believe me the egalitarian the ie egalitarian totalitarians who dominated the 20th century knew perfectly well how to make people equal and they made them equal in gulag work camps and in starvation and I’m sure we could attain that if we wanted to so all right next borders are reasonable how about that the law is the border that stops someone from stealing your laptop and if it’s an Apple laptop well it’s the sort of laptop that’s social justice where you would carry and then the social justice warrior is going to be very irritated if you happen to purloin their laptop and then you might point out to them you know it’s a border that protects you from having that thing taken and they say well the border should be open it’s okay man no problem you hand over that laptop right now and everything else you own – if you don’t like borders and you can get rid of the damn walls in your house and you don’t need doors on your bedroom either and we can keep an eye on you whenever we want and so much for borders one of the things that really differs between liberals and conservatives between the left and the right is the right is in the right leg tight borders between things it’s part of being conscientious at every level conceptually sexually familial II provincially nationally the right says look let’s keep let’s keep the borders between things pretty distinct and the left says yeah maybe not because some of those borders are in the wrong place and a little bit more free flow of information wouldn’t be a bad thing and the thing is they’re right but so are the conservatives and that’s why you have to talk it’s like well we’ve got some borders that’s a good thing maybe some of them need to be moved around a little bit and that’s what the political dialogue is for but that doesn’t mean that borders themselves are a bad idea they’re a great idea because without borders everything mashes into the same untenable state of undifferentiated chaos and you can’t live in that and so the people who are trying to tear down the borders conceptually politically and practically what they want is the chaos that that would bring they either want that or they’re too foolish to know that their pursuits will produce that so let’s let’s let’s be a little bit clear that if you stand up and say yeah borders they’re okay they’ve got their problems but they’re okay that doesn’t make you a bigot beyond redemption it just makes you someone with some sense and it’s actually okay to be someone with some sense limits on immigration are also reasonable well we need to figure out what those limits are and that’s what the bloody political dialogue is for but the fact that it should be limited to some degree is also reasonable otherwise why not just open the borders and let everybody come in well the reason you don’t do that is because a complex system cannot tolerate extensive transformation over too short a period of time now you want immigrants to come in especially if they’re the sorts of immigrants who are likely to contribute properly to the success of your polity and lots of immigrants do that I mean I think the vast majority for example of entrepreneurs in the United States come from the Indian subcontinent so great you know bring them over they’re highly educated they’re extraordinarily productive they make lots of new businesses and then they pump money like that like mad back in India good deal but that doesn’t mean that we had Lee have our arms are open to everyone immigration policy because it’s complete rubbish all that means is you’re not thinking about it so and here’s a coded to that for conservatives here’s something I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately it should not be assumed that citizens of societies that have not evolved functional individual rights predicated policies will hold values in keeping with such qualities so we could say look there are a lot of countries in the world that are not governed well the vast majority of them right and they be not governed well forever and to me that means that there’s something wrong with the values that are held collectively by the people who’ve established those qualities well you shouldn’t be naive and assume that merely because you move them to a new country they’re going to let their innate Democratic longings flourish it doesn’t work that way so if you stand up and say look you know let’s be a little cautious let’s make sure that we don’t transform our society so rapidly that we lose what we have let’s be careful about that that doesn’t mean that you’re a morally reprehensible demon it just means that you’re conservative and it’s a reasonable position to hold so there’s no sense in apologizing to it for it now that doesn’t mean you get to like hide your bigotry under a mask of moral virtue you know the discrimination issue is quite clear as far as I’m concerned so that’s associated with bigotry if you have two people who are applying for a job you should pick the one that’s most qualified and not pay any attention to any of the other attributes of the person that have nothing to do with the job okay right I think basically I think we figured that out in about 1965 now we’re not doing it perfectly you know but it’s not that much later than 1965 and our society particularly in Canada is pretty damn open you can come in here and if you work hard and if you’re fortunate you don’t get sick and God smiles on you so to speak you can be successful there’s still prejudice unreasonable prejudice and discrimination but our society is not as the radical egalitarian equity promoters have it structurally racist bigoted and misogynistic no not only that just so you know there’s a review there was a recent review published at I mean recent 2017 looking at that damn literature on unconscious bias and I knew the literature to begin with there is no evidence that unconscious bias could be measured properly not reliably there’s also no evidence whatsoever that if you do measure it and you can’t very well that it does any better job of predicting actual say bias and and prejudice than just tests of attitude so the notion that our culture is somehow structurally misogynistic and racist and the reason for that is because of the unconscious bias of the monsters who are running it is is well maybe it’s not wrong but I can tell you one thing about it it is not a scientifically justifiable proposition and that’s what it’s being passed off as and I place that firmly at the feet of the social psychologists with social psychology happens to be a fairly corrupt discipline by the way and the people who invented the implicit association test which measures unconscious bias because they have not come out publicly to the degree that they should have been said our test which was for experimental purposes is being misused politically you know you’re damned judges now because of federal five Fiat have to undergo mandatory unconscious bias retraining before they can sit on the bench and so you don’t think that’s political re-education is because you’re not paying attention there’s zero evidence that it does what it’s supposed to and I would also recommend to all of you if you happen to be in a workplace that introduces diversity training or unconscious bias training as a mandatory requirement you tell them and those no uncertain terms that you are not participating in a process that deems you bigoted and misogynistic without evidence of that being the case and if you trot off to the training then you’ve just agreed that that’s who you are and believe me once you’ve agreed to that man you’ll be agreeing to a bunch of things you don’t want to agree soon afterwards so it’s time just to put a stop to that enough of that none of that unconscious bias retraining especially not the mandatory type [Applause] people should be paid so that they are able and willing to perform socially useful and desirable duties okay so the radical left is they react to me this way they say well you hold a position of privilege and power and I think first you don’t know a goddamn thing about me and you have no idea how I got to my position of privilege and power and it was no birthright I can tell you that I was a small like thick glass intellectual non what do you call that athletic child I was a year younger than my peers I suffered plenty of what would you say trouble for my loud mouth and my intellect when I was growing up you know I had my struggles I’m not complaining about it the point is is that you can’t attribute privilege to a class of people you know one you can’t attribute power to people who happen to occupy a position of confidence and authority either there’s some possibility that they occupy that because they worked hard and we’re fortunate let’s not forget about that and had some good social support and didn’t have some horrible disease thank God but you can’t just make the case that the position is there as a reward it’s not there as feather reward at all it’s there as a consequence of the person offering something valuable to those who want to pay for it and the reason you pay for them isn’t to reward them it isn’t so that you give them a pat on back and say well you’re a good person and you know you deserve this position it’s because you’re saying to them produce we find what you’re producing of value and so we’re going to give you what you need in order to be motivated to keep doing it but it’s not because we like you it’s not because we respect your rights it has nothing to do with equity it’s we’re trying to get every goddamn thing we can from you as fast as possible and we’re going to pay you to do it and so people deserve their damn pay and the reason they deserve it isn’t because it’s a reward it’s because that’s how you get productive people to do things that are difficult and time-consuming and that perhaps they wouldn’t do on their own accord to continue doing them so you can benefit from it so the whole notion that you know we’re awarding positions of privilege to oppressive patriarchal types it’s like we just have to get rid of that enough about that’s that’s nonsense it’s absolute nonsense and the other thing too is you know it’s only been 30 40 years 50 years since women had reliable birth control right and we’re able to enter their workforce on Moss I’ll tell you man we produced a cultural revolution in like 50 years women are everywhere it’s like how bloody fast do you expect something like that to go and what makes you think that pushing it really hard is going to make it go any better I mean as far as I can tell we manage that transition about as well as we possibly could have we’re still sorting out the details but the fact that you know this is coming very rapidly down the pipes the fact that half of our corporate board members are women is not indicative of the fact that we live in an unconsciously biased misogynistic patriarchal society sorry wrong not correct and so we shouldn’t be allowing and this is happening very very rapidly you can be sure Kathleen Wynne is going to be putting this in his policies rapidly as she possibly can these equity demands to ensure that there’s proportional representation of every gender every sex every race every ethnicity at every level of every organization it’s like really we’re going to do that by governmental Fiat it’s like that’s not a society I want to live and I tell you I can die can I quite certain that if you lived in that society for any length of time you’d learn very rapidly that it isn’t a society that you’d want to be part of either citizens have the inalienable right to benefit from the results of