🔴 Carlos Maza's "Journalism SHOULD Be Activist" Ted Talk: Sitch & Friended Stream

heyno which abort PSA sits here with another Saturday saturday Saturday livestream here with everyone's favorite friended forever and today we'll be looking at everyone's favorite hahaha Carlos Massa who gives a TED talk where he just says look we don't need neutrality and objectivity and journalism let's all just be activists that's the way to go isn't it so what's your take on on the activist argument well there's no argument the argument is well you see there's bad people who I don't agree with politically so I should just be an asshole too that's their argument well the I think you're I mean I thought about this a little bit I listen obviously listen to the TED talk you're they're trying to get in front of I mean they're they're basically saying we can cut Mazdas saying that we can control people right like the whole idea of journalism is we share the facts and let the people decide individually and then we pull them during the election on the right and Maz is saying well why do we need to do that when I can just make the decision for them like you know give them their opinion via propaganda and then when they vote we don't have to worry about them voting because they'll obviously vote wrong because they're idiots right I mean that's been exactly Mazda's argument yeah this is that a better argument I mean it sounds pretty dictatorial he tries that they try to code it better because they say oh well you know people on the right are already doing that what you're saying so we need like a side on the left to fight back to counteract it in the way we're gonna fight back is by doing the exact same thing they're doing just on my side right I the problem that I have is that conservatives seem to understand progressives a lot more than progressives understand conservatives like well the recipe always disagree about that okay so what's a disagree what's a disagreement there I don't agree with that you saw that okay now what it what uh where's your disagreement I mean the this is an argument that height actually makes in the righteous mind where I don't think either side understands either side well that's my eye right there there is a case to be made that whenever you're fighting for something that you've sacralized that you cannot be impartial about that thing and I think the problem with journalism the problem with activism in journalism is they have sacralized fighting for the rights of the oppressed that's what the whole progressive movement is is grounded in so this is why when you talk to them about facts and logic about how many oppressed there are when you really want to dig into the details they're completely blind to that now the conservatives they're their group is bound together in the idea of tradition like let's go with whoa it's a concern very conservative idea let's go with what's worked right like why are we making all these changes to society let's go it's worked yeah but you guys are good enough again that problem we talked about the forwards like how long does something have to exist for it to become the new tradition like how long does abortion have to be legal for that to become the conservative value right and I completely I completely agree with you there I'm just saying that the sacred value that binds the conservatives together is a tradition first argument right which makes which blinds them to stuff about how maybe tradition isn't great which is the argument that you just made right mm-hmm so that's where they're blind you bring up facts and evidence about how oh my god I think we've been getting this wrong the earth is round no it's always been flat right right okay so it's a long process to convince them of the otherwise because they're they're blind in the tradition first realm so what I'm saying is when you're these two different parties are going to have this kind of mental blindness in very different areas now the concern don't have the blindness in the fighting for the rights of the pressed area so therefore they're gonna be able to look at that stuff unbiased Lee but Carlos maza is not gonna be able to do that at all no but it's like everyone can look at their opponents logic unbiased Lee because they want to dismantle it correct yes yes so that's why I say that I don't think the Conservatives generally have a better sense of the left I think both sides are just kind of ambling wandering around in the dark we're not in the dark in their own echo chambers saying all the other side's evil yes there is there is a fair share of that but I do you understand the argument that I'm making about how conservatives understand progresses better in this particular area well only because yeah in this in this single area yeah because they disagree with it so oh yeah take take the trans rights issue for instance okay who is going to be able to evaluate the data less bias Lee on that issue obviously the enlightened centrist like us have yeah that that actually might be the perfect issue of clash because but no but I don't agree with that because you're gonna have too many conservatives that just say they're gonna stray from look I think that the only reason a lot of conservatives are even accepting of gender dysphoria in the first place is because non-binary is kind of like they had to attack that first like that's kind of like the shield right right so I so if you do away with non-binary I think there'd be a lot more pushback against regular transitioning which already is a lot of pushback you know anyway so the Conservatives are gonna be blunted that I was thinking that immediately when I said I was like okay the transition either perfect issue where both sides are completely biased yes exactly because the the Conservatives are going to be biased towards tradition so they're gonna be unable to even acknowledge that trans as a thing because it's so non-traditional right for any the progressives are gonna be biased towards protecting the rights of the oppressed and who's more impressed the trans before right right they're not going to be able to look at any of the any of the the science around gender dysphoria and all that stuff objectively both sides which normally form this kind of yin and yang for social problems totally useless in this problem I wonder if this is why it's the hugest problem in the world so you've you've you're agreeing with me you've convinced in this right in this particular case yeah yeah in the transition but there are certain issues we got to admit like I kind of feel like accepting like blacks as part of our I don't think conservatives are near as racist as the progresses make them out to be I hope yeah yeah I don't like interracial marriage I don't think obviously you will have some people that are against that that are going to be on the conservative side but I think most of rank-and-file conservatives are not against interracial marriage therefore they do not have a bias against like I'm examining things like racism from a more like objective perspective like multi they're a certain level of multiculturalism has become the the tradition I think you know in the nation of immigrants I think holds true with both the left and the right all right they they just don't want unmitigated immigration correct I'm looking at the interracial marriage statistics are they right no it's actually funny there's more black people are against enter interracial marriage than white people Oh interesting that is interesting it's a fourteen percent in 2016 14 percent of black population polls was against it and nine percent of white population yeah I know I'm sorry four percent White's actually the lowest Asians and Hispanics are at nine percent hmm it's interesting yeah so should we get into the the car laws of stuff have we set it up enough yeah okay let's get into it what do you wins what did you want to make an announcement or something well no just gonna I put a poll out on my Twitter that had very interesting results where I said um let me pull it up if I can fucking find it now here it is I said is it possible to bully an Internet personality that has a following of over 1 million people what do you think at it no yeah you're a public figure by the time you have an audience of a million people like for heaven's sakes right see that's I that's exactly how I feel but a lot of people more people 60% I had a 400 people have said yes you can and I think it comes down to that mean you have a different definition of bullying than the younger the younger generation yeah who's kind of been I don't want to say indoctrinated because I agree with it has been kind of like the word bully has kind of shifted to just be like oh you're being a dick to someone you're bullying them yeah mean comments right we're for us I think bullying actually had kind of a I don't hate to bring a P plus B equals R but had kind of like a like you had to have power over a person in order to believe them like that they couldn't fight back for some reason right they were with you right because you're weaker or their dad's them you know there's the rich kid and their dad's the mayor of the town you know yes it's amazing yeah exactly the popular since they have more more people in their gang there are all kinds of reasons yeah there has to be some power dynamic I believed for the word bullying to apply but I'm assuming that people don't have that power dynamic to the word bully anymore and that's why they would say it's possible to bully an Internet personality who is already famous right yeah anyway it's uh well also I think that we don't think like people saying mean stuff about us online oh no ma'am reputation management it's like there is it we I'm coming around at the argument that that reputation management is so difficult in the age of the internet and that's what people are more worried about like people are more likely to take a punch in the face and get over it then for someone to savage their reputation online because one you can heal from the other it's like it becomes more difficult I know I like Sam Harris is the best example I think of this because Sam Harris is has been completely mischaracterized Jordan Peterson has been mischaracterized but I think it's actually affecting Sam Harris in a way that it's not necessarily affecting Jordan Peterson I think it's affecting Sam Harris for two reasons I think he has I think he handles the criticism a lot more poorly there appears to you know he'll address it once and then you know never talk about it again yeah the same Harris like he fixates on and he just like he can't let it go yeah he brings it up again and again he's breathing light in life into it you know again you know and also I think it's because Sam kind of exists in this weird space where he's you know he's an t sjw but he's also like really an T like he's not antitrump but he has like trumped arrangements and he is a happy Trump what are you talking about I know but I mean he he goes beyond Andy Trump because I would say I'm not I don't like Trump either but I don't have derangement syndrome right like I think Sam does so he loses a lot of potential defense or you know followers defending him the way Jordan Peterson doesn't lose that because I he does only talked about politics in that regards yeah the only people the only people talking about Jordan Peterson's politics there are other people about politics right yeah right we'll have to do I don't know if we should he had like this he had like a long interview with Dennis Prager who if you watch these streams you know I don't have any love for tennis break but join Pearson brought up the question everyone asked him about you know do you believe in God and I was listening to the answer and I was like wow I undelete disagree with jordan Peterson's definition of belief but that's oh that's a that's like another for our shame in itself so we'll see that for another time anyways you know I don't think when they were naming the organization I don't think they should named a cunny yeah I think that was a big mistake any young people on the board like maybe that's a bad negative I don't know but I think I think Cooney is actually the city because they do TEDx in different cities I is it is it the city maybe I'm guessing here I don't know for sure but I think no no I know it's this the City University of New York it is an acronym yeah yeah I mean it was in 1961 but still okay come on come on guys it's anyways let's do this and when I apologize cuz don't Lee never apologize okay I don't apologize but I will point out that apparently TED Talks cares so little about Carlos Mazda they couldn't be bothered to properly record his audio yeah like so just put it on your phone just put just record on your phone email it to us like literally someone someone recording his speech from the audience on their phone and they just sent the I all this nice music that's part of the gaslighting music there let's like it is izing you to get ready for this as a honey audience reaction the audience reaction is hilarious too it's interesting that they've completely I don't remember what year was what they dropped that fair bounce at some point they're like fuck it dude they like that's gone nice I think so I'm pretty sure someone to check and correct me but I'm pretty sure that's not their tagline anymore well the party that's out of power goes a little bonkers they go a little crazy so I think yes that adds to their not being able to see the world objectively so well it's interesting because that perfectly fits in with the fair imbalance thing because they drop the motto in 2017 so right after Trump got elected oh they're like oh we don't need this our guys are guys in now the Obama with you devastation is over that's right it was it was it that Chuck Norris his wife said that thousand years of Darkness oh who exactly see that's why I'm saying when you're when your guy's not in power you're you're on edge you think oh this guy's going to destroy us oh yeah there there slogan now is most watched most trusted and we report you decide Oh most trusted that's that's a dig at CNN right cuz CNN was the most trusted name in news o most and they put most watch right before its non-video wrecks for $2 thank you very much non-va elder millennial for 199 know your enemy art of war very true Alex Karras for $5 says don't get don't get why Crowder was such a jerk he could have just dismantle the arguments without the imitations and whatnot and still been successful that is I know I agree that completely what I sort of agree with that because you have to be an asshole and a jerk to get the cut the following the size that Crowder has if you look at the most successful political streams and commentary shows it's always based around people being funny because you know people want to listen to us are boring heads you know fucking day gap and on and on they want to laugh so but I agree he could have been funny without I don't agree with with with I don't know what Woodward would you be just negatively you so on sexuality is the butt of a joke mm-hmm I agree that yeah you know that I think that pushes the line you can be insulting and funny without doing that that but yeah why how is it different than using their weight or anything else I mean you've made some because jokes about several of our rifles oh well just because you know I hate that I hate it's so annoying because the social justice crowd has kind of like stolen so many words yeah there's no insult left no by me like they stolen like you can't say like problematic anymore problematic yeah but because I do think that there's a difference between insulting someone because they're stupid or they're fat versus insulting someone for being a protected class that once and still does face discrimination and violence and you know excited right cetera but my point with the whole steven crowder thing is that here's the interesting thing and i will eventually come out with a video about this probably like a month from now when it's far too late for anyone to give shit but Carlos his original complaint against Crowder it didn't have it had barely anything to do with hate speech he doesn't even mention hate speech his whole point is about harassment and he keeps saying oh whenever a Crowder's makes a response for you all these people write negative comments on my video she makes me feel bad like he barely cared that it had anything to do with his sexuality like yeah like the whole thing about the sexuality is a red herring it's a misdirection he's just mad that people leave negative comments on his fucking videos and he claims that that's fucking harassment yeah I mean that's what since name and in if Crowder had not made fun of him for being gay and queer and just called him a stupid idiot he would have received the same amount of negative yeah so that's that's a miscalculation on Crowder's part it is a myth because it's like with Sargon in the in the white n-word comment these people they're just sitting there on the sidelines they're just waiting for you to step up you know yeah it's got a strike take your media training just get used to it this is the way the world is like you right have to be aware you can't say exactly yeah exactly exactly Bobby for $10 says sitch transgenders have been accepted in the culture for a while 1985 and the episode of Night Court I always laugh at night Burton's red letter media but uh has a trans character that they put to the forefront of trans acceptance episode 41 best of friends I don't know I don't remember what we were talking about exactly for this for this comment to apply to transgender people have been accepted by some of the culture I'd say mainstream culture which right now is dominated by the left they have been accepted yes but they haven't been accepted by everyone they have made the butt of many jokes in many movies like that pet going back and watching Pet Detective again right right you realize you start thinking out it's exactly the argument that you're always making about the kid that used to say you know do someone down in front of you and you were like hey I'm Joe it's the same thing like as soon as you watch that movie from a trans person's perspective you're like holy shit this is awful this is terrible right well it's it's and it's in I think in a better comparison then even that is you know when I was growing up in the 90s the go-to insult was gay yeah and it's like we didn't even mean it in terms of anti-homosexuality yeah cuz we were all nice liberal children but still like it's still weird that you know and just not that long ago we were calling people gay and gay was synonymous was stupid there are shitty so yes yeah I don't know that's what it's interesting pizza Jeff $5 says why most of sjw's like H bomber guy and Mazatec centrist or in a political people that's a fantastic point and you know it reminds me of the whole the New York Times article that talks about Caleb Caden who's talking about the alt-right pipeline and it's interesting because if you actually listen to his video and you read the article closely he's not talking about the supposed alt-right pipeline the way the sjw's are he's talking about like oh you know the Stephen monos Stefan Maha news and the other people that are kind of like and that out light and border realm some of those people leading you to the all right he's not talking about like an Tia shut up use yeah like even says he even said in a stream that you know he never watched shoe on head he never watched Chris Reagan you know he only watched a little bit of Sargon so yet the the media and the sjw's on YouTube they use that to attack us more than they care about Stefan Molyneux and I think the reason for that is because we're the more accepted group so they have to attack us it were mainstream stefan molyneux is at mainstream so they don't they don't care about attacking him and that's how you know see there's how you know that they don't give a shit about fighting you know the alt-right or nazis or any of that stuff because the caleb kane story the entire caleb kane story is just a story about why you need jordan peterson because his whole story is i was a depressed white male who lost direction in life and I started looking for self-help videos on YouTube and that's how he find stefan molyneux in the whole time i'm rhiness i'm like if only jordan pearson existed in 2014 on YouTube caleb Cain would have found him instead and never would have got sucked into this dangerous outright world yeah they never grapple with the why why the kid needs meaning in his life anyway which is funny because that's the first thing that I talked about on the first stream that we did we did a stream on that PewDiePie plying video I said the video I feel sorry for this kid because like he's totally getting used and this was before he liked now he's getting used right and left I actually reached out to him on Twitter and he responded to me I had sent him that show but he didn't respond ever again after that I was hoping maybe we could talk to him and be the ones he we didn't do a video on him the guy that the PewDiePie plan was someone else wasn't yes American Johnson he's in the video at the end he had done a live stream with American Johnson and in the live stream he had that they had both you know affirm this idea that PewDiePie like needs to be more conscious of how his audience is being directed towards these alright figures I'm going to you're crazy what what are you talking about I had hoped we could talk to him and and you know kind of give him the lay of the land of YouTube because I write like he quit his job he obviously wants to be youtuber this is why I said on that first stream like I feel sorry for the guy because he's he's swimming in waters he has no idea are just infested with sharks right exactly did you see this picture of him on CNN oh God and look it's like saw such off it's so awful of Kane yeah yeah I said yeah he's you know it and I and I tweeted this out distributers disagree with me which I understand his point but he I don't think people are appreciating that in that New York Times article they weren't just attacking people on the right they were attacking Philip DeFranco they were attacking concha points like the author the article literally calls destiny and contra points the left rabbit hole so they're coming for everyone on YouTube just coming for people on the right it's a it's a money thing and I had looked looked at the video that you had made years ago when the first ad pocalypse came in because there's a bunch of interesting stuff in there about who Rupert Murdoch right he's the guy that Xbox the exact well he does he still I don't remember but he used to well this is this is this is all about money this is all about money this is all about advertising dollars and we live in an attention economy people are fighting over attention Carlos maza is fighting over attention yep yeah that's that's not a power base of people that's not a surprise I think it was the next day after their attack on YouTube they published some article it said our study found that Google owes like fourteen trillion billion dollars to all the media sites and all the news sites of the world it's like oh I bet that study makes sense here is where I am here's where they have their strongest argument because Tim Poole who was very popular is only able to do what he does because he has writers working for him for free like right he's looking at up articles on the internet and he's reading them and reacting to them but those are everything he reads is not something he wrote himself which is right like how is a newspaper supposed to compete if they're just basically a news service for this new apparatus that's that's well I mean there aren't I don't believe that there are enough people like Tim Poole who are commenting on news stories daily in order to really drain money from these online publications especially Wainright Tim Poole is insulting them right but if YouTube completely cut that practice off mmm-hmm they would be impervious to any of these arguments and I really honestly think that's objection YouTube is going that's what yes that's that's what I'm that's what I've been trying to tell people is that you know even keep on the left who are praising you know contra points fucking retweets the article that insults are cuz just I don't fucking moron something you know they that's what they want they want literally no independent voices for politics or news to be allowed on YouTube whatsoever right yeah some which is it's it's it is scary I mean I talked about that you know I made that short video which I'm I deleted because I'm pretty sure it was getting suppressed somehow because I never had a video get so little views in my entire YouTube career and it was about how the day Joe Biden released his campaign ad you couldn't find it on YouTube oh yeah remember that you could if you typed it in the search in the search bar you wouldn't find it you would just find media sources commenting about it so yeah Wow Pizza chat for another $5 says maybe the federal government didn't have that much power we don't have to worry about who is in power praise the federalism that's that's definitely an argument that people on the Left don't want to hear and people like Trump or president but I don't disagree PG 419 PG for $4.99 says the dude calls himself a queer lol don't be a soy boy H it's not a slur if you're already calling yourself that first of all I want a strictly no soy diet okay by my doctor nice because good for you because I actually have too much actually of too much get this I've too much testosterone in my body my body produces too much testosterone and apparently eating soy can make your body produce more testosterone that counter really the fake estrogen yes Nell if you have too much testosterone in your body your body converts it into another chemical which is kind of toxic so that's where you get the strong masculine pose from there is that's right that's where I get my power pose from MS but anyway it's but to to just your actual point there's a difference between him calling