The past is packed with monsters! Behemoths
by the dozen! Let’s meet these fossils (and their less colossal
modern cousins) The capybara’s now the largest rodent on the
planet But Earth once housed a mighty mouse ten times
more titanic With twelve inch long incisors – J. monesi
wins the prize It truly was a rodent of a most unusual size You think this hog is homely? Well you better
brace yourself! Cause here’s a hippo relative they call the
pig from hell As burly as a big bad wolf, with emphasis
on big The Daeodon had all the strength of thirty
little pigs The wombat is Australian. It has a rock-hard
rear In combat with its ancient kin it wouldn’t
win, I fear Both wonders from down under raised their
young inside of pouches But only one marsupial is bigger than most
couches. Behold the crafty crocodile complete with
toothy grin Now see a Sarcosuchus smile — five feet
from cheek to chin And speaking of dentition this big shark’s
name means big teeth So it’s “now extinct” condition should be
a huge relief If sloth’s a sin then someone hurry up and
call a priest Cause here’s a Megatherium – four tons of
sloth, at least. With jumbo tongue, colossal claws, and tail braced on the ground It grazed for leaves high in the trees where modern sloths are found The rhino you and I know weighs at least a couple tons But if you dare — compare a Paraceratherium The largest vegetarian you’d ever care to see It was hornless and quite harmless … unless you were a tree And that’s just the beginning. There’s more
— I could go on! Stupendous Stupendemys! Don’t forget Procoptodon! The armoured Doedicorus! Meganeura’s foot long wings! The plus sized penguin from Peru they call the Water King! But there’s one beast that bests them all,
in fact it breaks the scale: Balaenoptera musculus. It’s common name? Blue whale! Four hundred thousand pounds – the largest creature known to science And so today we still can say we share the earth with giants

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  3. Crocodiles having the false fact of not being changed ever is incorrect many crocodilians thrived and where diverse like armadillosuchus
    And megalodons might have been smaller then the reconstructed jaws being half the size it is now more accurate
    And megalodons have more in common with other prehistoric sharks then great white

  4. actually entelodonts werent related to pigs, they were actually more closely related to whales than anything else

  5. sarcosuchus isn't relative to modern crocs because they are in the totally extinct family of crocodilomorphs and the mezozoic relative of our days crocs is deinosuchus actually reaching the same size as the sarco. The other thing that megalodon isn't in carcharodon genus so that means that meg isn't relative to great white and it was in genus carharocles or otodus.And the biggest herbivore mammal was Indricotherium not a paracer

  6. The narration is annoying to me, by now that's because I'm not a little kid. For younger kids though, I think this would be an awesome educational video! I can see my little cousin loving this.

  7. The Megalodon was NOT related to The Great White. It was actually related to it's own extint species of shark. Just a small thing I noticed

  8. Entelodonts are not related to swines. Although they are both ungulates, Entelodonts are of a different lineage and are more primitive.

  9. Sarcosuchus e Meganeura não são monstros do cenozoico. Eles viveram no Pennsylvaniano Superior e no Cretáceo Superior.

  10. ÓTIMO TRABALHO! 😁 Eu adorei o voz do narrador desse vídeo, e até que pareçe uma voz de algum superherói! <3 Assistindo com Legendas/CC de Inglês >> Português

  11. this is a very attractive song! and it deserves more views btw I loved the pig one I searched it up it doesn't look that scary but I can see why its like that "the pig from hell" btw I love it! 168 dislikes that's nuts!

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