their own honest labor that’s a good one yes that’s a conservative truism you know why what isn’t because you because you’re good hearted and you want them to have money it’s because they’ll work if you let the benefit from the work and you want them to work because if they work then they do things that you need it’s as simple as that it’s self-interest and it’s the right kind of self-interest so if you work hard it’s like great have your money you know when you hear people all the time talking about how corrupt our society is and how the 1% you know occupies this pinnacle position you know the 1% turns over pretty damn fast just so you know it so you have about a ten percent chance of spending at least one year in the top 1% chance during your life I think that’s right I think it’s ten percent it might be higher that but it’s fast it’s the 1% is stable as a phenomena but it turns over very rapidly in terms of who occupies it and it’s the same in every society the wealth is always distributed in equitably it’s a natural law you can look it up it was discovered by a guy named Wilfred Pareto back in the late 1800s goods tend to damage to distribute themselves in equitably it can be a problem but it doesn’t mean that there’s something fundamentally corrupt about the social structure that’s driving it in that direction and like you you don’t want some filthy rich geniuses lying around like maybe you do I mean look what he long Mosque is doing for God’s sake maybe he should have 10 times as much money as he has he’s going to launch a rocket every five days to Mars in the next 10 years right he wants to wipe out fossil fuel cars and he might do it he wants to revolutionize the transportation system and he might do it he wants to put us on the damn solar grid with his new batteries and he might do it it’s like oh no he has a couple of billion dollars well god only knows what he’s going to produce with that it’s like so obviously there’s going to be some Krupke there’s going to be some corrupt rich plutocrats who do nothing but smoke cigars and snort cocaine they’re not going to live very long anyways but there’s lots of people out there who have the money they have because they would really like to do interesting and creative things with it not because they’re interested in gathering more you know paper money to stuff in their mattress and and to like to feel the smooth the smooth delight of gold coins between their fingers before they go to bed like what kind of attitude is that towards people who’ve made their fortune you know you think that about Steve Jobs you think that about Bill Gates I mean good god I don’t know how those people made a lot of money but man thank God they were around you know they’ve given us some tools that are just absolutely unbelievable so you know maybe we could leave the jealousy of the successful behind for a while and notice now and then that some of the people who got to where they are actually deserve to get to where they are and we should be thankful that they exist that would be nice a little gratitude and that’s a good conservative value too it is more noble to teach young people about responsibilities than about rights that’s a good conservative message it’s like you have a son you know you have a daughter and you say bloody well grow up stand on your own two feet make something of yourself right so that I can be proud of you when you come over and so that maybe you’re useful in a crisis it’s like pick up your damn load and and and shoulder it to do something useful and and forget about your damn rights for a while you can think about what it is that you should be doing to benefit yourself and your family and society and you’ll find some purpose in your life because of that and so well that’s a counter position to the perpetrators of the endless rights buffet right well as long as we give you enough rights you’re going to be what free you’re going to be happy it’s like yeah sure you’ll drown in the sea of chaos and that’s what’s happening to people now too so and that’s why young people are so hungry to have someone talk to them about responsibilities here’s another one radical change should be viewed with suspicion particularly in a time of radical change okay there’s never been a time in the history of the world where things are changing as fast as they are now and not only are they changing fast the rate at which they’re changing is increasing like we’re moving fast forward at such a rate that it’s unbelievable you can’t even keep up I don’t care what discipline you’re in it’s like it’s not so bad to have some people putting their feet in the ground or digging their heels in and say look we got a lot to swallow already with a lot to chew on and digest let’s not muck about with everything that’s worked so far what has worked it’s not such a bad idea for people to have long term families right we could say let’s try to support the family we could even say let’s try to support the traditional family why well maybe boys and girls need role models of each sex I know that’s a terrible thing to say but it is possible it’s certainly the case too that intact two-parent families have children that thrive more than broken families and broken families are a catastrophe for everyone now you might say well I shouldn’t stay with someone that I don’t get along with and it’s like yeah yeah fair enough except that there’s no one that you’re ever going to find to stay with it you’re going to get along with all of the time especially in your shoddy condition so you’re lucky that anybody else you’re lucky that anybody will put up with you for a week much less your whole life it’s like the point of marriage is to tough it out and you don’t tough it out for your happiness that’s not what you’re in there for you’re tough it out so that you have someone to tie the rope of your life together with that you have a chance to tie the rope of your life together with the Rope of someone else’s life and to make it strong and to make a place the children can have some security and some encouragement and thereby contribute to the future and pay for the miracles of your birth and your own raising that’s why you get married and there’s no reason that conservatives can’t stand up and say look we’re willing to tolerate alternative family arrangements but when you start making the claim that the traditional family unit is just another construct and that it’s not something fundamental to our polity it’s like that’s you’ve taken your damn argument too far first of all you have no evidence whatsoever for that claim and there’s plenty of counter evidence so you know one of the things the post modernists basically say is you know every time you stand up for something you’re also standing against something it’s like yeah that’s true but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t stand up for things and I think if what if there is something that conservatives could agree on that we could stand up for it’s the nuclear family now exactly how that’s going to play out I don’t exactly know but it’s nothing to discuss anything to be ashamed of to say well it kind of looks like that structures worked quite well for the entire duration of mankind and so maybe we mess with it at our peril here’s another one the government local and distant should lead people to their own devices as much as possible why well part of its just humility it’s like I’d rather that there was a million of you out there making your own stupid mistakes so that maybe a thousand of you can get it right then for one of you to impose their view on everyone and risk getting it catastrophic ly wrong for everyone at the same time and that’s really the alternative like if you’re a social scientist like I mean an actual scientist I don’t mean a bloody ideologue one of the things that you learn very rapidly is you know you do a simple experiment you think you’re going to predict some element of human behavior so here’s my hypothesis I’m going to put people in this experimental situation and this is what they’re going to do and then you run the experiment and they don’t do that they do something completely different you find out that even though what you have to do is really simple you have a clue what they’re up to and that’s just a tiny little controlled experiment about one little tiny thing and you’re wrong it’s like one of the great advantages to conservative philosophy is that its humble its humble from from the perspective of social experimentation it’s like it’s not like everything’s great and we should just continue going the way we’re going it’s like well everything isn’t as broken as it might be and I’m kind of stupid and blind and all I have is a bat and probably hitting it isn’t going to make it any better all do is shatter it and so the conservative says it’s working be quiet sneak away maybe it’ll quit keep working and that’s a perfectly reasonable perspective now obviously sometimes things have to change but the conservative can come up and say don’t be thinking that you have so much evidence that what you’re doing is right or that it will have the outcome that you expect it I’ll tell you a quick story this was told to me by a woman named Joan McCord who was one of the four world’s first female criminologist by the way a PhD from Temple University of a genius level genius level person their tremendous integrity tough tough tough person she did a study in a place called Somerville in the United States and Massachusetts in the 1930s Fame study and so here is the deal they’d identified a bunch of inner-city kids in rough neighborhoods and felt you know that they were more likely to be on a criminal track criminal antisocial undereducated alcohol you know the whole the whole dismal wretched underclass phenomena thing was going on and so they thought well let’s do an intervention let’s set up programs to help these kids and see if we can you see if we can change their developmental pathways so they designed to find study bound I have the kids I’ll get the details wrong but I got the I got the story right um they had the kids they made them more literate they educated the more they had their parents take training courses they did social skills training like they did all sorts of things to try to make the kids lives turn out better and to top it all off because the kids were stuck in the inner city they took them all out to summer camp for a couple of weeks a year and so they could get away from the city and you know enjoy the countryside and have a little bit of a vacation a little taste of a higher quality life yeah so great everyone’s thrilled with the dam program the kids are having a great time at camp the counselors are thrilled the psychologists they think they’re doing a wonderful job with great it’s working beautifully except then they did the data analysis guess what happened the kids in the canoe in their treatment group there was a control group right that didn’t get all this special treatment randomly assigned it was a very nice experiment the kids in the treatment group did worse on virtually everything that was measured worse why don’t put antisocial kids together in the same camp for two weeks during the year right right because what happens is that the bad kids teach the slightly less bad kids to be worse it’s a well-documented phenomena that’s why what happens in prisons happens in prisons what we do with criminals is the worst thing you could possibly do to criminals if you don’t want them to continue to be criminals except for the fact that you keep them in there till they’re old enough