himself queer and he doesn't mean it in a negative way and Crowder calling him old the gay from fox you know and he has like this negative connotation to it right like it's it'd be like you know you know I call myself a Jewish all the time or you know if I call myself like Jew boy as a joke in a video or a stream is it much between that and then what if someone made a response for you and they kept saying oh that juice it like every second oh that juice it I'd be like what the fuck this makes me feel uncomfortable it's kind of like you're allowed to complain about your mom but other people aren't why right right or there's a good meme on Twitter that was you know Americans can make fun of America but if you're a foreigner yeah exactly so and even an even when when when Carlos was calling himself queer he wasn't doing it like as a joke either he was just saying like oh I'm that's part of his identity or whatever so I don't know I I don't think it's the same look I don't agree I hunted percent don't agree that Crowder should be removed from you too I'm not saying that and I think Carlos Maz is a thousand times worse and more evil than anything Crowder ever did but I don't think you should be using people's biological identities that they don't have control over as a means of insulting them Yeah right is that fair well I just think you need to take into consideration how the other side can use this as an attack against you because they will they totally yeah yeah you just have to be cynical about you you do but I think the thing is what you said about how you get attention is you do things that that break the rules so it's kind of a catch-22 it's like you you have to do things like that to get the attention and then you have to have some kind of plausible deniability once you get it I think this is a problem with Sargon and the the just Phillips tweet is that he didn't like there was no no argument kind of got him out of that mess I think I don't know I think the initial tweet was fine I think when he when he made the video where he's where he did like the stand-up routine and he said well maybe he would I think that's well I think that's what I got you know Doug the well you know like the great for that comment was that an attempt to to make the other seem okay no I think it I don't I mean not mine reading and I don't know Sargon's listening he can you can type in the chat but I think it was you know an attempt to make to make some waves which is certainly yeah interesting anyways a hello sir and on for five pounds says nearly all man can stand adversity but if you want to test a man's character give him power Abraham Lincoln yeah that's interesting that's a great quote and that's C and that really shows you know where Mazdas situation is so he has power and what's he want to do he wants to go scorched earth on YouTube you know that's what's so disgusting about his attack like if he just came out and criticized Crowder I wouldn't care about okay yeah I think ratting went too far I wouldn't I don't think writer should be removed but I think you know you went too far but he didn't do that he was basically like whatever I'm not even gonna talk about Crowder I'm gonna attack YouTube the platform as this scum of this hive of scum and villainy YouTube needs to be like burned to the ground because I really hates the LGBT community so the Crowder was a big winner in this you agree yeah Crowder the cutter definitely won financially and popularity from this yes so I would make the argument that maza is as big a winner in his tribe as Crowder is in the conservative tribe and that we're just kind of against the SJW so we're a little bit blind to being able to see it like we don't have as many feelers out in that trial I think well it's harder to tell because financially because Massa doesn't have his own show so it's not like oh you know he's getting paid a salary by Fox that's it but I agree with you that I would assume that his standing at Vaux has gone up significantly and I would assume that he could you leverage his new sjw internet fame to go off on his own and yes he's gonna be working on a OCS campaign like he's he knows where the critical he knows where the power is right right right right yeah so it's a dishonor it's a different path to power than Crowder but I would argue the only two winners in this we're really these this guy and Crowder right no yeah I think that's an excellent point that's and that's a problem and see but that's why mom you just probable yeah cuz he's either so despicable or he's biggest idiot alive to think you know all he's doing is boosting Crowder and himself up and he's just destroying this the platform and why would he care about YouTube he doesn't get paid by you – because paid by Fox yeah he's working for alc what does he care of YouTube brands fucking I fuck I really really really really don't like Massa I know you're going crazy your score up here no I'm not going score I'm going score suristan just him so it's the opposite yeah I'm I'm a targeted missile attack okay no casualties all right let's go g-force don't want more of the video we'll do some super chess oh okay okay so Mazdas point is Carlos maza we decide and then report it's a good I like that we decide then report yes that is perfect that is exactly what he's saying I might have to steal that I want my side I will decide for you well okay here's question do any of these slogans are they persuasive or is it just like only people and on that side you know care yeah I I don't know yeah I would think they are because they probably tested them like they're spending a bunch of money on that they probably get a bunch of people of the a polythene on a room and they think how does this make you feel I think they know that the world is not a rational place they know this right yeah maybe I always laugh when people come say like oh we have to you know remove janitors for you as a mental illness because it's like a negative stigmatism person a statement but you know has a negative stigma to it and this guy just comes up on stage and he calls himself mentally unstable and everyone like laughs and claps and he also relates it to him being gay as well like gay people definitely unstable it's like nice good job it's a nice stereotype there buddy exactly let's talk about stereotype threat I know you studied it in your Gender Studies class the truth is we take the ideas behind those slogans very seriously in America out of us the founding publisher of the modern New York Times once wrote that irresponsible music paper must present all sides of a controversial issue and let readers decide the truth box evens and New York Times cannot be more different as these organizations but they're both contain at the same poor American ideal that now let me explain to you why your fucking idiot if you think that's true yeah exactly why do you you you you're for neutrality yes completely yeah because I think why the truth right right well it's the problem like I don't care you know YouTube's kind of its own special place and I don't care as long as people know what they're getting into you know if someone wants if Fox wants to go out there and be you know the left-wing version of Breitbart that's fine as long as people know what it is when they get into it yeah exactly you know oh that I looked up Fox's Fox's headline our slogan is go deeper that's so awful I don't know that they tested that one what do you know the worst slogan the worst new slogan of all time this is baffling was an MSNBC leaned forward oh yeah yeah and they had like this huge ad campaign about that I'm like how the fuck did this like get by with the dumbest slogan of all time lean for they changed it oh they had the chin but it's even worse now Oh No is it fall over lean forward fall over god they need a 500 let me get take another guess is that guy Russia did it when that when you get when you fall over is because Russia push you yeah exactly yeah they need to fire their marketing team because they're fit like okay it's this is who we are that says that has no moral content at all well no no wait a minute does that's that's 100 percent marketing to sjw's cuz they're gonna say this is who we are and they're gonna show all their news commentators that are like a diverse casts of black white men women you know Asia we are our skin color MSNBC we are skin color and gender identity it's really nothing else it's it's quite the opposite of that go deeper is like station MSNBC only skin surface no I must NBC only skimming the surface there you go that's perfect see but see that when you talk about conservatives understanding the the left-wing argument more I don't agree with that but I do agree that conservatives understand marketing their intuition I think yes yes yeah I think that's true because Fox News is we report you decide it's a million billion times better than this shit yeah it plays into people into people's ideas of how the world should be which is exactly exact word for that you know what things should be not what they are I don't know there's some fancy philosophical term I don't know like me anything a pareo diners hands psychism that's a good point yet you should you should aim your slogans at the way people want things to be not necessarily how they are yeah that's a good life lesson aspirational yeah but you're stupid so I need to tell you who the fuck told for yeah what's wrong with Iowa buddy why do they keep voting against their interest I can't believe you don't think that that progress like progressives don't understand why people vote the way that they vote like how can you get more blind than that you think conservatives understand why people vote the way they vote yeah they Jonathan Hite did a test where he did he had self-described liberals and/or self-described progressive and self-described conservatives fill out these moral foundation questionnaires right so there you took the moral foundation saying you know how they're filled out yes so he had them fill dogs of your niece he had them fill it out as themselves right yeah and then he asked them to fill out a moral foundations questionnaire as they think a typical conservative would fill it out so the liver presses are filling it out like they think conservatives would fill it out and the Conservatives are filling it out like they think the progressives would fill it out well guess who won this like the Conservatives filled it out exactly how the progressives actually filled interesting and the progressives filled it out like some crazy evil hoof like like they didn't even come close to how the Conservatives filled it out when was this done recently no this was done probably around well the book came out in 2012 I don't know when the study was done but you can look it up yeah Tim Poole has actually been talking about the study when he first read the study you could tell cuz he did a video that day where he was like I finally figured oh why progressives just progressives have this IDC conservatives as evil and and I thought you were gonna read the righteous mind it seems like it was on your to read list I said I was going to get a so but in he lays out in the book why they're moral their their their moral system couldn't perceives conservatives as as evil because they're completely anti Authority and conservatives respect authority legitimate Authority of course you should be skeptical of authority to a certain extent but they're they literally are hate all authority yeah well I think this I think is another explanation for it too which is that since the left has controlled Hollywood and media for so long that it's like the left the explanation of the left-wing argument is part of the storytelling of American culture you can't avoid it everyone understands what it is yes where the the there's no storytelling of the right-wing ideology or culture that's anywhere near as prevalent that's the left-wing one right yeah yes it's only in it never escapes their culture their culture a completely alien to progressives so they just got familiar with it it's same things happen to us we grew up thinking they were ailing I can tell we figured it until somebody taught us we were like oh yeah that makes sense right exactly exactly well we used to be and that we used to be good yeah but you know we've lost that you know and that's a good thing we're making progress here every every person should watch if you if you're interested in you know how the media became biased just watch broadcast news yeah you know Excel perfectly predicted the world we live in you know it's interesting because there's kind of like I'm sorry I said broadcast news that's the wrong movie I always confuse that with with Network yes network is what I'm talking about fuck forget broadcast news what is it what does he say when he yells out the window he's like I'm not kind of taken anymore exactly and everyone goes rushes to their window and yells it in the street they're like I'm mad as heck and then they go to sleep it's interesting that he's bringing up this idea of like oh you know used to be a good American idea to not be biased and it's kind of like it seemed like that was like the old older like like classical era imperial imperialist view of empiricism I'm sorry not imperialist empiricist view of things like the sociologist is supposed to watch the culture and not be a part of it and therefore not be tainted by it and they can kind of explain it neutrally but now like the social justice mechanism is no no neutrality is impossible so you know if you're not part of it shut the fuck up the two the two goals that are in conflict is to search for knowledge versus activism to change the world right right yeah so Carlos Maz is definitely in the change-the-world camp yeah I mean this he used to work for Media Matters he used to work for David Brooks left-wing hip-hip peace machine I guess you'd call her right and he there's a tweet of his where he says I literally joined Media Matters an effort to take down Fox News you know yeah it's not he's not even hiding it this is a lifelong iteration for him exactly exactly and now that he finally has some modicum of power he's gonna lash out at someone he can lash out at yeah when AOC is the president she's going to make it illegal there's a bill being debated in Congress get a quote from a Democrat from a Republican but the audience figure it out no buzz politician says that immigrants are rapists and criminals find someone who agrees someone who doesn't fight it out no but Trump says something truly bonkers you're gonna campaign speech assemble an eight-person panel on prime time to argue about it for an hour there are eight people on the screen right now were you the most full book like watching the Renaissance painting my huge journals professor Jay Rosen called this approach to journalism the view from nowhere in our desire to avoid being accused of bias journalists have essentially become glorified as monitors playing referee while activists and pundits and politicians fight it out and maybe you're okay with this after all there's something very American about this approach to journalism right we don't want some East Coast I believe before telling us what to think 11:5 and we wait for Mike or for the source but loves white and will decide who wins right hunger games as a college educated formative a third I like to think of myself this way to just show me this this is first of all okay so he's gonna I like any sense of this argument like yes it completely makes sense that you want an unbiased world but let me tell you why you're fuckin wrong okay yeah and he launches into this ridiculous drama of like yeah no one likes to CNN eight people talking at once pin like it's absurd no one wants that right like that's the evidence for his argument that the referee should just pick whoever team whichever team he wants to win and start making calls based on his his personal feeling that one team is better than the other right like he you know it's a reanalysis here no we shouldn't be referees we should be we should be players in the game like why not we have the most power we're the ones that determine whether or not it was a touchdown a nod yeah they want to be the coaches of the team they're gonna choose who gets to appear on the field yeah exactly and I don't know I forgot to say but whatever oh I'll remember we'll come back you have no idea in 2011 study by our Penn State University ran this cool experiment where they gave readers an article about it oh I was gonna say it's interesting because you know when news when this kind of opinionated news journalism kind of took off and became popular everyone's like old for dumbing down of America everyone once these 30-second sound bites blah blah blah blah blah blah but then once YouTube comes along and it allows this long-form comments like Joe Rogan podcast or streams or whatever suddenly they become super popular cuz like wait a minute people don't want 30-second sound but they actually want to flex someone to fuckin say their idea and explain it yeah exactly in detail I just want to understand the frickin argument exactly I mean that's why so many people want to sit around and watch Jordan Peterson you know debate someone or watch Sam Harris debate so long you know they don't that's why this is this are as arguments I think is complete nonsense that's like yet cuz on CNN and all these shows they get these kind of quippy you know they don't have time for an actual conversation yeah right yes I mean it's not like they spend an hour show exploring one idea it's like no no you have 20 seconds to say whatever you're gonna say and then someone else says it so obviously that's not that format it's not gonna work yeah their ratings are going down and down and down like I think I think that uh that model is dying I think most of this is coming out of the fact that that model is just not going to become not going to be sustainable for much longer yes definitely definitely definitely seems that way PG for 494 another for 99 says leftist equal alt right except for one thing left just want globalism and real alt right Richard s don't he also want government control like the leftist well first of all I don't like the term leftist because I think it paints too broad a brush but I understand your time I kind of like you know far-left regressives and Spencer that's what's funny about Spencer is that he does Spencer kind of wants like communism Eiffel II who's you know when he had his debate with Sargon he was like gosh argon did so poorly like primer rot I was like if he listened to bait Richard exposes Richard Spencer's being communist he's like no he wants some like weird ruling class of white people to like dole out yeah you want but he wants like but he wants always like government work programs and put in public programs he just wants them for white people so he mr. Spencer's just a racist communist basically so that's interesting alex karras for $20 thank you very much as I'm scripting intellectual dank plebs speak and say what do you think of the punch line the Sargon says the cheek of it I imagine your sense of humor sitches more take time to glow but add it makes me think what nice I'll take it I'll take it my job is to makes its think more that's why I mean I say I'll be the clown and you can be the brain no I don't know no you're good you're very good at uh I mean I I love this Hume quote have you heard it and uh what is it truth Springs from argument among friends yes I think it's very very true it can be if your friends are smart like us right yeah and I mean we have a friendship that allows us to disagree without threatening our relationship where a lot of these internet relationships are so tenuous like I don't know and also a lot of communities form around the fact that people don't disagree like right right like even in the SJ it's a huge problem in the SJW side that you can't disagree without being thrown out of the group I mean bill I don't know if you saw the thing I shared about Bill Maher but Bill Maher it's like trying to wake up his team a little bit to the fact that Trump is just going to destroy him in the next election and now they're like is he conservative yeah there's a there's a communist channel like legitimately Kanye's channel I need to and they made a video they were there like they took a bunch of clips of Bill Maher and they're like see he's not really liberal he's conservative put all these conservative things he's advocating for it was mostly just him talking against social justice vx he's against us see he must be concerned yeah but yeah well I think but it's I don't want to toot our own horn but I think that we're both kind of unusual and that we can just not have to be hive mind be fine with it yeah so maybe it's cuz we both I don't know about you but I've kind of given up I'm trying to change anyone's mind so I don't care I don't have that feeling like what what you as you okay wait cuz you're the your of the position that you can't change people's mind and I'm on the position of I don't give a shit anymore about any people's minds why do you think I'm in the position of I don't give a shit cuz I don't but you can't exactly exactly exactly I thought maybe that's a lie the most you can strive for us to actually understand their argument which i think is becoming more and more difficult for people like they don't even understand their argument like they're not right change their mind they don't even understand what's fuckin say right that's true that's true but yes I did like your tagline airplane Alex Ronan Jared gironde for 200 I don't know what that is something something interesting looking Jordan Pederson is pro-life it seems you were unaware of that from the recent stream I wonder what you think to quote him it's a baby I still think he isn't playing a political game PS love you guys work that's in shy don't if he mean I disagree with that I'm pro-choice so yeah I didn't mic yeah I didn't know he was pro-life we'll go ahead sorry I'm trying to remember if he said that because I listened to the Dennis Prager video and I listened to the the longer one where it's all about blog Cod he might have said that I can't hundred percent because it sounds kind of familiar that I heard him say that I went oh mmm so but you know whatever everyone's allowed to think what they want and be wrong of course yeah Sean Sullivan for $5 says if you want to see testosterone look at how much of a beefcake the White House chef is okay so I have chefs I'm like buff guy I didn't know this was like a thing oh wow he's like some gigantic black buff guy that is just think would that's a trump the racists White House chef are you kidding me what's going on Jesus this guy his arms are like the size of like my torso that's crazy oh yeah Shawn well sure $5 says as conservatives we don't complain enough which is why Dems aren't heed to platform how do we fix it stoop to their level I don't first of all I don't agree with you I think conservatives complain a lot at least on Twitter it seems like I think the reason Dems aren't the platform is because the left controls the mainstream culture so I don't I don't know if you have to do anything to fix that because here's my prediction the overly the overreach of the left is going to make conservatives gain mainstream culture in the next generation yes yeah big time how they what are you serious take on this because a lot of left what you just said they would disagree with that the Left controls mainstream culture like they're like what we could know the Conservatives control everything we're the underdogs come on get out of here I mean it's absurd it's totally absurd yeah like the reason like there's the reason you can't misgender someone on Twitter because liberals control mainstream culture yeah right yeah the reason why Jordan Pearson was disinvited from Cambridge exactly like you had Jordan Peterson the New York Times labels joint Peterson is all right or far right or whatever you know and all these publications list amiss are all right there's no if you want to tell me that the left doesn't control mainstream culture there's no comparison to that okay yeah the closest the quote the only thing that even rivals that that even comes anywhere close to that is you know when people on the right say that you know Ilan Omar or any these other people are anti-semitic cuz they say something that's kind of borders on that line that's the only thing that comes even remotely close hmm I think I think it's interesting I think that's how the right is going to fight back against the left because the left can't defend itself against you had to find something the left can't defend itself against and they can't defend anti-semitism so I think that's gonna be the I think Jews are gonna be the hammer they all right show these people exactly where the chose of people I think Jews are gonna be the hammer the right uses to kind of like beat to social justice side you know back with their own game anyway like the Left controls Hollywood the Left controls TV like the left controls the news most like 90% of news the left academia like what I'm turning like what does the right control I mean the right has been going after judiciary's and like they're going after power the power of the state which is completely ironic since they are you know small government people is what they claim to be right but there is a government power the Conservatives definitely control government power at least at the moment but no but everything else that you said yeah everything else is controlled by the left and the tech companies which I would argue biggest the biggest power player you know that no one saw coming you know 20 years ago and the left is how they're the tech companies is how they're gonna grab the governmental power to man if the left controls all all institutions we're in huge trouble it's not gonna trouble you know why we're in gigantic trouble because of those questionnaires like they have no idea what conservative people want and right and see and I think that's what gives us more credence on these issues or credit on this issue because we're