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  1. 한국인은 밥에 애정이 남다르죠
    혼날 때 : 너 밥도 없을 줄 알어!
    작업걸때 : 밥 한번 드실래요?
    고마울때 : 야 내가 밥 한번 쏠께
    안부물어볼때 : 밥은 먹고 지내냐?
    아플때 : 야 밥은 챙겨먹어
    헤어질때 : 나중에 밥 한번 먹자
    인사할때 : 밥 먹었어?
    협박 : 콩밥 함 먹어볼래?

  2. 우와~~일단 데이브님 발음에 감탄을 들이켰습니다^^  다행인지?  술잔 돌리기가 안나왔네요.  찌게등 같이 먹는것과 같은 맥락이죠?  그나마  요즘은 꽤나 많이 없어진듯두 합니다. 여튼  즐겁게  또는 얼굴 화끈거리게~~  잘 봤습니다~~^^

  3. 당신들도 술은 같이 입대고 마시던데…옷가게에서는 팔아야 하니까…따라다니는 거고…

  4. In Spain we have that kind of Train Park, but I Only saw 3, one in Madrid , other in Avila and one In Benidorm

  5. Filipinos have a lot of common things with Koreans so why are a lot of people saying we are not Asians?

  6. 수건으로 가리고 나올 필요없이 옷챙겨들어가서 욕실에서 물기닦고 옷입고 나오면 되욬ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 그리고 머리수건 얼굴수건 발수건 등등 몸 부위별로 수건 나눠쓰는 사람들도 많아요 이런식으로 쓰는사람들은 아무래도 큰거보다 작은게 쓰기편하죠 그리고 큰건 너무 무거워서 불편하다는사람들도 있어요

  7. Quite interesting to know that western countries doesn't have stuff that are common in Asian countries. In Singapore we have the transit card that works on bus trains and yeah we can use it to make payments at certain stores. Food delivery is very common in SG too. Couple ring is cute, my boyfriend's from America and he super like the idea of getting couple rings together with me, and he definitely love the convenience of getting food (at different timings of the day), shopping malls almost everywhere (he described them as 'anyhow malls' cos literally u are in a mall when u step out of most of the train stations), and the ease of getting around via public transports.

  8. I live in Japan and I get some of these misunderstandingsss lmao but sometimes I get annoyed by the shop people following me around like lmao ik you want me to buy stuff and do your job but I’m just looking. Every time they talk to me I get pressured and eventually sprint out the store lol

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