generally speaking so they’re less likely to engage in criminal activity but what was learned from the Somerville study was don’t be so sure your good intentions are going to produce the results that you intend because they probably won’t and they probably won’t for reasons that you never even imagined and the other one was don’t group bad kids with good kids on the assumption that the good kids will make the bad kids better because that isn’t what happens what happens is the reverse if you put two or three bad kids with a bunch of good kids then the good kids get worse the bad kids don’t get better very well-documented social science finding well the reason I’m telling you the Somerville story is because God who could argue with that study right it’s like these kids were poor they were struggling it’s like you want to you want to lift them up you want to make their life better you do this wonderful expensive well-motivated experiment and then you run the damn data analysis and you find out that there was one thing wrong with your social intervention philosophy that you didn’t understand and you actually made it worse well that’s a and so Joel Joel McCord she spent much of the rest of her life going around telling social scientists when you run a social experiment politicians the same thing when do you run a social experiment especially on a large number of people especially without their consent then gather the data and do the follow-up study because it’s highly probable that you’ll find that what you did didn’t work or maybe it even worked backwards and you’ll never know that unless you do the study and so what people took away from that the social interventionist types took away from that was whatever you do with your social intervention policy don’t run the study right right that was the wrong lesson by the way ok and this is what I would close with for the conservatives this is a nice one I really like this we hear a lot about the sins of the West and their manifold because people are corrupt and our societies are corrupt but you have to think about it in terms of relative corruption rather than absolute corruption it’s like well you know your family is not perfect but there are worse families compared to the perfect family your family isn’t looking so good but compared to other families maybe it’s not looking so bad at all ok so how do we judge our political system well we don’t judge it by the dreamlike ill-informed ideologically motivated pathological utopia’s of the radical left or the radical right for that matter we saw what happened in the 20th century when you do that that is a very very bad idea and you know there were tens of millions of people that died in the 20th century demonstrating just how bad an idea was that was and you’d think we would have learned that but we didn’t what you do instead is you take a look at your country and you think okay how is it doing compared to other countries other actual real countries and maybe you look at a variety of different indicators because that’s what you do if you’re careful and if it happens to be hovering up near the top then you think well might be just the grace of God might be just good fortune but it is possible that we’ve got something right and that we shouldn’t muck around with it too much and then we should have some gratitude for it instead of assuming that the proper comparison is whatever heaven that you happen to be able to dream up that you would love to impose on other people without their cooperation and without their will and that’s what the bloody social utopians are selling us and they’re doing everything they can to implement and Institute that as rapidly as possible it’s like enough of that we’ve had enough of that like I the reason I got into this to begin with is because I started studying totalitarianism when I was about 13 but I really started to study it when I was about 22 and I spent like 15 20 thousand hours reading and writing about totalitarianism three hours a day for 15 years that was the first book I wrote it just about bloody well killed me it’s horrible stuff and you know I was curious about what the hell had happened not only not only in Nazi Germany but then installing US Russia and Maoist China and in the Cold War’s like what the hell were we up to why were we doing all of that I was trying to figure it out it’s not a pretty sight well a lot of that’s driven by this insane utopian vision it’s not a place we want to go we want to accept the flaws in our system with some humility and some desire to improve things but good god you know the 20th century was a dreadful bloodbath it was a horrific hundred years and we should have learned we should have learned arrogant utopia turns into hell that’s what we should have learned and yet we have people plenty arrogance purveying utopia is left and right and saying hey look the Utopia hasn’t come yet and the reason for that is your misogynistic bigoted and if you don’t believe that and I can’t measure it by asking you or even no to any observable behavior on your part then I’m going to infer it or I’ll give you an unconscious bias test that doesn’t even measure what it’s supposed to measure so you’re a damn misogynist and a bigot whether you know it or not whether you want to be or not and whether or not the evidence suggests that you are or not so no we’re not going to sell out our society to utopians of that sort and so I would say to people who want to be conservative first of all you have every right to be conservative and there’s nothing wrong with you for being conservative and second it’s like it’s time to get the hell organized and push back and get that 5% of hyper educated resentful utopian dreamers who would like to bring the whole goddamn civilization to its knees out of the systems of power it’s not the same country it was ten years ago it’s we need to wake up and we need to stop this from happening I would say these are more practical circumstances the Ontario Human Rights Commission that thing has to go the social justice tribunals I mean it men that thing has to go that thing has to go we need to pay a lot more attention to what the faculties of Education are teaching teachers because they are transforming the elementary school set and the junior high school and high school systems into nothing but propaganda machines for radical postmodernist doctrine and if you don’t believe me you just go look it up on the web and see what they’re what they’re attempting to impose and so that’s got to stop right Boise the Ontario Institute for the studies of education that is not a good place they need to be held accountable for what they’re doing they’re supposed to be studying how to educate children more effectively and faster and cheaper and better and that isn’t what they’re doing they’re producing people of the most radical and resentful sort to get a handle on the minds of children as young as they possibly can and that’s that’s the doctrine I’m not making this up it’s actually quite intelligent if that’s what it is that you’re aiming for and that’s got a that’s got to come to a stop and we’ve I don’t know there’s more that needs to be done done – there are a whole bloody Human Rights establishment has to be retooled because it’s working out counter purposes to itself it was probably a mistake back in the when it wind was it it was probably a mistake to introduce the damn bill rights into Canada to begin with it was probably a legislative error that we’re paying desperately for now but anyways those are more specific things and those are more opinions of mine so you can take them or leave them as far as I’m concerned but these 12 points that I made as far as I can tell you know those are reasons to be conservative and they’re not reasons to be ashamed of it and if you’re afraid of speaking your mind as a conservative well stumble a bit make a few mistakes man you’re going to make some mistakes you’re probably you know not as articulate as you might be and believe me there’s lots of things you need to know but if you start saying what you think carefully people will correct you and you’ll get better at it and you better start doing it because the situation that we’re in I think it’s worse than it looks that’s how it looks to me so anyways that’s all I’ve got to say about that so thank you for the invitation Lucky’s going to open up for questions and hopefully some answers as well so if anybody has anything we only have one microphone so you’ll have to stand up you I would like you to speak loudly and clearly so we can all hear and sure yeah sure ask an easy question so the question essentially was what my opinion was about the separation of church and state the nature of the separation of church and state given the hypothesis that our society is grounded in a broader structure moral structure let’s say that has a something like a theological a predicated philosophical basis it’s something like that the first thing I would say is if you if that is a very hard question to answer and I’m doing this series in Toronto right now on on it’s called the psychological significance of the biblical stories and it’s an answer to that question but it’s long it’s like 40 hours you know it’s and it’s like the maps of meaning program that mr. Hollyer was referring to before it’s extraordinarily complicated and I mean I think the right approach to that is to say something like that something like there are things that are Caesar’s and there are things that are gods and you should keep those things apart that’s worked in the West now the problem without our answer is it doesn’t precisely describe the proper interrelationship between the two but I don’t think that’s actually a political issue I think that the way that that’s properly bridged is through the ethic of the individual it’s like your religious belief should be of the sort that guides you to be an honest decent productive respectable person who’s aiming at the good and then if you do that then the political issues will take care of themselves not magically but because we’ll organize ourselves politically as that sort of people and do the right things and so I think the connection between the church and the state is through the individual that’s how it should work and I think that’s why it’s kind of worked in the West you know getting that church-state separation thing right that’s really difficult it’s not good when they collapse into one another because you instantly get the rise of like totalitarian theocracies we all know how much fun they are so yep everything I’ll just listen that what you understand what we’re going to do just make this work if you do we’ll have a question once you come up to the front I’ll hand over the microphone to you and then you can everybody can hear the question clearly and then we’ll pass the microphone back hi I’m Brian Doyle a little loose key so people I warned you in psychology 100 if we go this is my expectations thank you very much less people right the only thing I’ve appointed is I don’t see much diversity in the crowd and I have a black Somali Muslim IT director who’s padico with me of our ideals beliefs all the seeds etc and if I’d known of the drug here’s my guest and he’s a wonderful guy and have many many solid hops together that’s probably one thing that’s missing here tonight yeah well looked at that’s something else I’d like to suggest to conservatives now you know I’ve interacted with very diverse range of people partly because I’m a clinical psychologist and I’ve done a lot of different things with different people in my life and so I can