both I mean we're both you you took your your moral foundations and you were conservative weren't you I was yeah but I know I took mine though why do you say I disagree with my yeah I mean we're both we're both I'd self-identified you know left-leaning centrist liberal types and we can say like look but you need to have a balance because you can't have once all institutions are controlled by one side that side just gonna get pushed further and further into crazy crazy villain crazy yeah yeah as the as the social justice has shown us yeah there's nothing to stop it no exactly you need something you need someone that's what's interesting that was the wake-up call I think for me is is that realization that you always need one side to pull the other side back because extremists are the people that have the will and the energy and the motivation to go out there and to advocate for change and to get it done right so you need kind of you need the other side to pull them back cuz because us moderates we're like yeah whatever yeah hammy 2 to 7 thank you very much for the six Ossie Aziz and bloop to you another bloop and pizza Jeff for $20 thank you very much says charisma on command makes a video about Jordan Peterson man Joe Jordan Peterson manages to convince people indeed I think Jordan has converted more atheists into Christianity or agnostics than most priests years without even trying yeah he's giving them a real scientific argument that's hard to tonight yeah I don't I mean I don't agree I don't agree with that him I do think you can convince people I just think it's I think it's very difficult and it requires a skill set that I don't have yeah so we're I mean we're doing fun of people exactly it's just not to make fun of persuasion it's very good for rallying the troops to go to war but it's not very good for persuading people to hear right we're very good at rallying the troops how about that yeah but the thing that the left are the people that don't like Trent Peterson they don't understand is that the thing about Peterson that's so appealing is that he was able to take all the common sense dad wisdom and then explain why it's important in a very understandable way and no one had ever done that before so John Peterson's kind of an anomaly I should if they're Jordan Peterson fans listening I tried to read maps of meaning and it was a completely impenetrable book for me but I read another book recently I think the author is asthma I can't remember I'll look it up and and give his name but it's called why we need religion and it's it read a lot like unaccessible maps of meaning he goes through and talks about all the evolutionary and psychological needs religion fills and goes ahead and pairs them with the studies that have been done so it's a very scientifically minded look at religion and how religion has facilitated the kind of society that we live in it's funny too because I read a Ben Shapiro's book and in Ben Shapiro's book he makes an argument for why the West is great based on judeo-christian values and all of his arguments are based on philosophy so they're all because this philosopher a long time ago gave us this wisdom that's not grounded in a kind of empirical argument this guy just so happened to get it right that's right I'm using him as evidence that for my argument which is real to me really isn't evidence at all you're doing ben shapiro is you're telling people that you like this philosopher because he agrees with you right the Asthma book he goes through and says no empirical study agrees with us and here are the studies which it works for me because I'm more of a materialist so right yeah and I also I don't think Jordan Peterson would have been is so successful if it weren't for the times we live in now or so many people feel lost without meaning that's what makes people so receptive to his message they say oh now I can find meaning in my life and understand where to go from here Steven T asthma is the author why we need religion as the book it's some very it's a relatively short book but man I was like this guy gets it he totally gets it and he started off as a as one of the new atheist so he's definitely I mean he's an atheist mmm-hmm he's like yeah yeah yeah big time he tells a story of Thomas Beecher who was an atheist and convinced himself to be a Christian and I was like why just I calling you that and I don't have a tribe like I want to be able to I want to be able to debate and fight on a side but I don't I don't have a side to fight on so no Garrett you're on the lonely road I'm on the very lonely road god it sucks out here are you kidding weird that the far-left postmodern course I'd you know the effort they first argued that no one's right and now whenever it suits them they argue that they're right it's actually right yeah that's how motivated reasoning he's making the argument that smart people like Carlos Maz have to figure it out for you and do you the face telling you what's right wrong well in its it's absurd to compare journalist to scientist a psych ok first of all there's shit tons of scientists that are completely wrong about so much stuff I mean we're learning basically almost everything we think about nutrition changes every 10 years and we find out that we were completely wrong about nutrition yeah anytime but even then you know scientists are supposed to be at least looking at facts and like observable information all this stuff politics is is not that it's kind of intangible it's about your ideas of how you think things should be your politics is about structuring society and the the way that you structure society is is difficult because nobody knows the future exactly so we're always at some at some level guessing we are and even if you did know the future people still disagree about you know what is still the right or wrong way to do something yeah in the in the here now exactly yeah right this is why the abortion the abortion thing is complicated for me because I don't necessarily know if if if pro-choice is causes the least amount of suffering like I I'm not looking at it from the like people want to fixate they either want to empathize with the mother or they want to empathize with the fetus right all right I'm not looking at it that way I'm looking at it from a society point of view like people make decisions based on the fact that abortion is legal that may not be the best for society like like what decisions well the people like much more promiscuity you think people are more promiscuous because they can get an abortion yeah totally why wouldn't you be I mean on both sides and a land male and female just as much because it's kind of like the whole the death penalty doesn't really stop people from committing crimes because no one thinks are gonna get caught yeah you know well maybe it doesn't I'm just saying I well I think you can make that argument that condoms and birth control makes people more promiscuous sure well and I don't know if you can do that with with abortion because the thing is I mean if you use a condom here was it you know ninety nine point six percent chance you're not gonna get pregnant yeah but maybe people who didn't have abortion would be more apt to use condoms because there's a lot of people not using condoms that's a decision that's it's like a decision point or I don't know what the numbers are on people that have unprotected sex with you know people there wasn't an if abortion wasn't an option I think people would make different decisions I do think abortion needs to be illegal for for you know health for the mother obviously that's where when people are purist about that kind of I'm like well you're crazy right because they're making a religious argument I'm assuming yeah they want to make maintain consistency their argument I can respect that that's that's understandable but yeah I used to be you know a lot more on the left on the abortion thing I'm still in completely pro-choice but I do understand that my view on it is is colored by my spiritual beliefs just as I believe a lot of people on the rights feel on this colored by their spiritual beliefs so I don't I don't know if there's a an objective answer to to the question well just from a utilitarian angle you you would be want to have the least amount of suffering in society right and if I'm just saying that you know abortion being legal versus abortion being illegal Tally's up a certain amount of tangible suffering and society you'd want to pick the option that had the least amount right even though they're obviously there is going to be suffering on both sides of the ledger right I'm coming kind to believe the abortion does help with crime rate argument right lowers that suffering right yeah I agree with that too does anyone think the news on TV is credible anymore yeah only rodi that the news is credible for people when it agrees with them exact completely credible it's funny cuz he because he like frames it like oh there's just like these poor innocent masses that are just being like tricked into believing news it's like I don't think they're that yeah yeah this you know the same thing the same argument they used about like oh that's why the fake news and conspiracy theories on YouTube and Facebook are so dangerous and I'm like people when you click on a guy's YouTube and it's some guy sing in his room talking to a camera like people understand what they're getting like this is why the arguments always breaks down to me as long as people understand what they're getting into it's I think they should it's their options their choice I believe people should have the choice to do what they want for most of the time as long as kind of harming other people yeah I agree I guess that's my libertarianism coming out the problem is when Wolf Blitzer sitting in a billion dollar studio with you know eight eight people with all these accolades and then they're lying to him like then they're taking advantage of the the authority bias and people but even then it seems like I really do it used to be that way but I think I think things have become so polarized that the news has no more authority bias that's what you said it's if they agrees with me then they have an authority bias that's you know as someone who does a lot of research on topics and tries to remain neutral as difficult as that is I find that almost the the more you learn about any topic the more it pushes you to beings being in the center cuz you realize everything is so fucking complicated that no one really knows anything yeah yeah so I don't know there's a silver bullet argument is there no exactly so when he's describing this like it's a negative thing I'm like no that's life I think if people understood that I think we'd all be in a better place dude David Sloan Wilson has this argument that religions evolved to create a stylized world to solve this this gray zone problem that that they create a world that's black and white by something always being just either good or evil right do you know you know I I agree that that's what religion does yeah yeah but Paulet these political parties do the exact same thing I mean their voice in debate is the perfect example like abortion is either evil or it's like completely good right right right when the truth is it's it's somewhere in between like he separates them into like they're the most devastating situations for society is where something is good for the individual but bad for society like that's that's the one that you're really trying to avoid so by creating the stylized world where things are either good for you and good for society or bad for you and bad for society everyone's motivations are aligned but so much of the world is this is good for me and bad for society and like that's where you get defectors that's where like Carlos maza is the avatar for doing something that's good for Carlos maza but bad for society right exactly but this stylized worldview that social justice has has laid over him this is what allows him to make this argument a TED talk what he's saying is what's good for Carlos Maz is good for society we should be biased right right yeah it's hard it's hard to hold these competing ideas in our head like I've heard the guy's last navall what's that guy's last night of all a guy that was on Joe Rogan yeah yeah is on Joe Rogan he's friends with Scott Adams take a shot and he had a really good saying which is I believe it was to my family I'm communist to my town I'm liberal and then I was like but too like and it kept like but to my state government I'm conservative in to the federal government on libertarian like it's like you know just because some ID law I know I do a lot I can even say the word so my philosophy some ideology some philosophy works on smaller scale doesn't necessarily mean is gonna work on a larger scale exactly yeah or worse that the truth is not normal there is no right or wrong answer it's really just a matter of opinion after all can't figure out what's not true how are we supposed to the second problem is that you tend to remember and believe what we hear repeated the more we hear a plan more likely we are to remember a test room even if we've never seen evidence to prove it's true if every time you turn on the TV you saw a serious debate about whether problems maza runs an underground Fight Club after a while a tiny part of you would think I can't believe they let me use this slide was gonna be on the internet forever so all the big here it's because after a while your brain would start to associate this is a total straw man it's like yeah obviously if people in the news just make something up and then argue about the made a point like yeah that's bad no what's the game with that he's not making the separation between facts and values either because most of the stuff in politics is a value judgment it's not big sad is no writer no you see but to the to him to the Communists and the post modernist you know the values are the facts that makes no sense because post-modernism and in the book that I just this is why I was like this book is totally matte of what Jordan Peterson was going for in maps of meeting the book why we need religion like he goes hard at post-modernism to okay post-modernism just you can't live your life with that nonsense put post-modernism good may be good for art in literature like fiction maybe not so good for nonfiction every time you turn on the TV you saw a debate about whether vaccines cause autism the same thing will happen your brain start associating vaccines with autism even be using that example in the speech see this is really sneaky this is like he's giving our rationale for why you shouldn't be allowed to discuss ideas ya de platforming that's exactly what yelling for but I'm I mean the I'm super upset that the the climate change debate got politicized like I agree at some level shouldn't we try our hardest to keep things from getting politicized before we know the tangible truth yes so how do we do that if we're not engaged in at some level of D platforming I mean no problem right well cuz nothing I mean the thing with the climate change is that nothing there's always someone always has a vested interest you know so it's impossible for that to have been divorced from politics because you're always gonna have the vested interest of the energy companies going going to be against it whether it's true or not true yeah so bad news it seems like that the climate change thing seems like bad news because it seems like Scott Adams who was kind of pushing for maybe there is no climate change it seems like he's kind of slowly shifted his stands to well there probably is kind of changed but we'll just be able to deal with it financially well he he did several periscopes on it trying to dig to the truth and came out inconclusive I mean his his ultimate his ultimate opinion was both sides are lying which I'm of the same opinion both sides are line but that's be great right a political tool they like they want a OC wants to be able to say the world is going in in 12 years and they don't care therefore used to elect me because I care exactly exactly I mean the argument the Conservatives have is pretty much the same they want to say you know they're they want to end the gender binary and change society in place that whatever has survived like they're gonna destroy society in this other way elect us we're not going to do that like it's the same argument but the thing with the climate change in Scott Adams is that he used to always his visit his position used to be exactly what you were saying he used to always say I don't know both sides are lying but he doesn't say that anymore now he says climate change doesn't matter because we'll be able to pay for it yeah and to me that's kind of like what was that like a slut 'el way of saying you think it's really true yeah yeah so I don't know I I don't know yeah I've watched a lot of stuff on climate change and I I've never been able to get to the bottom of it either that's why I was hoping he was cuz I was like Scott Adams has more power than me maybe he can actually get to the bottom of it was so either so here but my my prediction is either he either gave up or he did get to the bottom of it and he thinks that's true but he doesn't want to just come out and say that oh really that's interesting yeah that's super interest I don't know I think the technology argument is kind of a leap of faith that we're gonna be able to deal with it but I lean towards agreeing with that I mean there is I read the study in Scientific American a long time ago about how they have a solution to it it's just it's an in it's a it's not a great solution but it is a solution like they can put particulate matter into the upper atmosphere and and facilitate this thing called global dimming where they actually just reflect a lot of the sunlight back there's an argument to be made that chemtrails are already doing this to some level like I don't know if you know but when September 11th happened and all of the airline traffic stopped for three days straight over the United States the climate scientists went out and started studying everything because it was the first time that we had like no chemtrails in the atmosphere at all and they determined that when you say chemtrails you just mean you're not talking about conspiracy of chemtrails you're talking about just like exhaust from plane yeah condensation artificial clouds right those artificial clouds are reflecting back a lot of sunlight in this process call global dimming yes there's a nova about it so if anyone wants to look it up they can watch the the Nova episode I think it's called global global dimming or something like that but you can look it up they're saying that that global dimming is actually pulling climate change back like climate change would be much worse if it wasn't for the fact that there's all this air traffic above us and that if the air traffic somehow stopped that climate change would be not worse than it actually is but they've used that to say okay well we can create artificial clouds like we can we can adjust this dimming process as much as we want absolutely there's unintended consequences there but I mean that's right yeah yeah the ice age has happened there were huge volcanoes in particulate matter it's the same exact thing right right how we had all of these ice ages so let's see that's hilarious cuz that shows you know aoc was advocating that we need less air travel I know I know yeah exactly like all this is why the politicizing of things don't doesn't help because people are just like I agree with my team whatever my team says if it's crazier and each team like 50 percent of shit they say is lies I mean I don't want to call them wires because they're saying things that they just don't know the answers do what's right different than lie much different right that's a good point that's right we came let you hear the argument just hearing the false claim will poison your mind yeah you'll believe it automatically cuz you're just a dope you're here schlep don't you know Carlos Massa will fix this he's just protecting the idiots of the world I like how it's you know he's so focused on all we have all this science and data that shows you can't even talk about ideas because it gives legitimacy in your brain which I'm sure is true I'm not disagreeing with that but you know he'll focus on that research but he'll ignore all the research that talks about you know like oh the gender differences between men and women in the brain yeah that that loulou's ignore that bat check repeated exposure to corrections can stop someone from misremembering bad information and the answer overwhelmingly is important because fact-checking for president first restate the line of trying to debunk and restating it strengthens it in the audience's mind if every time you turn on the TV you saw a car on that's it see this really illuminates the whole steven crowder situation you know and why he took this quote-unquote harassment angle he he doesn't care that much about I mean sure he goes a little bit but doesn't care that much about steven crowder you know using gay and queer in a negative manner he cares that someone exists out there for people to see who's debunking his ideas who's simply putting these i oxic ideas in the minds of the populace yeah that could be totally correct that's not true the first word that comes to my mind when I hear autism is Carlos maza demonetized protected class what am i doing toxic ideas right here journalism in the verge is that like an oxymoron yeah I know I'm like oh man I do I deal with this dealing with the the anti theist man they're like you can't even use a source that they can somehow link to conservatives right in servitors are contaminated it's like that's just a fact dude look it's a circuit no they made it up people whose job it was to hunt down and delete the conspiracy theories on Facebook and they found that a huge number of them ended up believing those conspiracy theories over time so does that mean what does that mean does that mean that simply being exposed to the idea is poison them or maybe maybe there's some truth to some of these conspiracy theories out oh yeah I must be if people believe it it has to be true people could never be wrong but never happen the random random Shlomo's that facebook hires to root out conspiracy theories are not trained individuals okay not psychologists or skeptics or whatever these are just random fucking Schmucks they got to go it's like all here here's a criteria of conspiracy theories go get rid of yeah what that's got to be like one of the lowest paying jobs at Facebook they pay them exactly as a budget people he's not telling you that this was actually done by a bunch of you know Indian people working in a call center that's exactly how it was done we report you decide fundamentally misunderstands how humans decided they were exposed to a lot of that information I was no it doesn't it's the opposite they know exactly what they're yeah they do they're controlling people like me yeah get on TV over-over you can't be racist against white people oh yeah it's worked yep here's the problem is that you know I bought into the left-wing perspective of it too until I started watching Sky Adams and he just says turbo as you said he said both sides are lying and he breaks it down you go Oh both sides oh yeah why are they long if they have them if you have the truth I wanted to pause it with the science guy on the screen but I missed it like that guy just flushes credibility down the toilet with all this gender nonsense yeah like that's so funny cuz Bill Nye first of all isn't even a fucking sign you know right yeah yeah he's just the entertainment which is fine you know whatever you know he's like us that's fine yeah whatever that's cool but as you said yeah he flushed you know it was so upsetting too because it wasn't just him he had fucking veritasium up on that stage to someone who I liked a lot more than Bill Nye and they both fucking talking about this gender identity nonsense which is so which is the height the height of unsigned science yes the height of of BS science is this whole gender identity thing you know there's no scientific studies I mean that this is old theories that someone came up with yeah ridiculous Adam it is yeah and now you're the face of climate change everyone who sees everyone who sees you make your argument for climate change sakes oh that's a guy who doesn't know boys from girls right do not know how like Carlos is taught is explaining how people think right now he's I mean he's making an argument that we should use how they think to manipulate them into being progressive let's set that evil aside for sec exactly he's right about how people think non VTX for $2 says does abortion violate the na p principle the non-aggression principle well first I'll say even though I kind of alluded that I agree with the non-aggression principle I don't I I don't agree with it in in that absolute terms and I and I think the abortion thing would would fall into what you were saying earlier about well it's not simple because you say which side causes more harm right mhm and so and I'm on the side of saying I think restricting them I think I think not having abortions causes a lot more harm than having abortions right overall so I my the argument that I'm conceptualizing though is that people will make different decisions and those decisions could produce a society that has less harm in it right yeah so I mean it's a complicated argument obviously but I then n ap has to do with non-aggression principle at the level of individuals right I am well no I'm submitted I stay with everything doesn't I mean I'm not some big libertarian guy so I don't I don't know what I just I do there's a tension between the needs of society and the needs of the individual and a lot of times individuals sacrifice for society so I don't know how that figures into the N ap but my problem my read of the N AP and I've only watched certain stuff about it is it's completely focused on the individual it's almost as if they don't even take this concept of sacrifice for society into