Natsuki: Everything’s gonna be alright Yuri: Everything’s gonna be just fine Sayori: It’s gonna be a good, Monika: good life Yuri: I’m a mess Sayori: I’m a loser Natsuki: I’m a hater Monika: I’m a user Yuri: I’m a Sayori: mess Natsuki: for your Monika: love It ain’t new Yuri: I’m obsessed Sayori: I’m embarrassed Natsuki: I don’t trust Monika: no one around us Monika: I’m a mess for your love Monika: It ain’t new… [Instrumental] okie doki bye now :3

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  1. Lan susun İngilizler! Burası Türklere ait! TR TR TR TR TR TR TR TR TR TR TR TR TR TR TR TR TR TR TR TR TR TR❤❤❤

  2. Everything gonna be allright ,Everything gonna be Just fine
    İt'is gonna be a good good life

    İ'm â mess
    İ'm a loser
    İ'm a hater
    İ'm a user

    İ'm a mess for your love
    İt aint New

    You amazing!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

  3. Why does my friends and boyfie have to call me Monika? I mean the only things that we both do is
    I don't like my boyfie talking to any girls
    Edit: I asked them why.. They also said I always wants attention to my Boyfie -_-
    And that when any of them talk with him I go mad and wants to kill them
    (Never realized that wew)

  4. Let's see here…
    Monika has chosen to wear white socks today instead of the usual black
    For some reason, Sayori has a side ponytail


    although if im bieng honest… i like the original song better… JUST BEING HONEST!!!!!

  6. Oh!! This was the first meme (or the second, I don't remember too well) that made me discover DDLC!
    Good memories… for the meme
    Bad memories… because I spoiled all the game before playing it and because I get scared in some moments (because I decide to play it at night like a punishment for spoiling :v)

  7. To bad you left her hanging.

    To bad you left her snapped.

    To bad you left her stabbed

    To bad you left her take control.

  8. Me: im drepressed sayori.


    Me being drepressed: I GIVE UP SAYORI PASS ME THE ROPE!

    Sayori : ok me and you can die together.

    Me and sayori ded

  9. Me and sayori hanging on a tree n o t b r e a t h i n g first comes friends second comes suicide third comes a body in a coffin thats not all thats not all theres a J U S T M O N I K A

  10. So i take a picture of natsuki and i go to photoshop and i cut out natsukis face and post it on a nat my brother loves doki doki and i showed him this. And he blew up of laughter

  11. When it started to get creepy, my phone rang and dang but it was and unknown caller id. Eeee3eeeeeeeeeeeee

  12. sayori hangs herself me: no! Stop! That's so sad! Stop!!! Yuri stabs herself no! Not Yuri also! Nooo! Natsuki breaks her neck no! Not natsuki! Why!

  13. Wow I have watched this animation A MILLION times just to find out it was published on my birthday!! XD!!!

  14. The words go so well with the characters, especially on the second part of the chorus. Nice work 👍

  15. Sayori: I’m a mess
    Natsuki: I’m a loser
    Monika: I’m hater
    Yuri: I’m a user

    Me: 😞☹️😢

  16. When I saw this a year ago, ”Wow! Who made this?! Starbeam? They’re awesome I’m gonna sub!” A month later when I saw frisk stronger than you, “this is beautiful! Who is responsible for this masterpiece? Starbeam! Wow!” Years later I realize your responsible for all my favorite animations!

  17. Does no one else know yuri is the real bad guy….or should I say libitina….
    Monika is pretty much trying to save you she knows that in there real universe the y are insane or monters (natsuki) that where experimented o n. So she jelps

  18. That was awesome, and it’s perfect for each character! Great job! But if I had to get “Nit-Picky” I would say, Monika’s stockings are not white. They are black. Overall, amazing job

  19. So.. Monika is different from everyone because she has black socks
    Sayori is different from everyone because she has a ponytail
    Yuri is different from everyone because her hair is not a shade of red
    And natsuki is different because she's not different. Wait natsuki is different because… oW Mmy hEad HuRtS!1!!1!1!1!;


  20. Thank u for posting this amazing meme!
    It honestly describes each of the main protagonist's internal thoughts about themselves, and how they act in the real game.

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