speak about this particular issue with a modicum of authority see in Canada what’s happened is that we left the minority immigrants to the Liberals that was a bad idea now the reason for that is because the Liberals have a more liberal immigration policy and a lot of them are like really really what would you say grateful to the often to Trudeau personally I mean the older Trudeau personally because he opened the door and let them in and and it’s hard to shake that but here’s something that’s very cool for conservatives to know you think you’re conservative man you should go talk to immigrants they’re so conservative they make you look like social justice warriors right so there’s a real conversation there’s a real conversation to be had with immigrants and minorities in Canada is better story especially the immigrant minorities and that is look we would have been a little bit more restrictive in the past about our immigration policies and I can understand why that might mark us out as enemies to you but one of the things you have to understand is that the bedrock values that I have are much closer to the bedrock values than you that you have then the people that you’re voting for and you know the minority immigrants in Ontario in particular a certain figure this out especially with regards to Kathleen Wynne’s education policies because they notice the tilt of those policies and they notice that they’re not in keeping with their often extremely conservative traditions and so I would say the right thing for conservatives to do is like start telling the minority immigrants that you’re actually their friends now that means to establish an intelligent immigration policy and that’s a very difficult thing to do and to begin a real dialogue about that with immigrant communities you know who are often by the way very interested in protecting what they found here and not having it disrupted in any particularly terrible way I mean there’s there’s you know radicals everywhere but most of the immigrants who come here they’re pretty damn I’m happy to be here so the Conservatives should be out there extending a real hand especially I would say especially to the moderate Muslims it’s a big mistake not to do that there’s lots of moderate Muslims they’re people who they’re not enchanted by the theocratic totalitarians and they’re looking for a way to develop a bridge between Islam in the West that’s no easy thing I’m not even sure it can be done but there are people of goodwill in our country who would like to have that happen and the Conservatives could be talking to them and and and extending a hand it’s going to help on the on the what on the on the voting front as well there’s no loss there’s absolutely no Lawson oh you have to is knock and say hey those people that you’re supporting they don’t share any of your values have you noticed that they’ll wake up they’ll see it and then they’ll say well you know maybe we have more in common with the traditional conservatives in Canada than we thought it wouldn’t be a difficult message to get to get out there so yeah I’m just going to follow up on that comment from Brian forgit for a moment and I think it’s important to recognize the historical change and shift that has happened with immigration in this country over a long long period of time you know this country was built and developed on immigrants to rural areas that’s that’s our history you know that’s where all our settlement programs were to bring new immigrants to rural areas that’s fundamentally shifted in the last number of decades new immigration to this country is to are significant urban centers that’s where it’s where it’s happening so I just you know as you sow walking through calm place it’s going to be a very different image than walking through Toronto or or Ottawa so that’s it I’m very pleased to see the number of people that we have out here the diversity of age in the diversity of people but but we just don’t have a lot of immigrants in rural Ontario so anyway so I’ve come to policy but the actual concrete issues that people may or may not differ on I want to tell you dodging like the root cause is strictly per month psychological perspectives everyone derive a lot of these predominantly done like early amid 26 mar 2014 12 to actually engage in dialogue with other people because they’ll expose you to their set of facts I’m not saying that facts don’t exist or that they’re relativistic or anything like that one of the things we found out about the politically correct types is that they’re high in a trait called agreeableness now you might think relation I wasn’t what I would have guessed but but agreeableness is a maternal trait and women are higher in agreeableness than man that’s that’s cross-cultural now difference really seems to start manifesting itself primarily at puberty and so agreeableness is likely the trait that stops you from throwing your baby out the window at 3 in the morning when it’s beaten when it’s had colic for three hours and you haven’t had any sleep and you’re not in very good shape and you just got laid off it’s like it’s a very very tight bonding mechanism and so what happens it’s primarily driven by what you might describe as compassion now compassion is great for dealing with infants and maybe it’s great for dealing with hurt people and really elderly people you know it’s good for taking care of people who can’t take care of themselves but it’s not a great doctrine to be building a political system on and so one of the things that happens with the more politically correct types by temperament is that they’re they suffer from an excess of impulsive compassion and they assume that if there’s an equitable distribution of anything that the people who are at the bottom are all victims who should be treated like infants and that everyone at the top is a vicious snake like predator and and and that’s hardwired in some sense now it’s a very popular story yeah of course of course it’s it and it’s an easy story to sell and there’s some truth in it but some truth isn’t the same as all the truth and so what you see at least in part is undifferentiated empathy and that is not that’s not a virtue it’s not a virtue you have to think you can’t just feel you have to think you know even when you’re taking care of kids part of what you’re doing is being compassionate but if you’re too compassionate towards your kids then you do everything for them and if you do everything everything for them then they grow up useless and they never leave and they hate you and they hate everything else – it’s a bad idea and so you use compassion judiciously you know there’s a rule if you’re working in a place like a nursing home and the rule is too harsh rule do not do anything for the people that you’re taking care of that they can do for themselves and so if they have to struggle to feed themselves you don’t bloody well intervene and feed them you let them maintain their damn independence and you have to be a hard-hearted bastard to do that you know to watch someone struggle like that but you’re furthering their long medium to long term independence and development and you do the same thing with your children treating your children like they’re endless permanent victims is a very bad idea and I think that’s part of what that’s part of what’s also being taught we also know that the kids who are more likely to be rabidly politically correct one of the reasons that they’re more likely to be that way is because they were taught to be that way we found that even exposure to a single lecture a single lecture that was associated with the politically correct dogmatic structure was enough to tilt people in that direction so there’s a temperamental proclivity and then there’s failure of Education to address that and then there’s the exacerbation and exaggeration by the by the people who are trying to produce like activists by proxy you know one of the most appalling things I saw for example at McMaster when I went to McMaster and got you know yelled down by profanity shouting people who had the bloody gall to hide behind a banner that had a hammer and sickle on it for God’s sake you know if the Nazis would have been out there with their swastika there would have been hell to pay but because it was the hammer and sickle it’s like it’s okay there’s nothing wrong with being a communist it’s like sorry about the two hundred million dead people folks so they’re out there you know hiding behind this behind this banner none of the none of the people who are teaching them we’re out there they bailed out of the damn discussion right because there were four people who were supposed to talk with me there they all vanished they’d leave these student proxies to go out there and do their dirty work it’s really it’s really contemptible so you can lay a fair bit of the blame at the feet of the people who are supposed to be educating them but that are instead indoctrinated them so that’s what it looks like to me I just have a question regarding the extreme left using the blank which we oftentimes focus in on the fact that they try to restrict our use of language but I also see nowadays there’s a focus on redefining any terms would put like for locals inside trying to redefine key terms of language and by way of example I would say genocide the term which is you know full of historical significance very powerful time out and raw thank you very much sorry I wasn’t ignoring you I had just made a whole lexicon of politically correct words today in the car and I wanted to read it but unfortunately I can’t find it so yeah not only do they redefine but they also produce new words neologisms constantly and one of the things I want to do is I’m going to make a video I’m going to collect all these words I’m going to do it properly I’m going to go through a very large corpus of postmodern work I’m going to pull out the buzzwords I’m going to rank order them in terms of their frequency and then I’m going to make a video for parents and for freshmen and with a checklist it says you go through the courses and if there’s one of these words you check them off this list and if there’s more than you know if you if the course score is more than five out of whatever on this list and don’t take that course unless you want to join the cult and so yeah really because he I’ve thought about this you know because one of the things I proposed it’s kind of a radical solution I probably proposed it when I was a little more angry than I should have been I thought one of the things the provincial government should do is cut the funding to higher education by 25% and let’s let the goddamn intellectuals fight among themselves until they straighten out the university hierarchies and decide which disciplines are valid and which aren’t now there’s a problem with that well there’s a problem a couple of problems with that is that first of all it would wreak havoc with the universities and that’s that’s not it that’s not a good idea the second is you got to watch it when you’re trying to control the free exchange of academic ideas by top-down Fiat right because it’s another one of those radical social experiments that might go wrong and probably will because it might be you that decides what shouldn’t be taught in universities now but god only knows who it’s going to be in three or four years right so so it’s a problem but I think one of the things that should be done is that people should be educated so that they can determine which of these courses are like that in which professors and then just stop attending the classes now that’s happening