consideration so right well no ethics is exactly what we what I said earlier about what an evolved statement about how you know principles and ideologies that work on an individual level and a communal level might not work on a government level yeah exactly yeah you have to listen oh you're really trying to balance the needs of the individual and the needs of society both need to exist exactly exactly so France for 20 docking dollars says streaming on a Saturday I know I know tomorrow is Father's Day yeah so I assumed we were doing Father's Day things on Sunday yeah instead the rooster for $2 says who do you guys think one III I know the answer but I know Adam doesn't know the answer I'll let you go first though just money three yeah I am the sidekick I'm going to defer to you because I don't want to step on your toe please I insist I would I would I will tell you one second the surge Nintendo Adam in Tahoe yes I don't even know I would not have even guessed I thought it was like a team or something how did this I'm just digging deeper here what Nick Nintendo one III because they had banjo kazooie and smash Animal Crossing the next Animal Crossing and Zelda breadth of the wild part too so so other other normies that might be listening it is III is the video game convention they have every year where all the companies come out and they show what they're planning to release in the coming years okay so they're competing on what is the best game we're like what what no it's really like what's the most hype basically okay who causes the most hype for their brand what and now corporations are just competing on their brand exactly like it's not about an individual game it's about well you use individual games to hype your brand right so who has the best collection of games we might say is the right like what anterior of the measurement this is why I hate those dancing shows because like whenever they talk about you know who won it so it's like so intangible well I mean I hate those dancing shows because I'm not a woman yeah so like dancing come on thank you watch this occasionally she watches them and I am I'm not watching with her I'm watching kind of I'm hate watching unless I see I get no I understand I've been in those situations I I hate watched Glee because my girlfriend was watching it so but does it does it bother you that the that there well I mean what are they judging on I have no idea they come out they say like you this person had a lot of energy and this like what are they judging in this III thing like look I when when people like when you have these like fancy-schmancy chefs like they taste something and they talk about all these different flavors I'm like I know what the fuck they're talking yeah exactly well judging art is this like at least in sports or you know who got the higher score like it's something right Angelo that you can say oh okay she scored more points they won that's true how what I didn't endow score more points who knows well no but but the aunt but but you're but I would think everyone would objectively say Nintendo one III this year okay so they had them they produced the most things that people were excited for okay that's the criteria right so you did quantify it the more yes it is quantified yes as I said they had Smash Brothers banjo kazooie Animal Crossing and breath the well – right the only other big thing was you know Xbox had some new system which they don't show you they just say it's coming out so okay well gives a shit and you had a Final Fantasy 7 remake which had a hype which that had hype but wasn't enough anyways contrast for five Ozzie bucks says Watchmen movie ending better or worse in the comic the truth must be somewhere in between probably the opposite of whatever sits believes look contrast I think I fucking hate you now okay fuck you you're not allowed to give any more stammers I'm just kidding give us my money but no it was great fuck you fuck you okay look look look I said okay when researching some complicated you know factual information about how to government society or politics no or health you know these are complicated issues right and no one knows the real answer to the ending of watchmen is not complicated what it is complicated but shut up I'm almost done reading the gravel I'm almost and you know it's a little boring I gotta tell you I look here's the funny thing – I don't even think the watchman comic is I think it's good but I don't think it's just amazing as everyone says it is because sacrilege the here's the problem with the watch my comic you have dr. Manhattan were shirk were shark were shark I would say wrong Rorschach Rorschach Ozymandias and the comedian right and they're all really interesting characters that you like right but then you have a fucking Daniel the Nite Owl and you have miss Jupiter lady and you have a bunch of fucking randoms walking around they're all boring as fuck yeah they are boring and you don't care about them at all yeah dr. Manhattan to be the protagonist exactly see that's that's the problem with Watchmen that you have these super interesting characters and super boring characters existing in the same story yes I I felt the same way about transformers it's like why is the kid guy like that make the robot the protec because he's the interesting one he's from outer space when are they gonna I want I'm waiting for the fucking beast wars movie but I know the whole like they won't do it that would be incredible it won't do it right because they'll have they'll have beast wars in modern era with stupid humans running around and fucking terrible racket a rebel ice Troy we got to have our STW angle here we need some fucking person some some like little like girl running around with the robots telling them what to do yeah exactly how do we embed female empowerment into the robots or is there any female robots and begin there's one in Beast Wars there's only no there's two right yeah there was some female maximal that got killed at some point and then there was the evil spider lady yeah whatever the opinionated one for two dollars says climate change being politicized is so frustrating yes it is our sin elder millennial for 199 says err on fetal personhood or empirically proven wrong how do you feel about that Adam fetal personhood I think is probably a bad idea mm-hmm but if you must give them personhood let them vote one kick every yes – exactly exactly yeah get this Delta's like I'm assuming elder Millennials saying you have to err on the side of fetal personhood which I don't agree with but I don't I don't see how that would be empirically right or wrong yeah I the I I mean it's totally politicized people want our people want a certain outcome and I just their their gut going off of their gut intuition so I don't necessarily think are good good factors I have I have no problem with early abortion but the thing is like it's it's got to be done quickly and conservatives just are trying to stretch it out so it's not done quickly i right I thought that the the morning-after pill would kind of reduce abortions consider has it I don't know I understand I would I would agree with you I assume it would yeah I thought it would make it kind of irrelevant but well I guess there's always a I mean people just don't know right well I I feel I mean the people that are having abortions as birth control that bugs me obviously but wait a minute when you say that because because we had this on a stream and I said I didn't think people were using abortions as birth control and some people took issue because I don't know if I had an unusual definition for that mm-hmm so what do you mean when you say abortions for birth control I mean that they could use birth control but they don't and then they just end up getting an abortion instead like are you saying like no birth control people who okay so you're saying people who specifically say I'm not going to use a condom or the pill because I can just get an abortion yeah well I don't think they think like that I think they're just like getting busy they're like screw it this is fun let's go for it and then someone isn't pregnant they're like I'll just get an abortion right eight or eight abortions later you're thinking why isn't this girl on the pill like I don't understand it's like maybe it was difficult to get the pill and I mean there's those there's those difficulties well the reason why I brought it up was I think that the like the more perfected birth control is and I think of the morning-after pill as a type of birth control like then you're really just the only people having abortions are the people who are having abortions because there's medical problems like and then you're talking about making those abortions illegal which are the ones that are the most necessary come on because then you're talking about making the abortions illegal that are in the you know for the life of the mother type situation right right which I think we agree that those have to be illegal and yeah yeah right down for $5 says maza never question anything because you might believe falsehoods basically you must obey the current order because I agree with it at this moment Utah larious that I think that's an accurate depiction of kind of what arguing without realizing it and it's funny because like that's what all these communist types a and it's like he's a fucking Carlos miles is a communist how is that not status like an argument in favor of the status quo I mean have you have been able to overturn the status quo but I guess because you would say that that we've already overturned like they want to talk about racism or they want to talk about slavery was over a which we've already overturned that's all right he would make that's why they're so full of shit that's why they're so disingenuous because they're only taking this position because they see that the left has control of the culture and they see oh I can make my arguments in favor of communism without fear okay there's no right-wing government it's not like the fifties where you have the right where the government is literally saying you can't talk about communism right okay if that was happening all this nonsense wouldn't be how all this censorship won't be happening whatsoever I think it's awesome that they can make their arguments without fear but I guess that's kind of right like he was making the communist arguments and steven crowder was kind of just destroying those arguments ya know like I'm a hundred percent people should be able to make whatever arguments they want I people should be able to make arguments for communism people I don't know I think I think the alt-right is terrible and I think the idea of an ethnos thing is insane but I think people should be allowed to make those arguments I think so too yeah it's funny because the whole the whole the caleb kane the guy that everyone's holding up is like also danger that they all try pipeline he even says the thing that got him out of that was not censorship because it was hearing destiny debate lauren southern yeah that's what change is mine was hearing someone debate and destroy their argument like if if destiny wasn't if lauren southern or stefan mom and all these people got censored off youtube after Caleb had seen them do you think he would have ever changes mine who said oh no no no they're trying to hide secret wisdom yeah yeah you didn't all for him he exactly so it's just the pizza jet thank you very much for another $5 says when are you gonna invite Saigon again and short fat Taku well it's funny because we've never acted we've never before the stream ever invited Saigon he just appeared yeah like wow oh come on in our stream and we have an open-door policy any any big youtubers like Saigon or shoe or Glink or nuance bro or anyone that may be happening to watch the stream can always send me a DM on Twitter and we will be happy to allow them to join you're the only thing we ask is that if we already have a guest on not to do it then because we obviously get like swamped yeah but ya know I would have be cool that a short short fat otaku on one time sure hell yeah I've been to get Caleb Kane guy on ever since this shit happened I mean we need to get I keep forgetting cuz we're supposed have new owensboro unlike a long time ago and he couldn't do it and then we just keep forgetting to fight him again so one day you have to have new ones barrel on legitimately IDs figured out a cure of the dawn told him he can stop by any time too so right right dusts and Mecca Dustin Mackowski Mike Wazowski for $5 says Carlos journalism is brainwashing don't you figure anything out even me so let me and my team think for you we care the resident don't so bantha that's this is exactly this is perfect this just be in Carlos Maz is by line this is like that should be his slogan for his YouTube channel journalism is brainwashing but I'm a good brain washer so believe me yeah contrast education is brainwashing they just call it brainwashing when it's an education they don't want you to have C units I don't even think about it so you said it's like that's the same I bet you they make the same argument about education that's why you can't have education be neutral it's got to be activist education pointing you in one direction yeah I think fucking hate I know we I don't understand why they don't teach moral psychology in high school because it would solve a lot of these people don't know that's why they don't know about it yeah sad also there's no political push there's not enough political push to get that into high schools yeah contrast for five aussie bucks contrast really just wants to be banned from my channel forever oh my god this is beast wars is as lame as Zim oh my oh my god that's painful to hear what what is wrong what is wrong with you what is wrong and it's not even joking my contrast I don't even I don't have words first of all Zim is way better than beast wars okay beast wars is very dated I'm not gonna deny that these wars is very dated but which ones it has released machines was the better one because beast machines had was like the upgrade graphics now I never I never saw that that was like no sir I was already too old to watch that she's known adult come on I was in high school or something I'm like I'm not gonna watch Beast Machines I don't know but whatever it was on a weird channel I never saw these machines beast wars conceptually is fantastic and I think if you kept the same storylines you could make something really good at of it if it was updated but Zima is just amazing and you're wrong for ever ever doubting that they need to have a proper sequel to g1 transformers with Galvatron and their turn of Unicron the original transformers is garbage yes I said yeah you're gonna you're gonna you're gonna swing at Beast Wars the original transformers I hate to tell you like ya had good movies afterwards but the original TV show is garbage oh it's just yeah I don't know I mean you agree right talk about the movie no no I'm talk about the cartoon yeah I never watch the cartoon so the they rich all those basic every cartoon that came out on a time period was crap like the original GI Joe the original he-man you know all that stuff the smurfs like all those shows that came out the time period we're just okay so don't you dare anyways shorts on a stork for $4.99 says have y'all watched very vex meaning crisis podcast sjw seem like a manifestation of the dark side of the Gnostic worldview I have not seen ver ver Ches or however you would say that I'm channel I'm not familiar with him are you familiar with him I'm not but I do totally agree that there's a meeting crisis and that's why that's why Jordan Peterson is blowing up yes I agree with that so we'll check him out Sean wells for $5 says 1 million abortions a year in this country that's definitely more than just medical problems yeah I don't I don't disagree I here's here's the here's my thing about the abortion for birth control I don't think it's moral for someone to say I'm not going to use a condom I can just get an abortion but I don't think that's what most people are thinking right yeah by also people thinking come on I think I think I think there's a lot of accidents I think there's a lot of people who are trying to use the timing method and it's not working you know yeah the old-fashioned way yeah a fashion way doesn't work people so I don't know maybe there should be a lot more access to the morning-after pill maybe that would be a solution but here's the problem is that there's too many there's too many people on the on the ante of politically not individuals but politically there's too many people on the anti-abortion side that are that are too closely aligned or they require the support of the anti contraception side too this is a right number of abortions in u.s. hit historical low in 2015 interesting and it's less than 600,000 well that you said that was 20 2015 yeah yeah so I don't know what it is he might be talked about this year who knows it's backed up I don't know I mean girls aren't having abortions because they're fun I think Yeah right and I and I completely disagree with the people who are saying like oh you should totally get an abortion you know I'm so proud of my abortion and all that nonsense I think that's crazy I don't agree you know I'm conflicted about that because the I mean it's it's different if it's if it's because of a health crisis versus a because someone might wear a t-shirt that said you know I I beat cancer and nobody would feel they'd be like yeah go girl there's no there's no there's no one advocating in favor of cancer right I guess so I'm like yeah you don't yeah don't don't wear a t-shirt like that it's not good wear the t-shirt says you beat cancer don't worry the t-shirt that says that you're proud you had an abortion yeah exactly my baby tried to kill me but I got him first I'm proud right I mean that's kind of the scenario like even if it's like even it's because of a health problem the t-shirts right I mean you need to elaborate here we what right anyway the opinion anyone for two dollars says thoughts on Tim getting his Pinterest video censured I think I tried the well first of all I think that's that's obviously very scary that I didn't I don't remember cuz I watch the video but I wasn't like I always listen to stuff I don't watch it so I don't remember like I don't even know what they're referring to which would be a privacy vault violation in the video because it sounded like they weren't talking mostly about a company's behavior that's how about individuals mm-hmm how is that a privacy violation yeah I don't I don't know the case the Pinterest video I'm not sure that I saw it it was a project Veritas had some whistleblower interested see it yeah right and they said that they were D ranking certain anti-abortion pictures or something by look they were labeling them as pornography or conspiracy theories or something I forget I'm definitely emotional arguments I'll give him that much yeah I mean I definitely 100% against removing project Veritas even though I don't like them I'm 100 sent against removing them and removing Tim's video from YouTube I tried to listen I tried to listen to I need to watch I need to sit down and actually focus on I tried to listen to the project Veritas video the actual one the original one and I just I kind of come zoning out its I couldn't I couldn't make a judgment statement on on what they were reporting that guy's boring pretty boring it's totally boring but yeah I should pay attention to it so I can actually focus on the argument the rooster for $2 says did you guys hear about Concha points take on the unlist I do not hear contra points take on this TED talk if that's referring to I did see her Twitter on maza and in her defending maza and I think that's crazy ridiculous obviously Zoo look does she cuz I mean I guess she does because it was interesting I might I want to do a video on this channel Sam cedar or we could watch it sam cedar has the most insane take ever on this situation like if you had any respect for him you would immediately lose it by watching this video they called keep Jordan Peterson disciples or something like that he he says steven crowder was advocating for people to to beat up gay people yeah and that he was advocating for viola wrong yeah it's like wrong what yeah what are you that's such a red let's just stretch it's such a reach I was like what are you talking about yes so crazy and the reason he made the video is because jimmy dore who I don't watch but maybe I should start watching came out and he said he completely shit all over Mazda for doing this oh yeah cuz he ORS been like beating him yes Jimmy do cuz I watched the video where Jimmy door Chris as he masa and he understands the writing on the wall he knows what's going on oh yeah with attacking all of you – yeah it was hilarious because in the same video where sam cedars like like oh you know if if we have to get demonetised to prevent violence against gay people that's ok you know he's out he's 100% going that we should he's saying all political content should to be demonetized and it's like yeah it's so easy for sam cedar to say that when when they say in that video that like 90% of the funding from the show is not from YouTube it's from their own website where people donate and get membership and all that stuff yeah yeah the YouTube delivery system though is I mean if they cut that's what Maz is after he wants them to like cut him off the platform exactly does funny thing too is that Sam cedar wasn't even properly articulating Mazdas argument yeah well it's indefensible that's why he doesn't want her to exact correctly caffeine Tweaker for two Canadians says I'm late can you start again I'm sorry caffeine we cannot start again caffeine Tweaker did our killer thumbnail okay yes that's right that's right so if you liked our cool thumbnail caffeine Tweaker drew it yeah very beautiful very beautiful though I did not if you guys didn't know this caffeine Tweaker and some others are playing Dungeons & Dragons and apparently they make all the NPC's me and Adam and they just they just pasted our faces like on two different bodies and apparently I'm always a sexy lady so I don't know what that means but you guys can just absorb the image of my head on a sexy lady body I was apparently I was a I was a scantily clad blacksmith in D&D so let that let that percolate your dreams tonight all you have to do is transition man you'd blow you have a million subs like seriously there you go just be your big year take the concept called gold play button be in the network times you kidding oh I guess you couldn't be a centrist though that'd be like no I'd have to I have to take the Caleb root and say I was D radicalized I was radicalized by YouTube and now Concha points show me the light yeah you'd want to be the evil man anymore no Christian worthy for five pounds or heroes to see us right yet say euros or pounds I can't see the little symbol I don't need to offend I don't know the difference if if it's a if I'm saying it correctly but pounds or euros for five dollars says so destiny maybe we should kill people like Lauren southern convinced Caleb that's just sad and yes does destiny actually said that that's crazy I don't I don't watch destiny and all cuz I find him obnoxious and boring but that's crazy if he actually said that yeah I watch my I've watched destiny if he debates someone that I'm interested in he did a debate yesterday with that mr. Reagan guy who mr. Reagan is a conservative youtuber and I guess he got in a tiff with destiny because definite destiny said something to the effect of conservatives are stupid and this offended him and so he went on a debate and I listened to the debate for a long time and I was like dude you're making his point I'm like why did you bring a good argument to this thing right like he started taut he started talking about I mean he started trying to make the argument that racism just isn't a problem at all and but both like both sides of the argument this is the whole both sides want a lie like the right destiny wants to say race is like we're living in the age of white supremacy right how bad it is how awful it is it's like go to any go to any University recruitment website and look at the page like look how many like it's the United Colors of Benetton on there like it there so there's nothing holding you back from from getting an education if you're um if you're some minority group so right I mean we we've we've made the world a lot friendlier place towards multiculturalism so Destiny's argument is just fallacious like they started pulling out some of the arguments where you know somebody has a crazy name on a not not a crazy name but uh yeah I know that ethnically sounded name there's some discrimination and I agree that's that's a problem and that those studies are empirical studies are good to say but even then see I think that I think that's a overly simplified argument because if someone hears like a weird name like a weird quote-unquote like ethnically sounding black name I don't think they're not hiring them because they're black they they think of that as like a lower income lower status thing that's the same argument that mr. Regan may go for that for the interviews right and destiny was saying well don't you think that's kind of racist because you're just saying because somebody's name is is ethnically charged that they're lower status like that's well no because well no it's well here's here's there's two things why it's not racist one is because it shows that you're not willing or your parents were not willing to conform to the mainstream culture so it's a signal it is some kind of signal yeah it's a rebellious signal exactly it's Rebecca totally is but it's not a status a lot of a lot of upper class people rebel right but I'm saying it but it's show it's it's it's it's a it's like a possibility of something I'm not saying you should judge so I'm just saying it means something more than just I'm black or white or whatever it's evidence but then it's evidence of prejudice at some level correct I don't know if it's