We’re celebrating 20 Years Of Spinnin’ Records. In this episode, we celebrate with a young talent that’s already a very successful superstar: Mike Williams! We’ll talk with him about his music, our music from the past and his Spinnin’ memories. Here we go! I mean, I had a lot of fun making music, playing music and being with friends. But when I got a bit older, it started getting a bit more serious. Then suddenly I got a call from someone called Jorn from Spinnin’ and I picked up the phone like: “Hey, it’s Mike!” – “Hey, this is Jorn from Spinnin’ Records.” And I was like: “What is happening?!” And then he said: “Okay, we listened to your music and maybe you want to stop by at the office?” That first meeting was like eh… I mean, the people were really nice, and they were really interested in what I was doing. So, it was really nice to have a talk about that and listen to music. And I was really nervous for that, but I walked out of the office with a really good feeling. I just wanted to release a really good track, like the first impression had to be really good. So, I actually spent a couple of months just to make sure that we had the right track to release. And that was ‘Sweet & Sour’. I sent it to Martin Garrix, I sent it to Tiësto… I remember the first moment I saw other people playing my track and other big DJs. And that’s… That’s so weird to see them play your track. A track that you made in your time. At that time, it was just in my bedroom where I made the track. ‘Sweet & Sour’ was the start for Mike Williams’ DJ career. He was getting more and more fans and he started noticing that during his gigs. Yeah like, Dance music in general is just getting more popular and popular. And I mean, Spinnin’ was probably leading in that. And that’s super weird, if you’re playing and you look at the crowd and you see these 3 girls with my face on it really big. Yeah, it gives me a weird but a really good feeling. All these young producers sending me tracks and demos. That’s a really weird feeling, but I totally understand ‘cause I was in that position as well. So, I always try to make time for it and I always try to listen to it. But at the same time, I’m still sending music to other DJs as well. Mike Williams had his own tracks, but a collab with one of the worlds most famous DJs was right around the corner. He did it with his track: ‘I Want You’. ‘I Want You’ with Tiësto… That was eh… That’s a cool story ‘cause I met Tiësto during ADE. I kept sending him music and then there was this point where he said: “Okay, why don’t we do a collab?” And then I was like: “Are you serious?” Like… “Are you not joking?” We finished the project and I think after version 25 or something, that was the final version, we decided. And then he was like: “Okay, if you’re in Miami, come join me on stage at Ultra and we’re gonna play it together.” Yeah, when we played that track on the mainstage of Ultra, I was so nervous. Then it happened. He mixed in my track. I could already hear it. And I was like: “Alright, now I have to do it!” And there were so many people! So it blew my mind. And it was I think the fastest 3 minutes of my life. After ‘I Want You’ and a handful of other hits, Mike was ready for something bigger, a worldwide hit. And that came in the form of a collab with a good friend: Mesto! They hooked up in the studio and ‘Wait Another Day’ was born. Yeah so ‘Wait Another Day’, that’s eh… Me and Mesto, we know each other for a long time already. So, we already had a lot of projects going on. We already had a lot of ideas together. We started on ‘Wait Another Day’ and I think I remember he had a cool melody, I had some ideas for production. So, I think the whole idea was there in just a couple of hours. Suddenly we had a cool track. There is a track by eh… It’s officially by Tom Hangs and Shermanology: ‘Blessed’, and then it’s the Avicii Edit. That melody and that whole track just stayed with me for so many years. It reminds me of when I was playing at these small parties with friends and they put this track in the aftermovie. And you saw me playing B2B with my cousin at that time. I really wanna do this for a long time. I don’t really mind if it’s like on this level or this level. I just like making music and being in the music industry. And I mean… The same with Spinnin’. It’s crazy that they already exist for 20 years. So far it has been a crazy rollercoaster and I think there’s many years to come and many tracks to release and many great moments to share. What’s up! I’m Mike Williams and I want to congratulate Spinnin’ Records for already releasing music for 20 years, which is crazy! And I hope there’s still many years to come.

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  1. Mike Williams is the best. but I would love to have Hardwell invited to celebrate the 20th anniversary of spinnin®®®®®®

  2. Świętowanie 20. REKORDU WIROWANIA … Więcej sukcesów !!!!!😎🎧🔊🔊🔊🔊🎼🎶🎵☄☄☄🤙☝🙌☝🤙☄☄☄

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