anyways by the way because the enrollment the humanities has plummeted since the 1960s and the reason and the humanities are at the core of the university make no mistake about it if the humanities goes the universities are done but so they’re already destroying their own market viability even though they keep bring more and more people into the universities and colleges but I think that needs to be accelerated what what has to happen is that the the the postmodernist radical types need to be cut off at the source students need to stop going to their classes and so that means that high school students and freshmen and the parents of those people need to know what to look out for and so yes I’m very cognizant of their use of language it’s also why I oppose bill C 16 it’s like I’m not going to say words that other people demand that I say I’m not going to do that and the reason that I’m not going to do that is because there isn’t anything more important to me then the the fact that I have than the fact that I know haven’t got that right there’s nothing more important to me than the responsibility I have to utter the words that I believe to be true I’m not using someone else’s words and Bill c16 by the way which your Senate so so delightfully passed today makes compelled speech part of the Canadian legal system so a threshold has been crossed and you know it’s to help the transgendered people it’s like no it’s not that’s not why it happened so you don’t see the language game to your political enemies you do not allow them to force you to use their terminology as soon as they do that you lose so and that was what bill C 16 was about for me and there was something cool about that too it was very surprising you know because what should have what should have happened was that no one paid any damn attention to the videos I made at all that’s what should have happened or the next thing that should have happened is you know there was 15 minutes flurry about it then everybody went back to the business that didn’t happen either what happened was an inordinate amount of attention congregated around this issue and I’ve been trying to figure out why ever since it’s like wow you know something’s something’s rotten in the state of Denmark there’s something strange going on here and it certainly wasn’t because what I was talking about was about issues because it important or unimportant as they may be at best they’re a side issue right it’s just this isn’t something that affects enough people to be of any requisite seriousness so why all the attention well it’s because there’s something real going on underneath it and a lot of that is a it’s a fight over language that’s why Derrida you know Jacques Derrida he criticized Western culture he’s the head trickster of the post modernist style logo centric that’s our culture and the logos that’s speech and these people who are passing these bills they are no friends of free speech there are no friends of free thought they want to put restrictions on it because they already know what’s right and if you disagree it isn’t that you disagree it’s that you’re wrong and you should shut the hell up and if you don’t want to we’re going to figure out how to do it and so that’s the sort of people who are obtaining positions of power in our mid-level bureaucracies and hire and it’s really not a good thing that is not the sort of people that you want to be running things and some of that because we’ve abdicated our responsibility to run things the competent people have abdicated their responsibility to run things themselves you know they’ve abandoned politics and they don’t serve on the school boards and they don’t run their own churches and you know they leave that to other people it’s like it’s not a good idea because it’s the wrong sort of people who step in to do that yeah [Applause] like it’s autumn considered a suburb the bottom now and you can see the steam rising from Ottawa County local education language crtc is comprised of 98 percent of Canadians and that doesn’t sit well with the rest of the 76 percent of the population of our own and others I wonder if you catch some feedback on how this can be improved bilingual is really in my opinion is a farce and merely means of a younger population when you get 98% of one particular Department in ceremonies that is totally French minions and this is not an equitable situation to the hiring always attracts me [Music] thinking that they must fight for your rights but there’s nothing to fight about people doing a library ok well that’s also a really hard question so see a lot of did my way of thinking a lot of the entrance of the idea of group rights into the Canadian polity was a consequence of our attempt to sow the country together when the separatist movement was at its peak and we did so the country together twice right I mean it damn near fell apart and that probably wouldn’t have been a good thing so but we paid a price for it and the price we paid was that we let the specter of Group rights enter our common law polity essentially and a lot of what’s happening now is the price that we’re paying for that having given that diagnosis I don’t have any cure to offer I don’t know what can be done about that my suspicions are it’s the kind of problem that has to be solved at a micro level you know but I don’t know enough about the specific issue to to offer anything other than that I understand why you’d find that frustrating I’ve thought similar things about the way the federal government is constituted on the other hand we managed to keep the country together and there is a sacrifice to be made for that so apart from saying you know I get the problem like I don’t have anything to offer on that so yep so I’m actually only going to take one more question because I’m tired enough so that I’m probably going to say something stupid and since this is taped well you know you got to watch that because you don’t want to say any more stupid things than necessary no I a little uncomfortable talking to you because some what you said really made me a little uncomfortable but I think that’s what we have to do we have to be uncomfortable some of the time when you talked about don’t send your kids to take humanity I kind of went what are you talking about that’s crazy I think what you’re saying is the way that’s structured now it’s just dangerous so I guess my question is where do we go to get the critical thinking skills that we need how do we develop them you said the you want high school students and parents to be aware what the problems are where are they going to get these critical thinking skills and develop a certain resilience that’s chanting that world around them so where would you direct this ago yeah well the first thing I should say is like I’m a great admirer of the humanities like and of the universities I mean the humanities you learn to be a citizen through the humanities the humanities are at the core of Western culture if they go we’re in trouble so the problem is is that what’s manifesting itself as the humanities in the Universities is no longer the humanities it’s something almost virtually the opposite of that and so and so when I tell people not to go to humanities courses in the Universities it’s with a very heavy heart believe me you know now the question is where do you go instead well that’s a good question you can always read you know one of the things that’s really cool about Amazon is all the great books are free they’re literally free you can go download them on your Kindle for nothing the copyright has expired and people have been putting electronic versions online so the great books of the Western world and even many of the great books of the 20th century are now available completely for free well so you can read them there’s lots of information to be garnered now on YouTube and that’s really going to explode over the next 10 years and I mean one of the things I want to work on probably over the next ten years is to set up a humanities University online and what I’m starting to work I already have some programs online they’re called self authoring programs and they help people write and partly we designed them to help people learn to write as well as to help them write about themselves so the self authoring programs help people write an autobiography and analyze their personality faults and virtues and lay out a future for themselves and when we’ve had students do that do the Future authoring program it’s so cool what happened was that there the probability that they would stay in school went up by about thirty percent but something even cooler happened it worked best for the worst-performing students so we did a lot of it in Holland at a business school called Erasmus there’s a School of Management Waterman Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University and we run several thinking about 10,000 people through the future authoring program now and what happened if you looked at the academic performance of the students the Dutch women the native Dutch women were at the pinnacle and then it was the Dutch men below them now the women were in a minority and they were probably a little more highly selected right so maybe not accounted for the performance gap and then underneath that there was female non-western ethnic minority immigrants and then below that were male non-western ethnic minority immigrants and there was a massive gap between the Dutch women and the male non-western minority immigrants like a performance gap of about 80 percent a massive gap within two years after writing the future authoring program the male non-ethnic Western minority students passed the Dutch students yeah and some of them didn’t even remember that they had done the future authoring exercise and we replicated that at Mohawk College just a while back same thing the young men who went to Mohawk College they did this exercise in the summer just before they went to college they only took about an hour to write out their future it’s not that long to think about your whole future and what happened was that the young men who had the worst grades in school who were in non career oriented trajectories had a retention improvement of about 40 percent so yeah so that was just like we were just thrilled about that so so the reason I’m when you all of this story apart from the fact that it’s vaguely interesting is that we are experimenting with technologies to teach people how to write now normally the way you’re taught how to write is by having someone edit your writing but that’s prohibitively expensive I don’t think it can be transformed in something that’s available on a mass basis and so what we’re trying to do is to break down the process of writing into its requisite step so that’s kind of what behavioral psychologists do we’ve done that already a bit with these in with this essay writing format and then – so to teach people what the mechanics of writing actually are and then maybe to try to figure out how to crowdsource editing so that many many people can participate in the process but we’d like to set up an online humanities University over the next 10 years and since the universities have abandoned their intellectual property there’s no reason not to just move in and take it as far as I can tell so that’s the plan ok ok well thank you thank you very much for thank you very much for coming out and listening to me and you know it was quite interesting in all of that and so I was a pleasure to have spoken for you hey my pleasure man big man for dr. Jordan Peter thanks for your patience [Applause]