I know yeah yeah yeah it's evidence of a type of prejudice right obviously yeah everybody's prejudice about something you know they look at you know like oh you look disheveled you know I'm prejudiced because of late look he cites this this example in the book I believe it's blank by Malcolm Gladwell where he talks about how they always thought that women couldn't play like larger instruments like they were like they wouldn't be strong enough or whatever it's just an intuition about this right so they never got asked women in those roles and then they did eat like even women would try out and they would not get the part they did not get the role in the symphony or whatever and then somebody had the idea to do it blind where they would audition behind the screen and as soon as they audition behind the screen like half the roles were filled by women so it was obviously just this unconscious bias sure yeah I got rid of it it disappeared they something could be done like that with these resumes I'm assuming yeah but I don't I'm not I'm not one of these people that says racism and sexism doesn't exist obviously I agree with you and that we've obviously done so much to combat it and there's only so much you can do you know so some lot of it is people have to just unfortunately a lot of it is people and communities have to fix themselves because as we always talk about is very difficult to change people's opinions and minds but so yeah I know I I I can see that but the second point about the the name on the resume study is that I believe roaming millennial talked about this in a video she said they've also done that study where they give people like white trash saw their names and Madonna and things like that and those people are like also not hired the same frequency so it's like that kind of goes to what I was saying it's like see it's a status thing you know it's what is that name signal it signals more than just your skin color right so so but I just felt like destiny was taking this one study and making it seem like we're on the verge of the next Holocaust and and the mr. Reagan guy was make you know citing his facts or whatever and just making it sound like there was no such thing as racism it was all in our imaginations right the truth is somewhere between those two positions exactly what you you can never really get at it when both people are gonna be arguing for these super extreme positions which I you know I don't it's fun to listen to I'll give it that it's entertaining caffeine to a cure for to Canadian says the DND party seduced it with animal handling what oh my goodness yep during the session I was kind of like half listening they were trying to seduce my female blacksmith character and apparently they use the skill animal handling implying that I am NOT a human oh how dare you okay anyway we were watching in a very important video let's get back to that okay that sounds ridiculous the people in my bubble yeah exactly that's 100% untrue you know I used to watch you know back in the day when I had a different job I used to have like MSNBC on most of the day while I was working they never had climate deniers on Imus I mean this was in like 2012 you know before then they never had fucking climate deniers on it they had Chris Hayes boycotting any kind of climate deniers right right I mean there's some good deniers I mean the left is denier deniers of stuff under differences in the brain oh yeah sex deniers exactly but it's if this is what's obnoxious Tuesday he takes like one example CNN which you know before Trump they kind of tried to like what's the word promote themselves as being a neutral Network before Trump was president so it's like okay he puts points at one example that does it poorly and he's like okay so the whole concept of neutrality is out the window we have to go be left-wing activists now yes we're at war sit come on these conservatives are nuts the gold is it funny that he's making that point when on the screen is Bill Nye a not scientist yeah it's hilarious the level of self perception are just not exist we are so here's the growth Arlen yes so his argument is that like think of how he's he's framing this he's framing it like they know the truth they know that they can't win because the truth is not on their side but they just wanted to you know muddy the waters which I'm sure some people do that but here's God here's the thing it's like we're not when when you listen to like people denying evolution they don't have any arguments don't have any evidence to deny evolution it's like all like a hundred percent every shred of evidence is on the side of evolution and the people that argue against evolution they don't make scientific arguments for the most part they make like supernatural arguments but they're not trying to muddy the waters they're not they well they like they were like to teach the controversy but you think they're I mean they believe their side is is correct though like he's maybe even the argument that they don't they know that they're incorrect and that their ultimate goal is just to muddy the waters he there's that they believe they're right though I mean they're not they don't believe I mean they have an argument like when steven crowder makes videos debunking laws on communism he's saying here's the counter are you he's not saying you've you've won the debate and I'm just trying to confuse people well when it comes to climate change I don't think the energy companies care whether they're right or wrong they're just looking out for a short-term interest yeah so the the smoking thing I mean they did the smoking thing they were like we need scientific evidence of what we're doing is not hurting that's that's more of a clear-cut case but I know with the climate change thing I mean I think the it's hard for me to think that the people who stand to gain from fossil fuels don't care about their kids like they would think okay well like they would have the scott adams approach they think scientifically we'll figure it out a long way like it's it pains them to have that leap of faith but they're not they're not saying they're not they don't believe the same thing that aoc believes like they're not if they believed what aoc believes they would not they would make changes I think well no because but here's the thing it's kind of they're not they can't boot if you run Exxon okay it's like the richest I believe I just looked this up I think exons like the richest company in the world there's something right it's close if you run Exxon you're literally psychologically not going to be able to believe climate change is as bad as aoc believe right correct the brain will allow you to come to that conclusion in the first place it's easier to change your beliefs that's what you're saying then exactly you're gonna believe that even if it is true we'll just use technology and fix it right but right that's one that's a point that I'm making your as long as you have the as long as you have a plausible way out you can believe whatever you want to believe right I mean but it's almost baza is believing right now that climate change is a huge problem because he doesn't believe the argument that technology will fix it if he believed that argument then he wouldn't have a case yeah but it's it's kind of like carpenters Carlos Mazda think Carles Mazdas in the same position as the guy that runs Exxon only in Reverse yes okay yeah his political power comes back that climate change is gonna kill us all immediately right cuz my point with the Exxon guy is that the excellent guys not looking at the facts this is all after the fact you know reasoning right and it's the same thing with with Carlos Massa and most people on the political side whether you agree with climate change or not most of it is not most people maybe not the enlightened individual was watching this stream but most people okay they're not looking at facts and in believing you know one way or the other they're just saying what what does my political side thinks happening mm-hm and that's what they believe so it's all bullshit after the facts team teamplay tribalism he's talking about us let us hey bud our audio is much better than yours so I think she should bad you know it's what's so great that he should like the big concern you have to worry about his flat earthers like what harm to this to the community to slaughter it's yeah they're helping us you know how much entertainment the flat earthers exactly or it's like what's what's the guy as Joe Rogan's friend who always has done like I think his name oh yeah he's like yeah yeah he does even believe like space is like exists like that we've heard him it's like I love that guy I would listen him all day talking about like some dumb the dumbest you know the play but see this also this is what disgusts me so much is that they tried you can see how they they do tactic you know once they got Alex Jones banned because you know they kind of labeled him with the Sandy Hook conspiracy they're like oh we got to just label all the our political opponents Spira seek theorists you know o Sargon's like that's how they always attack Sargon an armed skeptic they always label them as conspiracy theorists it's just it's so disingenuous it is all they want to do is silence their opposition yep I mean it just shows how the promise that you have people just are not able to argue all they can't destroy the anti facts or the Flat Earth or whatever you know in an argument yeah you you you can't you're arguing on different criteria so exactly exactly and I and I can't imagine how you know it's like with the with there's no state stuff if you don't have people are arguing against the idea I don't see how that's gonna make it go away this is gonna make it stronger yeah and you can if you just removed it it's just this – it's such a dangerous precedent to just say this idea is too dangerous to be discussed on YouTube yeah gives it too much power way too much power they're not gonna let you you think if communists in America okay if if communists in America ever started to gain political force you really think YouTube is gonna allow communists to keep talking about communism on YouTube oh no way didn't get rid of that shit in a snap totally is what these people are so fuckin dumb that's what they're advocating for you criticize them on Twitter so that they make millions of dollars oh wait you don't do that no way you do platform them you don't let them speak you take away their monetization hey good job helping see Crowder make more money than ever there I'm telling you there they're in cahoots they're the law that are both raising their status it's all it's an Andy Kaufman desk shows what you're saying Crowder gave maza employee of the month for a reason yep you should get you should make out my mug with his face on it oh my god I shouldn't do that he does he does have a very annoying obnoxious smug face in his political Oh small yeah yes oh he rivals the that Covington kids smile I'd say I think he's worse in terms of like you see that picture and you go oh I hate this guy I wonder what his take was on the Covington kids I should I wanted to look that IcyHot take I wanted to look that up on Twitter to see if I could find what he was saying during that time oh yeah cuz I bet it was something terrible Jake Gyllenhaal you're gonna try to backtrack me you wouldn't assemble an eight-person panel to debate about about TV you would tell your friends cause as a lawyer don't take anything he says seriously you would recognize rightly that keep it engaging and what I was saying would be rewarding bad behavior oh my god he's so he just he doesn't get the difference between facts and values does he he doesn't he thinks he thinks if you don't recite progressive values than you are lying it's like you're like progressive values are facts that's exactly his mindset he's so in the bubble he thinks yes he thinks that progressives have all the right facts and conservatives are all liars or ignorant yes and this is the man that we should control that we should trust to have authoritarian control over who's allowed to say what yeah maybe right but that's a judgment call that most news networks are terrified to make the idea of a black listening and entire flow equalization political party call someone a liar is to use networks it's just so like not wonder why but it's not even true like on like on MSNBC I don't remember them I don't think they're gonna have a bunch of an T factors on their show and whenever they have a conservative it's like to pone them I know anti-vaxxers are talking about a a tangible position though yes that's true that's true which I think I mean he's conflating political positions with like flat earthers I mean there's a there's a truth value to the statement of whether or not the first round or flat right right abortion we don't have that luxury like no yeah like I said we don't know if society would be better if there was no abortion or there right was abortion and even that that's you you're deciding a criteria in which to judge it which other people might not even agree with your criteria totally the whole utilitarian a lot of people disagree with yeah I mean with with flatters there's only one criteria it's the earth flat or not yeah and it's really inconsequential to how people vote yes it's a hundred percent it's not even a moral argument no it's not no not at all it's like yeah just but he's he's not even he's completely straw Manning reality yourself yeah big-time why are you doing it Carl does does he know he's doing it come on no cuz I he's so in his own asshole he's so up his but he's so in his own bubble that he really believes that progressives have all the right facts and conservatives are all dumb or liars yeah which is how you end up with major new segments about whether million that people voted illegally in the last election I love slap paint this picture because the two people were telling the truth who are winning this debate and who are technically correct are miserable look at that they're having the worst day we get it you don't like CNN CNN is one new station out of dozens all right and how many online publications are there hundreds yeah are you to see about the partisan online publications because I mean Louis maza was like okay troops he's like reporters steven crowder is no longer banned we have to like did you see him marshalling the troops on twitter it was crazy right he's like we have to write hit pieces here email me for the talking it's like right why are you bitching about fox news that's like and doing the exact same thing and in CNN isn't even impartial or neutral either it's all a facade well and the the election results are I mean we're talking about something that we could factually game the truth on right yeah it's another flat earth another science versus values he says she's lying I don't know that she is lying oh I don't I don't I'm assuming that there wasn't some wave of illegal immigrants voting in 2016 well but it's confirmation bias like they find one I mean you can find one of anything you find anything you're like all this has got to mean there's millions and then the next thing you know you're on CNN like just signaling that you're about your theory a million people have heard or say that people voted illegally in the last election she already won it's interesting because this really this takes all agency away from people you know the social justice side they're the sights always crying about the word agency I never heard anyone use the term agency before the feminists start talking about it and yet they're the ones that want to take it away from everyone you don't have any control over your thoughts or your brain yeah yeah I mean I kind of agreed because I don't think Free Will exists but not in a way that he's saying you know I don't think anyone's tuning in the CNN is like all may read all these people did illegally phone no no people that believe that are not watching CNN already well I think originally people did turn tune into CNN because they just wanted the facts right I think that was their brand it used to be right but then like the whole Trump thing in Trump's America yeah exactly they started they realized okay the people who want the facts is 10% and the people who want their biases confirmed is 30% let's just go for right your audience because we know advertisers right exactly the people who just want the facts are gonna be well they're I'd like to think that they were closer to 50 percent of the nation but now that we're in this really polarized situation where I mean you and I are getting that shit all the time about you know dirty fence sitters like all the name-calling it doesn't affect us but a lot of people I mean they'll just choose the side people most about you for that cuz I no one no one really in sauce me for that really oh I get it all the time I somehow I don't maybe it's cuz I don't pick fights with anyone on Twitter I like just don't get people don't call me out almost like 99% of the time yeah yeah I don't know you you're more like than me oh fuck off you are always picking fights of people I'm gonna cry I never I never pick fights of people I would just take a screenshot and call him stupid yeah and then they don't respond yeah I don't know I don't know it's my charming smile dude but you I mean you watch videos where I mean they're not calling they're calling centrist dirty face yeah I know that's aimed at you it is in spirit that's not personally yeah that's true so I'm just saying that if there's a if there is a brand of people that nobody likes I think vegans for instance you know people are gonna gravitate away from that right so being objective there's a cost to being objective let's put it that way yes that cost gets greater the higher political polarization goes it's such a weight Oh such a terrible weight to be enlightened centrist to know to be one of the few individuals who truly understands the nature of reality Adam we just have to carry this burden it's this overwhelming responsibility oh it's the centrist man's burden I admit it we're here to save the world have you seen that like that really racist picture of the white man's burden no I it's like it shows like a white person or like a couple white people they're like carrying like the other ethnicities into like the modern era sounds about right it's like that's like an old like you know like early 1900 style I'm like I want that picture but like the centrist the temptress man's bird oh yeah I've got like the big brain guy carrying like everyone else okay they're fighting against each other yeah yeah he's got the two people fighting on his back well he's like carrying forward into like making the world keep our you know keeping the lights on making the world keeps turning that the easy part of my talk it's actually kind of easy to say the Turtles it should be about facts and away about our boys things that's just my voice that's why aren't you you're doing a voice cuz you know it sounds stupid cuz it is stupid yeah cuz you're stupid you're fucked rule okay I like really really strongly dislike you got a lot of hate going here I like it I think he's a really bad person he's just selfish yes he's so selfish and egotistical yeah it's it's exactly like what who sent us the Lincoln super chat hell stirrin on nearly all man can stand adversity but if you want to test a man's character give him power I know it's I love that line it's perfect like that's why I really you know I had I was neutral on David hog until he called for the boycott of Laura Ingram because she insulted him I was like really oh my god like this is what you do with your political power in your political position you're gonna go after someone because they made an insult it was like a and it was a middling insult to you know something like about getting into college or something something minor it's just I just disgust me you know you're gonna waste your political capital on that come on exactly come on the high road got to take the high road as we were saying as you said earlier you got a-you got try to be inspirational something to aspire to you know journalism is about about not just it's not just about facts it's about manipulation and that sounds scary isn't that something that's here in in 1984 or V for Vendetta I expect to hear him say what was the the camera move the actor's name it was like the the radio show host you know journalism is not about facts it's about justice he's like that's what the mob says as they're hanging you totally yes this is straight out of Brazil – he belongs at the minister you belong at the Ministry of Information at Carlos justjust the Ministry of Information we're just collecting the information here right god that's scary as fuck it's insane totally science isn't about facts Adam it's about justice yeah yeah you gotta get so many people out there that you got to get even with come on Syd I've gotta clean this mess up I mean this is what they don't understand is that you know it's interesting I think a lot of this has to do with Christianity we no longer have empires built on absolute power in terms of like the Mongol hordes didn't view they didn't care about right and wrong they just did what they did yeah you submitted because power was all that mattered okay but we don't live in that world anymore we live in the world where empires in authoritarianism and fascism always has to have some justification of how they're being victimized I mean Hitler didn't go around Hitler had they had their own victimization complex no we had no you know their economy was terrible and they had to cut in you know they were treated you know they had such like riot rampant inflation because of World War one and so they had to come up with this Victor where the victims and it you know whose fault it is it's dojos you know and there's and all these other people they're the ones holding us back we need justice right you know listen how are you so fucking stupid Carlos maza is it would it be better though if it was just raw power if it was like yeah we're in charge fuck you like we do have a vacation I don't think it'll be better now well it's weird because it's it really the same system of power but the it is it's a justification that's different because you can't just say Carlos maza can't say oh yeah I'm in charge because I've worked for you know Disney well I am immune to this even though it is the same on its course the same the justification is a good sign that at least the masses you know believe in something right we would say good you know that is good yeah he's on my journalism he said journalism is not about facts it's about justice morality good and evil you know how fucked is this I know it's crazy it's crazy you should be scared of anyone who thinks they absolutely know what is right and wrong because that person is probably a psychopath or at least they're capable anyone that thinks anyone that says I know in my heart what is right and wrong is 100 percent that person is capable of the most terrible and horrifying deeds for against any human yeah I'm a plant fuck you Carlos wait a minute this is because people's minds were changed it's not because he said oh you just can't talk about any more yeah I don't think that not talking about any more route words it's easy it's so easy when your side has the power you know to advocate for this strategy you know when interracial marriage was illegal you know was Carlos smiles are gonna go back in time and say well we should just not allow people to talk about what they already believe yeah yeah it's a it's devastating like you can't you can't facilitate change if you take this attitude he's saying society we should free society right where it is right now and the hair let me make all the rules where's society it's interesting it's kinda like that's almost like the sterotypical conservative argument we just need the free society at this moment and you're not allowed to talk about it yeah I don't know where you get that number from I just six off yeah everyone was in 2015 everyone was under 20 blacks are the highest against well you just said 2020 he said 20% of Americans still believe interracial marriage is wrong I wonder if he knows that they're all black they weren't twenty was fourteen if I recall crack okay well yeah but still it's the highest which is fine well I just I wonder what that percentage is like of like if 20 percent of Americans feel I wonder if it's like if 50 percent of that 20 percent is black oh I see you're saying yeah I don't know I don't know the math could could that be possible if each racial group breaks down to be less than 20 percent could the total be more than 20 percent I guess right well I don't know where he's getting statistics but it wasn't interesting to see I mean the I my yeah I don't know but see this is where this is why he's an idiot because there's always a chance that the pendulum will swing back in the other direction yeah that's why you need to have these systems that exist that say no no you can talk about whatever you want and you won't be censored you know like he's so these people are so naive and stupid or just they're just so they don't give a shit because they're just focused on power maybe they just don't they they're willing to tear down all the structures and erect their authoritarian guidelines assuming that it will never change after them don't you think he's just playing to the audience that there's at some level he's just saying if I say this people will like it maybe I don't know it's because of me that sounds like a very well he sat down and tried to you know after-the-fact rationalize away against rationalize something away from neutrality is what this sounds like to me right you know he said I don't like this neutrality I don't like FoxNews I need to justify being an ideologue oh let me rationalize it the reason you don't see these debates is because at some point these networks decided it was unethical to even talk about it no that's not you have these debates cuz only people on the fringes believe it yeah no one's interested they don't dad's exactly no