I have heard that there are… about million people daily who are active… in online football communities. But then I checked out the percentage of those people… who are active online becoming active
in the real life are.. only about 1%. There is a team from Europe, which has the most active supporters in Korea. And the interesting fact is that, they never had Korean players in the team. I feel more connected with the club. YNWA It’s my life and how I live Hey Yeah? Why do you need me in this video? Well, you are a football player and I am someone who watch football right? Yeah, so? When I watch online football communities there are a lot of criticism about
particular team and players. Well, it is more like an insult than a criticism. And so I was curious about the real
European football culture in Korea And because you used to play overseas
as a football player you might have experienced some of their football culture. That’s why I thought it would be fun if we make this content together. Just feel free and do whatever you like. So here we are at Hongdae, Yeonnam-dong in Seoul. We have heard that the most active football fandom in Korea is here I bet many people has become
the fan of this team since 04-05 seasons Champions League final,
the miracle of Istanbul It’s Liverpool FC. We can’t expect what to happen until the end. I didn’t care about what others think. I was a supporter for one team all the time. This club never gives up and
they can always make miracles. So one of the fans who fell in love with this football club, opened a pub and it is called ‘Bongwhangdang’. I couldn’t buy the ticket for the match when I first traveled to UK because I was a student and I had not enough money. Instead I watched the match in the pub, and I was shocked by the culture. As you can see Bongwhangdang is like a standing pub. We are used to sit while watching something. and I was impressed by the people standing and cheering while supporting their team. After, I often visited stadium to watch football games but I prefered to watch the game in the pub. Because I felt the reaction of the people in the pub were more of my style. And so I thought if I have a chance in the future,
I wanted to open a pub to support one team. In the online communities, people insult each other And because of that I don’t usually use internet. But when you come here
there are not much people like that. It doesn’t matter what others say, I just support the team that I want. The atmosphere of drinking together
and sharing interests about football with someone who is ‘KOP’ like me
was very special to me. So we decided to visit ‘Bonghwangdang’ to let you guys know what the football culture is like in Korea. Basically ‘Bonghwangdang’ is all about football I always want to have a place where the fans of Liverpool can gather from unimportant match to the match at early morning. Well, it is better to watch a football game together And talk face to face, support and feel the atmosphere. In online communities,
We are not talking face to face so it’s difficult to share our thoughts and understand each other clearly. But when I come to watch the game here in a group. It is definitely better on those aspects. There are many people
who don’t understand this culture. Actually, I don’t want to
explain all the reason to them. Some people say “They are a British Korean”
“Why do you like such stuff even though you are not British?” Then I can ask them You guys all love Marvel movies,
but can only Americans like? People love the culture and the character of
‘Captain America’ And It is kind of the same.
We are not in love with England, we just love the culture of Liverpool FC. So if they think that way,
Why would they watch Marvel movies? Well many people ask me “You are Korean but why do you not support
Tottenham FC?” Actually I am already used to these questions
back from Park Ji Sung playing in Manchester United. I am definitely proud that a player from my country is playing in a such a big league. But in my case, I supported Liverpool FC
before Son Heung Min moved to EPL. And I personally think that it is my choice to support any team. So I am going to support Liverpool. Why do u think people come all the way here to
watch the match? When you see what I do later after this interview, I will encourage people to cheer and sing the chants. I try to boost up the atmosphere. For example, there is the chant called ‘Allez Allez Allez’, Most of the people don’t know the lyrics
because it is in English right? I make them sing along until they get used to it. Once they feel that it’s fun they will come back again. I feel that I learn something when I come here because there are many people who knows the chants more than me. The Energy I want to share and feel the huge energy with
the supporters. Wow, I am supporting Liverpool with all these people. If you come here and feel the atmosphere You will know how united Liverpool fans are. We were all over the place. We just needed some place to gather and
share our stuff. Watching a sports event in a group is more than just watching together and having fun. I personally think it’s more like building a bond of sympathy with people who have common interest. I think thats why it is so meaningful. After checking out the ownership and
the culture of the supporters. We decided to watch the Champions League final at Bonghwangdang to feel the atmosphere closely. Since it was the Champions League final, Bongwhangdang was crowded… with 500-600 people together to watch the match. come on! C o m e o n ! The match is about to start,
I feel so nervous already! Mohammed Salah Goal 2’ Salah! Mohammed! Mohammed!
Salah! Son Heung-min
shoot on target 79’ Freekick from Christian Eriksen 84’ Divock Origi Goal 87’ This might sound funny for some people, but Liverpool has changed my life. Because it gave me a new sight,
it gave me different perspective. That Football can be culture and
that’s what Bonghwangdang is all about.

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  2. We've conquered all of Europe
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    from Paris down to Turkey
    We've won the fucking lot

    Bob Paisley and Bill Shankly
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    그러니까 결국 봉황당은 해외축구문화가 아닌 어느 나라를 가도 기본적으로 깔려있는 축구 문화를 보여주는 것임.
    우리나라 해축 문화를 보려면 팸코나 락싸 가보면 됨. 그게 99.9퍼센트를 차지하는 해외축구문화임.
    그리고 저 펍에서 재미를 느꼈던 팬들은, 수원이나 전북, 서울같은 팀들이 서포팅 하는 거 보면 그것도 좋아할꺼임.
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