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  1. 13. Every time a brainless braying left-tard mob comes after you with false accusations you should "step down".

  2. Scottish Nationalists should listen to this!!!…this is exactly where STURGEON wants to take you!!!…to a Marxist Utopia which would end in PAIN and destruction………

  3. Judging by his latest tweets on Kavanaugh his newest "principle" for conservatives is to capitulate to an angry mob of left wing liars.

  4. The nuclear family comment is the most important part of this brilliant speech…..we have lost all family values.Men are 'opressors'.Women want their rights etc etc…kids are totally [email protected]@ED in the western world….Christianity is the way forward.And im not even a christian as such, but he is so right…………

  5. So interesting. Jordan does not speak dumb-down to his audience by using only four letter words. Yet, we all can comprehend his content, clearly.

  6. "Do not send your children to the humanities. They're corrupt. They won't learn to think because the postmodernists don't believe in thinking."

  7. “People tend to become more conservative as they get older, as their personalities change.” Cite the studies? I’d be interested in seeing, because I disagree. In my case, I,at 60, have absolutely not become more conservative. And I absolutely do not believe people’s “personalities” change.

  8. After a long struggle in marriage, I finally surrendered. I feel bad for my kids and decided to stay away from any future relationship because I feel it may be even more detrimental for them. I'm not sure I'm thinking in the right direction here

  9. 1:24:00 BINGO!!!! I have been saying this for many years. Children do not have the skills or foundation to battle evil influences. The bad always brings down the good to some extent.

  10. This brilliant man’s middle name should be cojones. He stands up and says what he wants to say and what we need to hear. He is Canada’s most valuable national treasure.

  11. Individual value, gratitude, humility, justice, truth, objectivity, science. Every principle of western society is undergirded and supported by the christian world view. This is why people rebel and fight so hard against it. It is a rebellion against God's created order and not something that can easily be reversed without an ultimate recognition of their origin. For those who view it as the "oppium of the masses" they must build a different foundation to stand upon at all costs, and against all logic.

  12. The way he talks fascinates me but his tone scares me like… I don't want to be scared but I feel my heart is beating like 30% faster and my hands are slightly shaking, also I feel uneasy,

    This is interesting because I have heard JBP say things along these lines but in a different tone, it is what I suposse is his upset about the situation and the tone on his voice that creates this effect on me. Weird to say the least.

  13. I'm reading Ride the Tiger by Jules Evola, and he makes great claims about the value of tradition. Peterson touches brilliantly on this issue.