one cares yeah that having the debate and also this is like I mean this is you could make this insane argument about anything you could say yeah that's what I was thinking yeah people aren't arguing about whether cannibalism is right on TV it's like look okay it's like right society has deemed that cannibalism is wrong overwhelmingly that's fine okay but we're not talking about the cases in which society is overwhelmingly deemed something is wrong we're talking about the cases in which people are split society is very contentious yeah like it's almost exactly Yeah right but they're trying to they're trying to put the I mean the abortion debate is perfect because it is nearly 50/50 but I am deep platforming the other side is their way like winning the debate it's like but that doesn't that doesn't change the the functional disagreement in society like that disagreement needs to be resolved how like how can you make the argument that you're resolving the disagreement just by people not hearing it because I don't that doesn't make any sense to me right well it's like the the Footloose strategy you know you know you gotta you gotta just prevent them from doing the the deed that's what will that what's what well you know save the kids from if we don't talk about sex kids won't engage in underage sex that's only is that what you're saying yes abstinent its it who would have thought in the year 2019 that liberals would be advocating for abstinence only yeah you know I think you're a hundred percent right about the abortion debate is the perfect example because you ask any of these people you say okay Carlos should people be allowed to debate abortion should people that a pro-life be able to make no comment no we know pro-choice is the moral position since we know that conservatives know this and are just lying about the whole baby thing cuz yeah you know I could already pick a you could already hear his argument right now he'd be like well you know it's Perle life is dangerous because you're you know denying you know health services to women who are going to get back-alley abortions so you know it's a health concern there it's why it's not just a moral question Adam you know there's a health concern yeah I agree talk about it platform I missed I missed whatever the dumb point is that he was trying to are too busy making fun of him too busy add harmony that's too busy at home see ad hominem is fine as long as it's not a protected class guys yeah no you know it's interesting it's so funny because everyone like there was a time you know everyone used to always beat up on on nerds because what aren't nerds are like like the joke of society because it's like oh well being mysteriously thing about they were from an evolutionary standpoint who is the most mocked group it's unsuccessful males so right yeah and so it's hilarious to see how you know in like in the 80s it would be like oh you can just make fun of nerds because fuck you that's why but now it's just like I'm out with with authoritarians there needs to be some justification in the comp with some excuse why it's okay to make fun of nerds so now it's excused Oh cuz they're in cells Oh cuz they're sexist and they're racist you know they have to come up with some rationale why it's okay yeah the punch on the lowest you know status of society sad sad sad that is the right call but it's a call that has nothing gamers are the most oppressed class in the entire America I missed it again whatever I'll listen this time guys yeah come on we're having too much fun here now focus focus on on this moron so good journalism has everything to do with good biased judgment did you get it that time that's when I so I kept backing up cuz I'm like what is the hippie I know this thing it's illogical but let's let's dive into this let's hear more so this is hilarious because it's like it's like the Oh everyone's doing it so I can do it two approaches totally that's the argument a king yeah everyone is stealing cookies from the cookie jar so I should be allowed to do it too oh it's even worse than that it's like you know well everyone's killing people in the streets why can't we go to kill some people you know I have grievances I'm human being he doesn't you know it's interesting cuz he goes back to it's a way you said the whole news should be neutral thing that's like the aspiration that people should hold early look yes yeah nope throw it away during the trash can the the biological component is you know be life or you and yours like hype up my team and denigrate the outs then lie and lie and you know smear the outsider that's that Ryan's natural biological component the cultural adaptation is to aspirational it's it's this idea that we're all human beings and that we're all in this together and that you know we should we should have norms of you know the principle of charity we should actually try to understand their argue we should actually you know they are the the stone that sharpens our blade now Carlos Maz is like that yeah I think way I think that's a great idea it's a great point you know Western society modern society is aspirational it's built on aspirational foundations because otherwise what are we we're just a bunch of cavemen killing each other it's true yeah Carlos Maz is an advocating that we should just continue that norm we just have to we have to obliterate the other team just kill our enemies yes destroy them I know he's saying people are biased so sock neutrality yeah all he all he is saying is that hey we've discovered people are easy to manipulate should we manipulate him our way or why he's not saying is there an is it ethical to manipulate people like he's just like people are gonna be manipulated should we manipulate him our way that's what he's saying and it's it's so absurd because like he's acting like his side doesn't manipulate people and that they need this talking to you know he's acting like Oh Fox News is just taking advantage of us because they're willing to admit really while the left isn't it's like Carlos what fucking world are you living in what is your your literal job okay left-wing FoxNews on Vox what what the fuck are you talking about the the example that he gives because this is this happened in the Trayvon Martin thing where the conservative media like Breitbart and whatnot would would post Trayvon Martin's like gangster pictures yeah I'm sure I see them yes and then the MSNBC would post his you know like you know the high school picture yeah him with a decathlon trophy I mean all this is saying is people are complicated right yes so well it's it's just saying everyone has their own bias yeah okay that's why we need the aspiration pushing us towards neutrality yeah exactly but how do you get neutrality in that situation if it's but I tell it Carlos if it's this bad as it is with this aspiration towards new travel how much fuck early just mute no I said delay I said if if if bias is so bad right now as it is if if things are so if the news is so biased as it is right now with an aspiration and towards neutrality how bad does Carlos think it would be if you got rid of the aspiration towards neutrality we just threw in the trash yeah things would be a thousand times worse yeah yeah yeah we got to aspire towards the neutrality like put the whole ideas we're saying put down the guns and Carlos this is like now we all have guns down Carlos is making the arm the teachers oh he is in journalism that's what he's saying yeah he is arm arm the students let's just have a shootout well we the I think part of the DES platforming on YouTube is that they've realized okay well there is other people are out there making arguments to yes yeah I think I do too but the point is that those answers have nothing to do with facts they have to do with our own internal judgments about right and wrong and there is no neutral way to answer those questions in 2009 MPR's ombudsman defended the Heller decision to not get the word torture to describe Waterbury argue that the word torture was loaded with social and political implications and that empty our job was to present their listeners with all perspectives this January every season two members of reporters asking them to not use the word racist swimming going back to NPR I mean MBR is obviously very left-leaning no one's gonna deny that yes but but you would hope you would hope that if there's one source of news that should be neutral shouldn't it be the one funded by the fucking government definitely and I can think of two people who would argue that NPR is not nature or is neutral or is not left-leaning des who besides Carlin and Hasan piker because I've heard them are one both I heard them argue that in a debate with Sargon and the look I saw God's face yeah they were like what the the media's left-wing come on the media conservative it's just in the nick point this debate yeah totally I must know unless and I got to that part that's absurd totally absurd suggesting that instead they use phrases like what many are calling racist evers the media is not even allowed to use their implication they just got a flat-out call you race there yeah exactly he's advocating that the media is able to call anybody racist for anything they just like how subjective is the term racist right or and how objectively does that just destroy people's career so awful that's evil that's totally yeah exactly this is what's so despicable about this is disgusting okay because how he twist this fuckin argument all your get baiting the humanity no one's full up I'm sure some fuckin crazy people out there but most people are debating anyone's fuckin humanity I don't even know that the crazy people are debating their humanity I'm sure they're not good someone out here I'm sure there's someone out there so yeah but yeah it's it's a fringe argument yeah but see but that's that's why this tactic is so that's why everything is advocating for so dangerous because you can so easily just twist something around into this pro justice argument like oh you can't say that having gender dysphoria is a mental illness because you're arguing against a humanity of trans people I know it's so you know the the argument that I make is there is a utilitarian argument I made it before about the the number of people who are falling for this social contagion versus the number of people who legitimately have gender dysphoria that's a that's a completely rational argument but a Corinne Carlos Maz oh we can't even try to get those numbers without arguing against people's humanity it's like about that what about the humanity of all those kids that are getting false positives they don't write humanity I thought I was arguing for their humanity Frank right what about the humanity of all the people that live in lower-income areas that and have looked you know they're losing their jobs to legal immigrants oh yeah they know they don't have you manage their humanity doesn't count Oh there's this clip of a woman at a black woman at a Eddie I almost said student council meeting but city council meeting it's like the same thing yeah pretty much and she's arguing that the black community suffers more than anyone from immigration and that all these white people are just virtue signaling a like about how they're anti-racist and that's why they're letting immigration but they're hurting the actual American citizens is so it's so impatient and she makes such great arguments that you're just like yeah why are we what is that why are we why are we giving these migrants priority over are all the freaking American citizens oh yeah it's like was it when they was at CNN or knows the Daily Beast when they they Doc's the guy put up the or they think created they don't even know a guy who put up the Nancy Pelosi video that had been edited it turns out like he was some like black you know poor black worker you know oh yeah you know boot you know blue-collar job and they're like ah fuck this guy they throw so they throw actual people in need under the bus as needed it's so wrong so right just completely wrong where's the humanity of the the kid that's accused of sexual assault that didn't do it then is actually awesome yeah yeah no Carlos doesn't care about that me too come on come on blow it up here White House he worked oh my god I if he starts waiting for AOC in like a couple of years I'm gonna be like holy shit you fucking oh hey AOC is gonna be the nominee in 2024 I don't like I don't see any way around it maybe later I don't know I don't think that soon I think she's gotta grow some roots in Congress I don't think she's gonna be around in 2024 well first well we don't depends if a Democrat wins in 2020 then no right well you're assuming you're assuming Trump's gonna win Trump is gonna win in 2020 right and AOC is gonna run in 2024 yeah hmm hmm maybe you're right I could see it I could see it that's definitely it's my strong possibility refusing to name is not your evil cuz you're evil oh yeah we're naming the evil here oh you want me to say yeah Carlos you're evil yeah as I was waiting for you that you got a joke it was my tweet molarity em on you were like you tweeted that Crowder was minor wrong and he said Carlos was counter-arguments asked ya counter-arguments said who was who was essentially he said who was right Carlos or maza and I said Crowder's minor wrong and maza is atomic wrong yes and I said Carlos maza is Satan twirling humanity over a spit wrong yes which I think evil i I think I I think you had a very apt imagery completely correct Alex Karras for $10 says don't either read this but I will Alex thank you very much for $10 this is how much I enjoyed the column stream I'm glad you enjoyed the column stream if you guys don't know we did a column stream on Adams channel and eventually we'll put in the playlist and we'll do them in the future we had a lot of fun with the column streams yeah we did definitely people were challenging us right and left I feel like we had 10 – Bay it's higher so is great yeah it was great no one no one agrees with Adams voting-age dick I have a debate I think against concept huh he was the one that was the most against me on that and I actually have a debate on the think club channel I think it's in three weeks I have a debate every Wednesday lined up for the next four weeks and I'm lining debates up pretty regularly so there you go I'm debating the abortion thing on I think next week next Wednesday hmm a sub sandwich for $1 thank you very much one cross for $5 says hey PSA when are you going to do let's play streaming's I was going to do a let's play streaming when I got my new computer I got a new computer like this was in January something I got a new computer and I had to return it because it was garbage so I still it so I'm selling my laptop I still never know what actually what oh my god oh my god oh my that's great so also it's just bad cuz you video games for me are very are highly addictive it's like I don't I I don't want to go down that hole again so I probably will never do let's play what if I do it if I ever do it let's play it's gonna be a justification for playing video games in my head is a rationale so so Dustin Dustin had reached out to me on Twitter and we were talking about counter-strike and I was like how do I play count like it's been so long I don't even know how to play counter strike people still play counter-strike that I know ancient I know well I guess you got to get a steam account and I went to steam and I'm like am I gonna do it I'm like and I had the exact same reasons sensation as you like I was like yeah it's like the I've been sober for this long and I'm standing in front of the bar and I'm going do I really want to go home blackout drunk yeah kinda but I did it exactly I didn't get the Steam account I didn't get this good account I've contemplated and I started actually watching some counter-strike videos and I was like this game is fine that's funny yeah that's it that's why when they came out I think it was at WH OH came out with the gaming disorder thing and ever was making fun of it and I know it's funny I don't disagree with that I think there's going to be 10 20 years from now when the people at played video games become older I think there's gonna be lots of research that shows just how biologically addictive video games can be for certain people oh it's totally addictive they used to be guys this is why guys played sports or join the military the the but those that intense action that you get in a game like is sustainable in a video I don't think it's just that intent I think that's part of it but I think the more the more nefarious aspect of it is that your brain is wired to give you these little dopamine hit every time you you have a you succeed at a goal mm-hmm so you have the video game creates all these fake goals for you to succeed in so it's basically tricking your brain and to think you're doing something valuable yeah yeah and you're not you're like 35 and you're like wow I've accomplished nothing yeah exactly also if I if I was to take a picture of the jacket what would be the best way to show it to you that's right you were gonna make a cool jacket or you did make a cool jacket but I mean just send it to me on Twitter I guess your photo if you have a Twitter account just just send on Twitter and I'll retweet it and I'll put it in a video at some point if you don't have Twitter you can always just email to me it's a PSA sich gmail.com go ahead you check my email far less than I should yeah I'm good once a month though huh I check my email once a month now Christiaan worthy for two pounds or two euros says Hasan also said profit is theft that's true oh I know yeah I know what the fuck how could anyone listen to someone that says that this Richard Wolff guy that is always ragging on Petersen like his argument is that you like working at a job as exploitation because you earn for the employer more money than they actually give you and I'm thinking does this guy not know how time works like this do you not know how investments work do you've realized that you like you you make a product that that employer is going to sell well what happens if the market changes overnight and those products never sell like this offering risks involved in business that his theory doesn't account for one bit I mean the promise to is like I'm sympathetic to the idea that there's a lot of weirdness to the two concepts like should your boss make more money than you necessarily because oftentimes there's a lot of problems with BA structures in most jobs because a boss should be someone that's good at managing people but oftentimes it's not it's someone who is good at doing some part of whatever their job was and they get promoted it's like well that doesn't mean they're gonna be good at managing people right like it should be completely divorced and and but there's a weird thing that's like wait a minute if your boss doesn't make more money than you then would you listen to them like don't they have to make more money to you yeah listen to this dumbass he doesn't even pay more money than you exactly so there's a lot of like weirdness to the whole structure that I'm sympathetic to but yeah the idea that profit is theft is like that's fucking bonkers crazy like yeah how do you get innovation yeah how do you get it that's like okay yeah once we have the Star Trek replicators you can get rid of profit okay till then let's calm the fuck down okay I love how they say – it's just a standard conservative argument like that somehow makes it invalid conservative are you reality is the standard conservative yes well they came up with the argument because that's that's like the quote that's the most devastating counter-argument right like Argo against the argument you can't yeah exactly there's a reason I forget I talk we talk about another stream or something it's like communism or communist principles would work in a small community where everyone makes the choice to be part of that community and you know every person you feel it incentive to work because you you know if you don't work you're letting people that you like down yes yeah totally that's good you don't have that yet you're not gonna have that feeling in a country the size of the United States no have that feeling in office we don't give a shit about your employer if I can work less and fuck the guy over that I don't like them that's why inside exactly exactly so yeah I'm gonna slack are you kidding me I hate that guy yeah it's I don't know I can't I literally can't wrap my mind around how anyone could be this fucking dumb yeah that's the thing that's crazy about it because you you mentioned the distributist and I see the distributes on Twitter going round and round with that Ben Burgess guy who's right out and out Marxist and I think the same thing I'm like how can you like it just boggles the mind how you can believe this like it's so far removed from reality that you think this is just crazy it's correct yeah what's it's in Psych I can only imagine that they're just so emotionally blinded you know they have such a strong emotional feeling to something that just blinds all logic and intelligence right out of brain shorts on a stork for 4.99 says Carlos has weaponized millennial hyperbolic moral rhetoric that's where he gets his plausible deniability I think you are 100% on the money shorts on historic yeah that's what they don't complain that Trump does right these weaponized hyperbole it's easy to point out sometimes it's easy for the masses to point out the tactics that they're engaged yeah well yeah I'll I really like that that's a good way putting it he is completely weaponized millennial hyperbolic hyperbolic moral rhetoric darth's age it's our favorite super chatter for $10 says by any means necessary yep that should be there should be box of chains our slogan from go deeper to by any means necessary oh my god it'd be truth in advertising that's for sure it's true and would be truth in advertising the rooster for $5 says Marxist and and caps have to make up and admit that both profit and Taxation effect world B's achieved oh man I like that a lot that's a good meme it's all time it's all it's all theft you can't criticize Islam because that means you're taking away their humanity it's such a just a gigantic straw man he's erecting yeah it's it says it says shorts on sex ed its you just couch your rhetoric correctly and you can get away with anything that's sad that's hugely sad you know you might know a thing about the world from that you know he doesn't care about learning you think Martha cares about learning no he he has all the answers that I'm talking you understand he doesn't need to learn he knows everything already where did the answers come from for him though they came from his emotions okay yeah yes right right see this is why we someone in the con show challenged me on this this is why I was so mocking of Nick Fuentes saying we don't need facts in science sometimes we can just rely on our intuitions because that's what Carlos Maz is doing right now he is big-time 100% that's the road that always leads you to hell yeah confirmation bias yep you're like this is right because it feels right that that's why go with it looked up yeah that's why people looked up at the sky for thousands of years and said obviously the Sun revolves around the planet I can look at it and it just does I can see it you're telling me not to believe my eyes yeah this is why that Hume quote is so so great too that truth brings from argument on friends because like if right Carlos Mazda had a friend that came in and said well maybe you know this argument has some merit to it you know what happens if they do something like this like he won't even accept a counter-argument that's not from someone in social group someone who's in his bubble well see that that's maybe that's why we have we're so politicized right now is cuz you think you know friend groups are so separated like Carlos models not gonna rends with anyone that's not Astrid obeah yeah that's a problem that's a huge problem yeah imagine if you only went to dinner with steven crowder and just how to beer together right well first you have to get them on like shrooms or something first it's kind of lower than lower the barrier we see go ahead I'll just say see this is missus where we get into trouble because you have a OC who neither of us alike is advocating for psilocybin race that's good though you like that right I do like that but it's like wait a minute the worst person you know is doing something you agree Oh Scott Adams gets in trouble all the time on his periscope because he talked he's like this is where she got it right and were like yeah we'll see that's so interesting too because he's not even talking about her being right factually or morally he saw about her being write persuasively this behavior of straw Manning the other side's argument denigrating them as human beings calling them evil this is the behavior that evolved to facilitate armed conflict between two groups yes where one yes where one destroys the other or takes their resources like why are we why are we why are people pushing us in this direction I mean they just consciously don't know that this is this is the evolved behavior that we're participating in basically finishing this is this is the mental image you should have of when cows maza speaks okay basically he's just like a monkey who's just trying he's making monkey sounds trying to get you to war on the group of monkeys that's enough Valley over that's what he's doing exactly yeah he's like we can take them there week we have all the institutions we have picker rocks in them okay we can kill the males and take the women okay yeah yeah it's crazy it's it's it's creepy and enlightening when you realize how much of the conflicts that we're engaged in that you know or we're put on clothes and we're on the internet and when you think we're all intellectual and all this nonsense it's like no no all this conflict really comes down from like this root behavior of the the idea that you just want to spread your genetic diversity to the women over there yeah exactly he's he's literally