facts verse presents 10 weirdest Guinness Book of World Records number one the fastest time to crush three watermelons with the thighs this is a pretty strange world record to shoot for it makes you wonder where the title holder came up with the idea in the first place the person who holds the record is a woman named Olga liya shook on January 26th 2014 she set the record at the Mediaset studios in Milan Italy the current record is three watermelons in 14.6 five seconds that's pretty impressive considering how hard water balance are most people struggle to cut a watermelon with a knife this woman is able to crush them using her thighs number two most straws stuffed in the mouth at once it's kind of hard to believe that something like this even qualifies for a Guinness Book of World Records but it does the person who holds this record is a man named Simon Elmore on August 6th 2009 he attempted to beat the record at the Markin Simon show in South huben Bavaria Germany he managed to stuff 400 straws in his mouth and keep them in there without using his hands for 10 seconds as of yet nobody has tried to break that record number three largest pillow fight unless you don't own a television you've likely seen the commercials from my pillow the inventor claims that the pillow is machine washable and it never wears out well to promote these pillows the company organized a pillow fight in st. Paul Minnesota on July 21st 2015 on the day of the event 6261 people showed up it was the largest pillow fight on record and the event made it into the Guinness Book of World Records the people who participated in the fight say they didn't do it to get into the record books they say they did it to support a local company and also hey it's a pillow fight it's a lot of fun number 4 farthest marshmallow nose blow most people find blowing marshmallows out of the nose to be very childish and immature Paul Prado and Sophia Rojas they didn't think so and they managed to break a world record doing it Paul was the blower and Sophia was the catcher Paul managed to blow the marshmallow 17 feet 11 inches on July 2nd 2012 in Los Angeles California the record was set on the set of Guinness World Records gone wild since Paul broke the record nobody has attempted to beat it maybe because it's really disgusting and kind of stupid number 5 the fastest marathon dressed as a vegetable okay yeah people said marathon records all the time but none of them are quite like this Edward lumely he wanted to set a record like no other so on April 22nd 2012 he put on his carrot suit and entered the 2012 Virgin London Marathon London UK he finished the marathon in two hours 59 minutes 33 seconds now they may not be the fastest time running a marathon but it is the fastest time at running a marathon dressed as a vegetable since breaking this record Edward has retired his carrot suit he says he will only take it back out if somebody breaks the record that he needs to come back to defend his title I don't think you have to worry about that the near future there buddy number 6 the most clothes pins clipped to the face if you've ever clipped a clothespin on your finger or your ear you know it's kind of painful well that did not stop sílvio Sabha from putting them all over his face in an attempt to break a Guinness World Record on December 27th 2012 he attempted and broke the record in peel chello Italy in one minute he managed to clip 51 clothes pins to his face up to 10 weirdest Guinness World Records this could be the weirdest number 7 largest bubble gum bubble we've all blown a bubble with bubble gum and occasionally you'll blow a really big bubble unusually large and you're really proud of it a man named Chad fel believed that he had a bubble blowing talent so he decided to try and break a Guinness World Record doing it on April 24th 2004 he broke the record at the double springs high school in Winston County Alabama the bubble that he blew was 20 inches across and he did not use his hands at all while blowing the bubble that is skill I'm sure his parents are so proud number 8 be heaviest weight lifted by pierced ears Johnny Strange is well pretty strange based on the world record that he broke on October 12 2013 he attempted to break the record at the Doncaster tattoo Jam which was held in Doncaster racecourse in South Yorkshire he managed to lift a 32 pound 13.5 ounce using nothing but the ear ring in his ear ouch number 9 the largest collection of toothpaste containers bowel kolpakov of Alpharetta Georgia wanted to collect something that would get him into the Guinness Book of World Records now all the things that he could have chosen to collect he thought out of the box and collected toothpaste containers he had containers from all over the world including Russia India Japan China Korea in total he had 2,000 37 empty toothpaste tubes number 10 longest nails this title belongs to a nail tech from Houston Texas named Ayanna Williams she's been growing her nails for 23 years in 2018 she earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for her nails that were 18 feet long how do you even wash yourself with those or Drive or go to the bathroom never mind I'm not sure I really want to know anyway subscribe for more you

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