  14. I have never seen him so angry. I'm not sure if angry is the right word, but being in that emotional state Dr. Peterson was in, especially in the beginning, it is very difficult to keep your thoughts in check. The fact that he managed that and was still able to be incredibly articulate is awe inspiring. This resulted in one of the most passionate speech I've ever seen him give.

  15. Ya know, it is important to have understanding of the spirit of truth, the spirit in truth that we have; that we go in that way of truth in spirit to preserve life, in order to preserve life, making connections in truth, even that problems are truths not yet connected in truth of the spirit of the way of truth. The point is we abide in truth of the spirit of truth to make connections in truth of the experience, for the experience, to experience, life, ideally, in its meaningful way of spirit and truth, taking elements of separation and putting them together in a meaningful way of our labors of love, in the spirit of the way of preserving life, of the love of God, given, in truth, of the spirit, having comfort, and providing comfort in managing in the way of the love of the truth in wilderness, making connections, building a kingdom, of the reality of the spirit of the way of truth of God in Jesus, in our seeing the truth of things, of the experience of the prospective spirit of the way, and being mindful in truth, even rewarded contending with error in the way of the spirit of life, which are problems that result in death that comes of ignorance often by failing to make the right connections, by going in the narrow way of truth that spares us error, given the reality of what is manifest in the diversity of truth and error ways of spirit, because error in life is the way of suffering and death, and truth in spirit spares us error, being that we are all subjects of spirit and truth, interdependent in truth, of the way, that knowledge of understanding is key.

  16. As a liberal European from a post-communist country (Croatia, ex-yugoslavia) it's confusing as fuck to watch this. I sat in silence after the video ended for 20 minutes to figure out am I a conservative by your standards, only to conclude that we don't even have a conservative option in Croatia, since it's being constantly confused with nationalism, as well as liberalism being confused with socialism. Being a young post-communist democracy necessarily condemns the society on being collectivist right to the core. I'd probably be a libertarian of some sort if I lived in Canada, but I really don't have a clue how could you translate that sentiment in the present political discourse in my country, so I just call myself a liberal and avoid speaking about local politics in general. That being said, I despise the fact that I can't imagine those 12 principles being discussed on the European right any time soon. since globalism is failing and the only one willing to criticize it are the populist ethnocentrists I'm flat out open expecting 3rd world war, and when the time comes I'm moving to Canada… just wanted to give you guys a heads up. You should be happy with your current political situation

  17. Dr Peterson, I've seen several clips of you complaining that people call you political when you're not. And yet here you are talking to conservatives, about conservatism, at the invitation of a politician. How can we treat you honestly if you can't be honest yourself?

  18. Don’t stop Jordan ur a God sent civilization needs you and more of you like the grass needs the rain n sunshine I’m dead serious

  19. “I did not mean that Conservatives are generally stupid; I meant, that stupid persons are generally conservative.
    I believe this to be so obvious & undeniable a fact that I hardly think any Hon. Gentleman will question it”
    -John Stuart Mill

  20. a shame Dr Peterson isn't a catholic. I love people like him, since I can use him in debates with atheists, liberalists or humanists…to show how they nowadays deny science, logic and reason in order to promote their irrational immoral marxist political correct agendas. Dr Peterson smashes them all with such simplicity. Note that all the 12 principles defended by Dr Peterson, do come from Christianity. All these moral values have been undermined because throughout the 20th century until now, Christianity has been attacked and people slowly embrace pagan doctrines, even without knowing they are pagan doctrines – then in pagan societies, the law of the stronger reigns. There's no respect for anyone, family values disappear, abortion increases, homosexuality is rampant and now we are even supposed to accept psychological diseases such as trangenderism? I loved the way Peterson demolished Channel 4 news reporter, Cathy Newman…have you seen it? type it.

  21. I can’t stand listening to this introducer He sounds like a damn frog in between his sentences when he says um

  22. Aha! The first time I have heard that the two founders of Black Lives Matter (that Dr. P criticized) were women. So, therefore, clearly, he is not only a racist, but a sexist, as well! 😉 Yikes — perhaps the Apocalypse is, indeed, near…. 🤣

  23. 1:10 — Young Jordan Peterson, a mouthy nerd? I, for one, am shocked! Not…. 🤓😘

  24. Dr Peterson goes too easy on equality of outcome. Morality is a doctrine under which people experience the consequences of their behavior. If all outcomes are the same, despite one's choices, then people do not experience the consequences of their behavior. That is an amoral system. Social justices warriors are advocating an evil system.

  25. 48:20 I want to be peacefull and cooperative but I'm almost at my limit. Not being able to find a girlfriend is going to take it's toll soon I'm afraid. I'm hoping for a miracle

  26. Check it out I'm Dr Jordan Peterson, " I don't buy into the idea that hierarchies are social construct that transcends into cleaning your rooms competently which lobsters manifest themselves into post-modern and neo-marxist at your dads funeral, that's not good! "

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  28. godddd this dude is too fucking good. He and Elon might be the gems of the 21st century. Elon for tech, and JP for society and culture. Id wager JP is much more important, and much more essential. Much more real as well. Elon is a mystery. He has some real shady background info with his parents and his upbringing. NOT saying its true, but from what i have seen, he seems like a CIA experiment that is going amazingly well. Pretend that a guy outside the govt does all the things the govt wants to do under the banner a private sector persons doing, not the govt doing. JP FTW

  29. I live in the US, and what is SO fucked up, prob the same in Canada and around the flat world. That these politicans, these companies, these famous people, these people we value ALL CAVE to this kicking and screaming SJW movement. They cant step out of line because why? Because they will be called a racist and every kind of -gist in the book. NO. This new SJW/trans movement is lies than 5% of the population. Yet they seem to have the power of the majority. People need to stop catering to them. Minorities should be protected, yes 100% but minorities should not be put on a higher rung of the ladder.

  30. 34:45 As a USA citizen, I think Dr Peterson may be correct, Canada may be the Best country in the world in most ways. It shares most of what is best in the USA society, but doesn't share the historical memories of slavery we (even we Yankees) are forced to remember and endure, although I think we do share the guilt for what happened to the Native Americans as our societies expanded. Home of the Free is an aspiration worthy of a society; even if it fails to attain it.

  31. Every time I see a millennial reading Dr Peterson's book on the train the more I realise the magnitude of what this man is achieving.

  32. I feel a bit fortunate that i had less than ideal, some might even say a bit rough, childhood. I learnt compassion that way though not magically overnight. But i also learn the amazing ability people have to withstand challenges and struggles, which in turn make me not victimise people/support the victim mentality some people have so much. In retrospect, maybe thats one of the reasons why even when i was heavily exposed to the PC culture i was able to quit that fairly quick. I get what theyre saying, i understand what theyre trying to do, but based on my upbringing i realise that while it was definitely nice thats not the best way to go about everything.

  33. you know the saddest thing about his first point is that I could name at least 5 countries (I'm sure smarter people could name more) which actively tried and almost succeeded in embracing those basic, successful assumptions of western civilisations, BUT were removed and replaced by those horrible thugs, by the USA or GB, either directly or indirectly by supplying weapons, training and causing destablization.