trying to make hatred of a group of people see me seem normal that's what he's doing yeah that's what he's saying he's saying they're all bigots they're all racists we have to hate him it's just yeah they're not I mean he's completely lying about him but you know that doesn't matter nailed it that you got it that's a conservative argument right there oh my god this guy you're gonna hate this guy so much journalists see this is this is it's so funny because when I first listen to this I'm like holy shit this is just so enlightening for the whole YouTube situation cuz this was before the whole thing of crowd are guys this was like I think this is the beginning of this like in January or something no this wasn't that long ago I think this was the beginning of Jim this was actually this TED talk was published for really recently yeah I got too many tabs open I'm pointing out TED talk Carlos my don't misspell that Kuni you're right you're right it was one month ago yeah that's still before the Crowder stuff the dislikes on that video are are heartening because a lot of people intuitively know that this is just bonkers yes yeah but but it's it's fine cuz he goes in this whole thing about gatekeepers he's like that's he wants YouTube and journalists to just be the gatekeepers oh he does progressive values that's what he wants he's advocating for him to be the new the new priesthood he he wants to interpret the rights and wrongs of society for you right yeah man faces roll for $10 says five personality traits are lenses to the world communism inherently tracks one of these traits in particular also capitalism rules because it recognizes the inherent selfish nature of humans very true since that's always how I've believed regulation should be framed for businesses regulation should always be framed in how we need to get people's selfish desire for profit to be better for society overall yeah you want to align people's motivations right yeah this is why democracy works too because exactly the the Trump wants to win a second election so he's trying to make 60 what is a 63 million people happy right right that's a tough thing to do that's why it reminds me I think it was braving ruin I think it was who was advocating for monarchies I thought I thought that was pragmatic culture I did a debate with pragmatic cultural he's advocating for monarchy and I actually I actually exchanged tweets with him on it because I was thinking about I was like why is this so like why would you be advocating this but I figured out that he has such a Trust in his in his guy like the the instinct is that you know I want my policies I want society structured in the way I think society should be structured and I'm willing to risk that someone can turn on me because I trust my my person so much that he'll implement my policies that's why you have a king you want to give someone that kind of power because you're they're they're you're a guy right I I keep trying to point out that that they're only your guy until they gain that power they don't need you anymore you then they don't need you anymore exactly and this is the problem of communism because the Communists always promised they're like well you know we'll we distribute the wealth right well we'll take the welcome but in order to sustain power like those wealthy people are the ones that are keeping you oh so you rules for rulers yeah exactly amber you have to cater to them which it changes the entire structure of it so that the thing that you're advocating for can never happen like it's structurally impossible to happen see that would be interesting to hear you know Ben Burgess or Hasan piker any of these commie guys then is there any like what is their counter-argument to dick hares handbook I've heard none yeah like I don't even like that's that's the argument against communism right there yeah yeah it is hugely well also the another huge argument against communism is that no who wants to start a business if like if you are gonna get the fruits of your own labor like right right they they they'll make an argument that we have evidence and we do have evidence that not everybody is motivated by money well good you could maybe super difficult you could theoretically structure society where people compete for staff compete on the Status hierarchy for something other than money I just don't think you could get there like you couldn't get there now cuz too ingrained in our society I think I think there really I think maybe only 20% of people are driven by money and competing in the status hierarchy but they're the ones that create all the businesses and innovation that the exact same game from that's why I'm saying that's my argument to the BEM burgesses and the Richard Wolf's of the world it's like you're you're effectively saying because 80% of people are not interested in money or status that it it it doesn't matter an economy well you're ignoring the 20% that are driven by money in status and create everything like no but I'm assuming and I think he did say that's when we talked to him I'm assuming he would say that the 20% are the people you know you could structure society so that there that the go getters are fighting for status that's not related to money um okay I mean I think you could do that I don't think you I think you could do that theoretically I don't think you could do that now well as the idea of wealth is too ingrained in the people's consciousness but won't those people because keep in mind that Ben Burgess is advocating for a planned economy one they've just go into politics where they control the money in status because your business is controlled by that's yeah so there would be no because the capitalism has this public private thing which is kind of a good thing because it keeps it's like the separation of powers which is so brilliant and the American system right so but I guess been not just not like to steal man Ben's argument his argument is that all decisions must be made through Democratic means like he's saying that he would call what I just said state capitalism where and he says that's that's it's not that's not really socialism socialism right where companies are owned by a collective of people and that people collectively makes decisions democratically which I think would could likely produce terrible decisions like my whole thing is and this goes also into the argument on the lowering the voting age because I'm I'm conceiving of like I don't the the the people that say the voting age should stay higher or even go higher like they're advocating that only smart people should vote right right which is the same idea as a planned economy and I'm saying you don't have an like even if you have the smartest person in the world making decisions nobody knows the future and where our system operates now because we like we are in effect flying blind but we know what happened in the past and the best way that we can tell if the recent past was good or bad as if we survey the largest number of people right so if you focus on just a few people who are really smart thinking about the future you're gonna get worst results than if you focus on a large number of people that can tell you whether or not the last four years we're good or bad right and you don't have to be smart to know if the last four years we're good or bad you just have like you just have to have lived through them and say I think well suck also there's just tons of stupid smart people so yes yeah yes like Carlos I don't I think he's a stupid smart person I don't think he's I don't think he has low IQ I think he's just emotionally stunted and blind he doesn't the enough facts he's only he's cherry-picking he's only he's he has motivated reasoning he has a certain outcome that he wants and he's only going and looking for information that confirms that outcome exactly but I don't think motivated I don't think if you did a study of people who you know Vike use of their IQ scores I don't think smarter people would be less likely to fall into the trap of motivated reason no they are they're it's the studies actually so that they're better at finding justifications for their whatever crazy harebrained scheme they want to come up with exactly I'm just thinking cuz instead of listening to Jonathan heightened audit and audiobook I've been listening to Game of Thrones what I had I had to clear my palate of the terrible show with the book well but I don't have time to read so I just listen to it anyway my point is like Carlos Mazda is like the is the is the Cersei Lannister you know he's the evil person playing the game of Thrones like all the high and low and families up you know backstabbing each other for power so I just have to be the best at it yeah you know Carlos Mazda is the guy that would stab Ned Stark in the back that's what I'm saying it's just a power game to him yes fuck honor honors for fools and dead men and principles you know what matters Carlos what matters is having a society that will be stable and exist in the future that title is so offensive to how neutrality is making yeah dummer yeah title error because he's he's a fucking more I said he wasn't stupid but he's a fucking moron dumber I want to live in the world where people have free speech I want to live in the world where you're not afraid of the mob coming to your place of work and murdering you because you had a fought crime or because you discovered some scientific truth that was uncomfortable right exactly are we like let's is it making us dumber if we like don't explore certain areas of knowledge because they might hurt somebody's feelings I mean come on seems like you're Dumber if you can't take reality Carlos Mazda and the entire SJW crew there they are the people who back in the day were like no no no no you can't dare say that the Earth revolves around the Sun because that's will affect the moral foundations of our religion yes that's exactly the case they were the ones that strung up Galilee yeah these are the people Carlos maza was the guy who was trying to who's advocating for people to assassinate Charles Darwin yes yeah that's who he is yeah and he doesn't even know it doesn't even know it also means taking responsibilities for your answers to those questions and many the Guru has a point of view and being able to defend it that's like ninety percent ninety ninety percent of all news media is left-wing like openly yelling I want I think he might say that's not the case like you got Fox he got daily wire Daily Caller Breitbart didn't Fox is that it I can't think of any other didn't Vox just recently make the argument though that Fox News was driving the narrative and that all the left-wing media is just following Fox News that Fox News it's like the that's Carlos made a video about that where he said so he made that yes he said you know cuz Fox News will put some argument forth and then all of the the good guy liberal news media organizations will have to debunk it yeah that yeah so he which isn't really which isn't really even the way it works what happens is because trumps in power Trump will say something and then they'll rush to talk about what Trump said right but that argument that Fox News argument is an argument that conservatives control the media that's that's all I'm saying is that I see he's making the argument that conservatives control the media like you just said and I completely agree that the left-wing controls 95% of the meeting right but he will make the argument that no that's just a misperception of us that because Fox News who controls five percent of the media they start a narrative and all the left wingers are too dumb to to create their own narrative out of it they go ahead and gobble up whatever Fox is saying and realizing the signal boost it yeah so I guess it was it was Fox News that made the narrative about the fine people Charles ball right that was the Fox News narrative right ya know just go with it don't try to Devon there's a beautiful irony about how close Fox and Vox sound oh yeah but it's worth remembering that neutrality it's a choice to give up trying to make no no fuck you that's not what it is it's a choice in saying I'm smart enough and aware now and have enough self-awareness to understand that I am incredibly biased and that's not my place to tell everyone what is or what isn't yeah what's yeah we should be caring society yeah exactly it's the awareness that you could always be wrong and you need to be careful and it's also even more importantly than that it's the awareness of everything we've been talking about that the road to authoritarian fascism is believing that you're right at all costs believing that you know what good and evil are yeah with this certainty that you're willing to silence your opponents when you have the power to do it yeah man did wasn't America founded on like the rights of the minority okay standing up for those that are what what is it called when you're the tyranny of the majority well I mean the Bill of Rights is based on that that you can't that all people have these in a label rights right freedom of speech is one of those inalienable rights that's how you avoid the tyranny the democracy can get tyrannical too because whoever doesn't the majority can take can subjugate the minority exact why the Bill of Rights exists they're like yeah go crazy subjugating people but don't subjugate here like let them have guns let them let them say what they want yeah right Carlos mom is literally arguing against the Constitution right now look I'm just because the founding fathers didn't know but the difference between good evil yeah Carlos you just got it all figured out oh I got you yeah yeah right Carlos is Carlos at the young age of however old he is oh no he's figured all reality you know author all throughout human history okay all these wars and empires always people dying and rising to the ranks of of being emperor of the world they keep fucking up because everything becomes evil and corrupt all those people were wrong but Carlos he's gotta figure it out yeah he knows I'd love to see just keep reading list I would really love to see his reading list just give him the keys of power and he'll he'll fix everything sort everything out okay just put the little cap put the crown on his head Animal Collective one for 4.99 says the title may as well be anyone that doesn't few things through my political lens is my lesser yeah yeah there's a there is an elitist tinge to his argument that's for sure it's more than a tinge yeah it's swimming in it it's it's actually being kind I would say that the the title is anyone that doesn't view through my political lens is evil yeah man faces world for twenty dollars thank you very much man faces world Adam is not about being intelligent Adam it's not about being intelligent it's being proven responsible for life trials not book-smart school smart or life smart example who's more eager to go to war a vet or a young teenager whose experience is video games I mean I say I do thank you for the time I am weary of fighting back against you since you're so generous so it's funny when the when the lowering the voting age the argument that I'm making is I I just I don't think you have to be smart if you if you're 12 years old and you're in a family okay and your dad's lost his job and your mom's and your mom's working three jobs like and you know the school sucks I mean I mean you have an idea of how society is going and these these I think these people that get elected really I mean they want to maintain power in the way to maintain powers to make the largest number of people happy so I just feel like what do you need to know if you're that twelve-year-old like you you think change right like something has to change here I think people are people know that society is drifting off off off the path now and I think that's why they voted for Obama I think that's why they voted for Trump I think people are voting for change now mm-hmm so yeah I think you're right but you don't you don't you never know like the idea that you know the smart person knows to vote for the right person because they're gonna deliver that change that person could fail it delivering that change you never know like I'd the the smart argument doesn't ring true to me because I mean really all you can do is keep voting for change until someone till it it happens or doesn't happen we're in that position now we really are mm-hmm is this argument illogical to you is it no it makes sense to me yeah everything you say makes sense to me Adam even when I disagree with you well do you think I mean I'm making somewhat of an emotional argument here just by talking about you know this kid is in a shitty school his mom's working three jobs his dad is fired from whatever job you like that kid do you think that kid should be allowed to vote like do you think his situation is a label god I think you're stronger argument is your original argument which is that it's not about any of that it's about people being accountable right but I think that's your strongest but it's the same argument because the kid it's not really because you're saying the kid has the awareness to understand that things are right bad or good doesn't haven't the leaders let people down if the dad is having trouble finding work and the mom is working three jobs and like as a society really I mean that this is the argument that Bernie Sanders is making that right well hey I'd argue that people most people in general so it's regardless of age you know it doesn't matter how old you are sure they're not aware of of why what the cause is that's letting them down in this hurting society I mean the housing crash is a perfect example you had the housing crash spawned two movements down opposite ends you had Occupy Wall Street which was the far left people saying oh this was all caused by the banks and we need to tear down capitalism itself and then you had the the not the far right but on the libertarian right side you the Tea Party which said no no no no this is all caused by government and over over taxation and over-regulation right so neither side knew what the fuck caused the housing crash but they they're both advocating for something but Obama won because of the housing crash like his right monocoque change exactly people voted to change yeah I agree with you there yeah I'm just saying I don't I don't know if it's a good argument for that's why kids should vote cuz you'd say okay well you the kids might the kid will understand things are bad or good but they're not gonna have any idea why you but why do you need an idea of why things are good or bad all you need because things are good or bad because if what how do you vote if things here's why because if things are bad and you vote in the office someone who's just gonna keep doing the bad stuff or that's gonna make it worse then that's the danger right right so you're voting you're voting for this the status quo candidate I mean it seems like obvious I'm not saying you can have someone could run on a platform of change but if you don't understand what causes the problem the change could be a thousand times worse the perfect example you're just talking about but I'm saying nobody can understand I know but look I agree with you there I'm just saying I don't think it's a strong argument because it's the same thing with aoc with like with were you were talking about with the airplanes you know she's advocating for less less airplanes to help climate control but that actually could be what's preventing a climate change right right but you understand that you can't like even the like all of society's not gonna know what's right yeah I'm using like even the smart people disagree on that right right all you my argument is all you can really know is whether or not things were good or bad and for and for the widest number of people because okay so let's say you limit the voting age to just the smart people right and then well I everything really yeah but people are advocating for this all I'm saying is that I mean roaming millennial advocated for this only the smart people vote which is did she yeah she was saying they should raise the voting age people have the mental capacity right right but she wasn't saying there should be like IQ tests for voting no but I'm saying that if you only have certain people voting Society will inevitably be structured so those people are benefiting at the cost of everybody else I'm saying that is structurally how democracy works right so you want more people voting if you want more people to be doing better like there are people that will argue well that's like why like we want society to do better for the smarter people and who cares what the dumb people that do like there are people that will advocate for that I'm not one of them right so well we're getting off path anyway but I don't know I'm not convinced by your argument well you can't be convinced because it's impossible for people to change their minds that's their ego there you go jar jar full of love for two Ozzie Ali says lemon shark suicide which is awful what is that you know that is referenced I was I was googling it while you were talking and I couldn't find an answer hmm so he could good god Adam could keep his eyes on on the chat maybe you know maybe you'll explain cuz I know what the fuck you're talking about but I do appreciate the two Aussies and your continued love and support of the stream he 1881 for $5 says maza is authoritarian left-right politics ultimately don't matter it's his way or the Gulag also gone a balanced tyranny of majority in tragedy of commons hmm yeah no I agree that's C that's always the balancing act I guess a democracy has to that's the tightrope democracy has to walk so I think maza does perceive conservatives as an enemy because of his sexuality I mean I would ask him about that probably probably yeah Peter hassle Strom 450s 450 sexes mm-hmm says how do you feel about legalizing abortion of people without fully developed brains ie good solve a lot of problems well see there would be a little problem with that though is that you would end up extinct you know it'd end up causing the extinction of the human race so the small problem it's a small girl I mean if Adam wants to give fetuses the right to vote they would make it illegal immediately there you go if you gave fetuses the right to vote abortion would be illegal it's a good argument for themselves at a time when demagogues and hatemongers are most eager to fill the void so this is why this is why the whole victimization why the social justice movement is is a weaponized victimization because their entire the tire theology behind the movement is as long as were the victims it's okay for us to break the rules yeah yes like that's Carlos his entire argument basically yeah do you think you could describe him as a demagogue or a hate monger he's a demagogue and a hate monger I know it's funny that he's calling about he's like his last comment was that if we don't do this you know demagogues and hate mongers will fill the void I'm like damn right we're looking at the hate monger in chief right here Carlos maza I heard whistling people were clapping awful loud for that these Ted thing must be well I don't know anything about this I don't anything about this Connie place so maybe maybe it's very SJW a lot of people were saying remember when TED talks were good and I was thinking yeah that's true they did have what's-her-face do a TED talk the the red pill lady sounded vaguely sexist what's-her-face the ICJ yeah Cassie J I saw that it was good yeah quite a great one she she is the is the opposite of this because she was like yeah as a you know as an activist I went out to make a movie and I turned out I was a journal it's because fats and logic actually changed my opinion yep because she thought she knew what was good and evil and learned she didn't yeah yeah yeah she all empathize with her with her opposition what would it take to get Carlos maza to empathize with his opposition I you know it would take it would take his own side turning against him something about it'd have to be in like like ten years from now on they're like oh if you–if you're gay it's because you're sexist you know you won't have sex with a woman what are you sexist oh my god it's not an argument we should make that argument be that that's what be the argument ten years down the road you hate women yeah you hate women you're a misogynist oh that's good that is good then he'll turn go oh I get it now all sudden I see the light you know I mean it's evil but you know seems like who cares about that rags mischaracterizing people I thought that's what he was advocating man face the world $40 says 2020 voting age 12 2020 for a o'seas president 2030 idiocracy we're already trending towards idiocracy i think you should move that up to 2020 yeah I love that movie it's it's a great great and terrifying movie anyway I guess we're done this was a well it's still almost four hours so it wasn't a quick stream yeah we argued we argued about that before this dream we didn't do a stream last weekend because we did a Colin show on Thursday Thursday that was supposed to be two hours and went like six now no it was like six hours I was like 46 hours whatever it was eight hours we had made our country it was long it was long so anyway I guess we're done I'm finishing up early we've we've gabbed enough even other things to say any closing thoughts at him not really I mean Carlos Carlos Maz is uh I mean I still think he's probably gonna be working for AOC soon we'll look for that well although we will all look on and or if Adams prediction actually comes true that we all applaud Adam for his predictive abilities but it isn't it sort of the I mean so much the world is like that this is totally wrong in it I think it seems like a cry I'm against reality but so much so many times it actually happens that I think okay well what are you gonna do right right well my final thoughts cause Mazda he's evil and is a terrible person and fuck him oh that's good that's good well I'm not a positive note positive take care everyone take care thanks for the super test


