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Alright, so today I’m going to talk to you about something that everybody asks me.
They always want to know, how did I get in to doing past life regressions.
Well, it’s a very interesting story actually and it started back in 2013 when I decided
to come to Hawaii with my boyfriend and what was interesting was I came with him
and I feel like I gave him the key to my heart. But, what happened was when I got to Hawaii,
I met another man and that man gave me the key to my soul.
So, here’s how that looked. Basically, I got to know this man on a spiritual
level and he would say these amazing things to me like for instance, you are spirit being
having a human experience. But, whenever he would tell me these messages,
I felt like they were very important and I understood what that meant on every possible
level there is. And so one day, I had this really weird sensation.
I was at the market and I was talking to him and all of the sudden I started to feel like
I was having déjà vu and I saw myself in a past life with him getting married and it
was really confusing because as this is happening, my boyfriend is walking by and all of the
sudden I felt this terror. I felt really, really scared like he was going
to kill us which made no sense because my boyfriend is not violent at all so, why would
that even happen? Well, anyway I thought ok, I’m probably
just a little tired, so I discounted it. But here’s what happened.
After that, night after night I kept having the same dream of being at this shore area
with these rocks and having the ceremony with this man.
So what happened was after many nights of not being able to sleep.
I would be woken up and so my boyfriend would ask me, “what’s going on?” but, I didn’t’
really feel comfortable talking about it. So then what happened a few weeks later, I
had to leave to go to the mainland and we were on facetime.
He would ask me, “Hey, how are you sleeping?” and I would say “oh, I’m not sleeping
very well. I keep having these nightmares. He would say “you know you can trust me,
you can tell me what it is.” I said, “Well, I really don’t feel comfortable taking about
it because you might take it out of context.” And I was really nervous about telling him.
Well, he assured me that it would be ok. I could tell him and he would understand. So,
I told him. And he acted like he understood. He acted
pretty good. But, then what happened was he was meeting
me out on the mainland. The moment he got off the plane something
was not right. That’s what he told me. Something was not right. We had this huge
argument and then he just left. So I assumed we broke up. Well anyway, what happened was
… for some reason I don’t know what he thought but maybe he thought that I was going
to leave him for the other guy. I was just confused.
I was having these dreams that I didn’t understand what they meant. I knew they meant
something because that’s how our Higher Self communicates with us.
Well anyway, I was desperate for answers, so what do I do? I wasn’t even sure I believed
in past lives, but at this point I was desperate. I googled past life regression and what happens?
Dolores Cannon’s name comes up. So, I called her office, but she had an eight year waiting
list and she was only doing sessions for people that were going into surgery.
So, I thought, ok, I’m going to go and I’m going to book a session with a local practitioner
in New Jersey at that time. So I did that and my session was amazing and
I found out all these amazing answers which I will tell you about in another video where
I will disclose my past life session with you and I’ll go into great detail. Anyway,
that’s how I got into past lives because I was a client first.
That showed me how important past lives are and how valuable the information in those
lives are and how they can help us in this lifetime. So thank you so much for stopping
by and I’ll see more of you later. Bye! I want you to know that I make these videos
because I want you to remember who you truly are.
You are a spirit being having a human experience. You come from a place of unconditional love.
You are perfect in every way. You just don’t remember it sometimes.
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  1. Very nice video Maria! I like how you have the story you tell here on your blog. Thank you for creating this video to help more people learn about the amazing QHHT sessions we practitioners facilitate for our clients. You are a caring practitioner and a beautiful soul!

  2. Thank you for this video!  I am so glad to hear your story about how you became involved in QHHT.  The QHHT regression is so healing!

  3. I just watched your all videos and I think they're great! Thank you! I look forward to seeing more of them. I'm going book a session with you soon on the Big Island, which I'm also looking forward to.

    I've been fascinated by past life regression hypnosis since the moment I first came across one of Dolores Cannon's books. It all resonates so true to me. Even though I've never had an outright spiritual experience before, I've always felt deep down that there is more to us and the universe than just this one life.

  4. This is great Maria!!!!!! Can't believe its taken me this long to check out your work. I remember you sharing this with me when you were hosting me! hehe be well

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