good [Applause] what's up everybody welcome to another episode of world record Wednesdays we're world record is broken or set every single Wednesday got really big announced but not just for the series but for this channel you might remember Jake Triplett from an older video Jacob's joining me full time he's literally moving it to my house back in Dallas Russian in LA right now but you're going to be seeing a lot more of Jake and Jake this is your second episode of world record Wednesdays that's right doing this for quite a while so I think for this episode we should get you caught up will hand me the camera let's get you some records I love it let's go set several records whoo how do you go about finding world records everybody there's a ton aligned and then I make up something set and once a while you guys all remember Jake from the Easter World Record episode that's right play clip here paster so we know that Jake is good with eggs so let's I think we start off with the tang backer okay I will I will look up egg world record world record perhaps this time to climb a hunter stairs with an egg on the spoon in your mouth three two one go gosh attempt number two will go again two one go Pepperdine probably shooting it yeah all right one down my legs are on fire right let's let's keep going now well what's the next way to find another record what's your favorite food Peter Rose I don't think they'll be any there's 415 results for pizza rolls is 415 results most consecutive Totino's pizza rolls thrown in the air and pop in your mouth 20 rolls that's I'm talking about new world record 21 keep going keep going Oh Queen and he goes 26 sick put them her frozen this yeah I think my mouth is bleeding I had a frozen one got you worth it baby this isn't sponsored at all just a very satisfied customer and I love pizza rolls I'm willing to do it Pepperdine had a track to do a hundred year world record please man I would say I'm very average disease but we could do something that special to make it unique I guess yeah fastest time meter – while balancing a guitar on your hand oh yeah 17.4 six-second we should we should tweet reba mcentire alright another record down let's go let's find another one he's really getting into this I'm amazed at how like random like most of these figure to record for literally everything most goofy face selfies taken while dancing in ten seconds I am not making the stuff up that's on there yeah they look to be about slow virile girl you should dominate – this is definitely a random one but I've got a really cool location they were just taking selfies in their living room we can make it a little bit more than that that's good help me did we beat the girl here we go hold on let's see oh yeah baby 103 103 here's one I found on YouTube it's just it's like most soda cans destroyed with a bowling ball that's mine one big 7:11 hi I am moist Oh baby new world record to work thank you you not made up it yes it is why get the pen today we gotta get moving cute at this record-breaking montage we are [Applause] 9.03 seconds oh yeah nine world record in one day so far that's right I need one more though and I'd like to do something a little more like legit if we can find something like 40 trickshotting y'all gotta try your thing all right let's do a trick shot okay we'll find the right trick shot world record for you I got it there's a world record for most granny's free throws I actually love the gradient shot you have to make their key in a minute or that it's either one minute okay take grandma yes happening you got this dick okay are you ready shout-out to my grandma 14 a new world record green stuff congratulations Jake Thank You Payne World Records in one video gives me like if you enjoyed it make sure you subscribe you haven't already but most of all show Jake some love in the comments welcome him to this channel we've got new videos coming every Wednesday and every Saturday now that I have Jake we might go three times a week four times a week there's honestly no telling Saturday's video is going to be a lot of fun except y'all see it we got to vlog with one of the biggest youtubers in the game right now so it'll be sweet excited y'all see it true see you guys dude bye

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