  1. Sorry what’s the argument against a fetus being a human life? There’s no scientific argument there’s only a pragmatic argument for being pro-abortion.

    “I don’t want to support this child so I’m killing it” | “Poor people commit crimes let’s have their mothers kill them for us” | “Blacks are a stain on society, let’s build our abortion clinics in their neighborhood”

    These are the core arguments for pro-choice people.

  2. Conservative view of leftist = what a dummy can’t he see the data shows he’s wrong and making it worse?

    Leftist view of conservative = NAZI PUNCH IT!

    I think friended is spot on that conservatives understand the other side, which is evident by only one side willing to talk with people they disagree with. Also conservatives stew in leftist ideology in the media since birth.

  3. Carlos Maza does understand that the woman he praised on the CNN news panel (2:22:42), Sally Kohn, would be censored in accordance with the position he is explicitly advocating for, right? Note: Kohn was one of the women on a previous CNN panel that promulgated the false "hands up, don't shoot" claim in response to the Michael Brown shooting. On various issues such as gun control, abortion, immigration, law enforcement, etc., "progressives" present blatantly inaccurate information. If the standard is that misinformation is to be punished through censorship, "progressives" too would be censored, including Carlos Maza. These ideologues are nothing but hypocritical authoritarians desperate for political power, power that they must never be granted.

  4. Sitch, You and other people, left and right, keep saying that the gas/ oil companies are so focused on GLobal warming being 'fake' or not so bad, etc, but the truth is there is no one investing more in "green energies" than big oil companies. They can see the writing on the wall and they already have their asses covered. My husband worked for Shell and they had stuff about their green investments ALL.THE.TIME. I bet you anything all the "green" companies and programs that AOC et al are promoting came up from, are supported by, or were created in an oil company. I am willing to bet actual money on that.

    And I bet if you DID make fetus rights to vote, Democrats would start having babies again.

  5. Stitch, the reason why your opinion is wrong on ALL of the original cartoons in the 80s is there are no LiBeRaL bullshit infection the original cartoons. OWNED!!!!!

  6. Maza is absolutely correct. I watched one sargon video, then the algorithm started recommending more, then i discovered bearing and other anti-SJWs, eventually finding Adam, and the next thing i know, I was parroting such radical right wing rethoric as the importance of free speech, men and women are different, people shouldn't be judged based on the color of their skin or sexual oriantation, that christianity may not be pure evil after all, that russiagate may be jist a conspiracy theory, or worse still, that maybe exposing children to flagrant expressions of sexuality during a pride parade is a bad idea.

    But after discovering breadtube, i came to my senses. I now understand that donald trump is literally hitler, men and women are interchangeable, gender is a social construct, racism is an unconscious bias inherent to white people that stems from my class privilege, and that I should totally join Antifa to smash cars and beat people up in order to fight racism. Thank you breadtube for saving me from right wing radicalization and bringing back to normalcy.

  7. Death penalty doesnt stop crimes for certain people because they accept their death to perform what they did. Abortion def makes people more promiscuous knowing its an option. Ive been in situations where I def wouldnt have been if it wasnt.

  8. Sitch

    Thing about abortion is intention matters . If you are aborting because rape/incest/medical reason then that's acceptable . But if you conceived while pursuing pleasure it's not okay . Difference between killing a animal because you have nothing to eat versus killing a animal because it taste good . Both can be argued as immoral but one is clearly worse .
    Think about meme that you are teaching , "it is okay to kill potential humans/conscious being for short term pleasure" .
    If you say it is too much to ask to be responsible because if you don't you might have to take a life then how can you expect any other morality from the people . And people who says it is inevitable you might as well advocate for legalizing rape because if you really believe people can't stop themselves from acting on their desire there is no point on having a law against it .(if one person can be expected to not act their desire because it cause another person to suffer , two people also should be able to stop themselves from having sex because of the possibility of suffering it might cause)

  9. So, where do jokes about a person cross the ever shifting line? I understand that jokes about something a person can't control are viewed in bad taste now, but we still view it as being appropriate when joking about place of origin in most cases (as long as the people from that place are white), but even that is becoming taboo. Jokes about physical appearance are quickly becoming off limits as well as religion personal opinions. So are we simply letting the progressives dictate comedy now? Will we be restricted to jokes about white straight men, the right, and airline food? What about when the people that make the airline food claim the jokes are insulting to their profession and they receive mean comments online. Will that then become taboo?

    This is certainly a bit hyperbolic of an argument, but then again, much of what we view as taboo today was once also viewed as the 'hyperbolic argument' not even a few years ago. Comedy is comedy, and intent matters.

  10. I'm sorry Sitch but I have to disagree, it's not wrong for Crowder to make fun of Maza for always identifying his sexuality because Maza uses it as his only defining character trait. We're mocking him for being so sad that his only personality trait is his sexuality

  11. ok stich which of these two things you said are true and which is bullshit?

    "making fun of things people cant control about themselves is wrong"

    "making fun of fat and stupid people is different and ok"

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