Friendship of mermaids and fairies Earlier, all the mermaids on the banks of the ocean were playing water, suddenly they realized that the water level of the ocean is rapidly decreasing and the water is getting very hot. She became very nervous and her friends Went back to the bottom of the ocean, Water princess Madhur Sena was also among the mermaids, and her mind was still not calm, she wanted to know what caused the seawater level to be so low Felt and that water became so hot and if the water continues to heat up in this way and the level of seawater keeps decreasing, then it will be impossible for the mermaids to stay in the sea and their existence may also be in danger, so the Madhur Sena all Called the mermaids and talked for a solution to this problem, and all the mermaids decided together that they would find out the change happening in the ocean, the next day when all the mermaids got the greens When she went to play again on the coast, after a while, the water of the ocean started heating up again, and the water of the ocean also started to decrease, today Madhur Sena did not go to the ocean floor and staying there, she stayed to know the reason for it. The Madhur Sena saw that in the middle of the ocean, a huge air ball is moving the ocean water from the ocean towards the sky and due to the high speed of the water, the water is decreasing on it and the water is getting hot. What is ocean water Seeing this way up, Madhur Sena got very upset and went to that circle, but suddenly the Madhur Sena in that circle also pulled in and with the water, the princess of water went to the sky with the water of the ocean, The rest of the mermaids were watching this, they told their queen about the disappearance of water and Madhur Sena in the sky with the wind shells, as soon as hearing this news, there was complete fog in her kingdom. There was a fight, and all the waters of the ocean and the princess began thinking of ways to save and bring back the Madhur Sena, in the end, the Queen decided that she would have to take the help of the fairies living in the sky, but to reach the crosses she had someone There was no means, but I knew that Prithvi Lok and Pari Lok had a great friendship, so they reached to Amit Sen, King of Prithvi Lok and they said: “Dear King Amit Sen, you have always wished for the good of the universe, I have come to you with great hope that the water of the ocean of our kingdom was going through the sky by a magical air shell, when my daughter Madhur Sena used that shell to find it. When tried to go near, the Madhur Sena also became a victim of the magic air shells and got lost in the sky with water, King is a deep friendship with your fairies. I want you to help by the fairies Help me figure out the aerial shells that steal my ocean water and kidnapped my daughter Madhur Sena” King Amit Singh: Said water of Queen you do not panic at all, I will help you as much as possible and he sent his magical green parrot to send a message to Fairyland. The green parrot soon went to Fairyland and conveyed Amit Sen’s message to the Queen of Fairies and within two minutes the Queen appeared to Mermaid and King Amit Sen there. King Amit San said to the queen of fairies: The Queen has come before you to help the Empress of the Waterland, whose daughter and the waters of their ocean have been stolen to take this magical he has been lost somewhere in the sky with his water and earth. The Queen of Fairies said to the Queen of Waterland: Queen, you don’t bother at all, I will help you. I have come to know that there has been a water famine in the demon world, Surely the magician in the demon world has done that magical shells with his magical powers This magic must have been done to bring the water of the ocean to the demon world and your daughter must also have been caught by it, don’t worry. ” And with his magic wand, he gave the queen of Waterland for some time on the magic and went with her to Fairyland. ” As they were going to fly towards the fairy world, they saw that magic was in the form of air pipe shells from the ocean to the demon world. On the other side of the pipe, the magician is amazingly drawing water with his breath, and his The water from the ear was falling as once, but I had the edge so thin that no big thing could come out of keeping, they immediately understood that princess Madhur Sena, likewise, She must have gone into this magician’s stomach and could not come out as she grew up “and she started thinking of ways to remove the Madhur Sena from the magician’s belly, and soon the queen of the wise fairy country got the remedy and queen of the fairy invited the magician to his palace for a meal ” The magician accepted this invitation immediately because the saline sea was exhausted while drinking water When the magician sat down to eat a lot of food today, the queen of the fairies made him eat the food again, and the queen would feed him more than he would refuse. The Queen would repeatedly say to him: – You are such a great magician and you cannot eat that much The magician would come in amazing boast and then start eating, after all, he ate so much food while eating, because it became difficult to walk, And he asked the queen for medicine to digest her food. “he said that you have given me a lot of food, a fairy queen, I am very happy but I want you to give me some medicine to digest this delicious food. This is what the fairy queen wanted, so she took the medicine of vomiting from her royal doctor and gave it to the magician to eat. And as soon as royal doctor magical medicine was consumed, the magician marvelously began to vomit and suddenly out of that vomit, with a loud voice, the Madhur Sena also came out, the queen of Waterland, very happy to see her daughter, the military fairies Immediately the princess Madhur Sena cleanly, the Madhur Sena went to her mother of the race, the queen of Waterland was hugged by the queen of Fairyland and they Became Friends Forever. The magician returned all the water of the ocean due to the request of the fairy queen and completed the water shortage of the demon folk by removing water from the black clouds flying in the sky The Queen went back to Waterland with a Madhur Sena and a wave of happiness ran around from that day onwards whenever there was a festival in Fairyland or Waterland, everyone would celebrate together, and these two lands friendship became eternal and all happiness started living with them

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