It was a sunday afternoon in the heat of summer ChuChu’s mother was working in the kitchen The children were playing games and having fun Yay! And the grownups were relaxing The hot sun made ChuChu feel thirsty Phew! It’s really hot today! I better get myself some cool water to drink When ChuChu went into the kitchen, she saw her mother working there Oh! Look at mother! She looks so tired But she is still cooking everyone’s favorite things and she’s doing all the housework all by herself Poor mother! She is trying to make everyone happy and comfortable All by herself I should help her ChuChu stopped playing and went to help her mother Mother, I’d like to help you That’s very thoughtful of you, ChuChu When the rest of the family saw ChuChu helping her mother, they decided to help out too ChuChu’s father started washing the dishes ChuChu’s grandpa filled the water bottles ChuChu’s grandma helped with the cooking ChaCha set the dinner table The baby didn’t want to be left out and came forward to help too ChuChu’s mother felt very happy when she saw the whole family helping out Thank you, everyone! It’s really nice of you to help me out I’m really lucky to have such a loving family I love you all! ChuChu felt very happy when she realized that she set a good example for the others and made her mother’s work easier And we love you too, mother! It was in the lovely suburb of Scottsdale Woken up by the sun, the city was starting to get busy A little girl by the name ChuChu lived in a suburban house Little ChuChu had woken up and gotten ready to go to school Walking down the stairway, her nose was lured towards the kitchen by a mouth watering smell Her mommy was busy making breakfast to be put into her lunchbox Good morning mommyyy Good morning sweetheart Mmmmm Smells good! What is it? It’s my grandma’s secret recipe Spicy chickpea sandwich Is it for breakfast? Mh, mhmmmmm It’s for your lunch Mmmmm, yummyyyy Thank you mommy ChuChu, Your school bus would be here any minute We need to start moving I am ready Let’s go The wheels on the bus go round and round Round and round, round and round The wheels on the bus go round and round All through the town The wheels on the bus go round and round Round and round, round and round The wheels on the bus go round and round All through the town Her stomach started to grumble She was waiting for the lunch bell to go Would you like to share the spicy chickpea sandwich That my mommy has made today? I’d love that Okay, here we go ChuChu opens it to find the sandwich missing Her eyes were filled with tears Looks like someone has eaten the sandwich and left your lunchbox empty Don’t cry We will figure this out later Come on, share my lunch with me They both shared Chiku’s lunch and the apple ChuChu had brought and went back to class Looks like you are sleepy Come on ChuChu, it’s sleepy time Next day Don’t cry Share my lunch with me Looks like someone is being mean to you Let us put an end to this act How do we do that Chiku? We can both handle hot spicy food Ask your mom to make the sandwich spicier I’m sure no one else can handle it They might not wanna eat a spicy sandwich Sounds good Good morning mommy Good morning sweetheart Mommy, can you make me two sandwiches? And could you make it spicier? Sure sweetheart Be careful It might be too spicy Buh bye mommy Love you Buh bye Love you too ChuChu and Chiku rushed to find Cussly run towards the boys toilet They both went to the locker and found the half eaten sandwich They smiled at each other From that day onwards, ChuChu’s lunch was intact For her to share it with Chiku

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    Sorry distarb korlam…good evining…..

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