  34. I live in NYC, and work for a non profit theater company , we have many interactions with people who consider themselves “ renegades “. ~ I always saw myself as one of them, because I see myself as a “renegade “, as a child of the ‘60’s. Well it turns out, there are cluster groups that are very loyal to their group & group causes, of which I am not affiliated ., Well, as an open minded person, I want to be flexible, etc. .. My antennae went up once we began working with certain gays who no longer want to be referred to as “he”, or “ she “ . I was friends with a non sexual person who was neither boy or girl, & went by initials .. so no clue there.. I did ok, by addressing AB personally & directly.. but I had trouble when I was telling a story to a group who were questioning me about AB’s participation in a certain thing, and I found myself unable to speak correctly, because I wanted to say “ he”, or “she”, but since I didn’t know the sex , ( AB was totally androgynous ) So I asked AB ‘s supervisor ; and he suggested I refer to AB as “ they “.. which I never did, because it was too weird for me, ~ Then in another situation , a sexy, pixie girl with a very cutesy name like Tina, or some such thing came in, and I had some difficulties with how she was trying to direct me, as to how to work with her group. ~ This is inappropriate as I am the overall site location director & I oversee everyone who comes to work at the venue in a supervisory position. ~ So when her group director arrived, I introduced myself & had a few words with him to clarify how things are situated with the space, etc. And the director said, “ He “., as a correction. I shook my head, & said, no, it was a young girl I spoke with earlier.. The director nodded, and said, “ Tina “ prefers to be referred to as “ He”, as his “ chosen pronoun “ . Thank goodness , there was never any circumstance where this would be an issue, because my engagements with persons working at the site, are for the most part salutary.., Later on, I spoke with a co worker friend who is a Lesbian activist & I shared the story with her. She explained these are the new rights for the LGBT etc group. I said, “ Look, it’s not my business if a person wants to dress like a boy or a girl, it’s not my business if they want to have sex with same sex, etc. But I am an old lady & I cannot call a girl..” sir “.. I’m looking at a person that is dressed like a girl, I’m going to address them as “ miss”. And my friend goes on to tell me about these new laws.. ~ Ok, Well, last month I was required to attend an orientation required by NYS labor board. Supposedly, it was to inform employees about their rights against sexual harassment at work. Well, the memo from mgmt said it was “ required attendance”. It turns out, we had to watch a government film, it was very strange. It talked about how a woman cannot flirt with a man at work. Like, you can’t say, “ you look handsome “.. You cannot say anything about a persons’ attractiveness. Then it went on about gay rights. Catcalling, taking meetings at strip bars ( who does that ? ) And yep, the pronoun thing, I have the legal right to be male, female, non / gender, or fluid. I chose “ fluid “, just for the heck of it ( which means sometimes I feel female, & sometimes I feel male.. ) I left the meeting feeling like I was psychologically assaulted. ~ Years ago, I saw a terrifying film “ 1984 “.. it was based on the book by George Orwell ; and it was about a futuristic totalitarian society where drugs, alcohol & smoking were ok, TV all day was required, that’s how the govt kept people in control.. sex was a prohibited crime, there was only work & rest from work. And the amount of words the citizens were allowed to speak, was being erased ( outlawed ) on a daily basis. . I am beginning to see the set up for this kind of totalitarian set up – right here in NYC 2019. ~ As for rights, what about my rights to freedom of speech ? Why am I not allowed to say what I want to ? Why am I being censored by people & groups that declare they are fighting for people’s rights. What about my right to say what I prefer – even if it doesn’t further a cause for a particular group ? Suddenly , being American is a bad thing ? Suddenly fringe groups have advocates, and rights, and parades .. and everyone else is supposed to be silent ? And we are the majority ? What’s going on here ? Sowing seeds of contempt & confusion, in the hopes we end up tearing each other apart. ~ This didn’t happen overnight. It was already a thing in the 1960’s with the so called “ women’s lib” thing. Which was a big hoax to get women to unite & take over segments of society by force. I never got paid equal to a man, instead I ended up having to do all kinds of heavy work, hard work that men used to do. That was my so called “ liberation”. I was close to being sent to Vietnam in the field, because the US army was accepting women for active duty. I saw it as a privilege to work side by side with men, doing my share of men’s work. ~ It took me several years to figure out why men didn’t like me, and the girls weren’t too crazy about me either. Men don’t want to compete with women for jobs. Period. And while it may be legal for women to take on men’s work, it is highly emasculating for men to be around women of that ilk. ~ I thought men would respect me more, for working so hard. No. They did not. If anything, they lost respect for me. They thought I was trying to prove I was as good as a man. Meaning, the same as a man. And, I’m not. ~ There is male, and there is female. It’s true across the universe. Even energy is positive & negative. To try to erase that reality ~ is to want to destroy everything ..Something to be very careful about.

  35. "you really know the apocalypse is close when 350,000 people across the world watch a Canadian legislation hearing" Beautiful quote by JBP

  36. Man, JP, you had me so good when you talked about phsycology, philosophy, and biology. You are losing me so hard when you got into politics and pin yourself against movements. You're self defining ideas to work for yourself and since you happen to be charismatic people eat it up. And because of that, it has me rethinking everything I've heard you say and unfortunately has me second guessing it. It's so fucking hard to see past this dissonance. I'm totally bummed. I wish you'd stop digging this grave, as I see it.

  37. Two hours and one minute of total fascination on a fleshed out topic I never thought I would be interested in. I think about where the USA might be heading, or parts of it, and I'm concerned. I will stand up, stand firm and speak my mind. We don't, we truly do not want to become like Russia, China and North Korea. I can see my state of California slipping. Gads, I have become more conservative in my senior years.

  38. He says "something is rotten in Denmark" at a time when Trump was highlighting the rotten human trafficking in Denmark by making comments about being interested in buying it. That made Obama scramble a trip to Greenland and Trump cancelled his trip. The whole point was to troll Obama and trigger a noticeable trip there. You can be sure Trumps agenda has all the right people and gear in place to trap Obummer.

  39. Dr. Petterson is something beyond what I can describe. I can’t think of a proper word that he has not used to articulate how he makes me feel/ think. Thanks doc. Peace be with you!

  40. No mention in the (admittedly not complete) list of tenets about the primacy of truth.

    Should conservatives uphold the importance of truth as a primary value? If so, how shall we respond to the problem of economic externalities (dishonest prices)?

    If we charge fees to industries proportional to how much pollution they put (or how much pollution is created when products they sell are used in the normal way); If we charge fees proportional to depletion of natural resources or destruction of wildlife habitat, prices will reflect environmental costs along with labor and capital costs. Profits of industry will align with what is sustainable. Consumers, in seeking lower prices, will be drawn to more environmentally-friendly choices.

    Respect PUBLIC property rights, too:

  41. I wish I wouldve heard Jordan talk about marriage before I got a divorce. It makes sense when he explained it. I grew up hearing " I'm leaving cause I'm not happy" happy isn't the point, ever, for anything. Jordan has taught me more in 2 year then I learned in the first 38 of my life. Thank you so much.

  42. I never had a coherent rebuke formed in my head against the progressive argument that billionaires have too much money, the merit argument wasn't strong enough and therefore my mind was not made, until now when the Dr. gave the example of Elon Musk. Then I was like, "yeah! That's it". Elon Musk is the perfect example of why it should be OK for the market to reward massive amount of wealth to an individual. This guy may have singlehandedly saved the world in the future's history book; and he nearly bankrupted himself multiple times to do it.

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